Chapter 489:

Chapter 489: Mystery of the Storm Lord

Beyond The Stars

Author's Note: This is the first chapter of the 18th arc. The Storm Lord Arc.

Chapter 489: Mystery of the Storm Lord

Narrator: It’s been over a week since Zenos was defeated. It is now June 19th, Year 162.

*Joe is sitting on a bench in an outdoor area of Heaven and looks up at the stars in the night sky*

Joe: Everyone is still celebrating the defeat of Zenos but things are still not closed for me. The Storm Lord…

*Emily joins Joe on the bench*

Emily: What are you doing out here?

Joe: Thinking.

Emily: About what?

Joe: The Storm Lord. I have to find out about him.

Emily: Have you thought about asking Harmona? We need to leave Heaven and get back to Michael in a few days. You should ask before we leave.

Joe: I don’t want to bother her with my problems.

Emily: Joe, it’s fine. Just ask.

Joe: Alright. Fine.

*Joe gets up*


Narrator: Later.

*Joe is meeting with Harmona in a room*

Joe: I want to know about the Storm Lord. I can’t just keep having my eyes become Storm Lord eyes and not want to know why.

Harmona: That is completely understandable. I will tell you what I know. Let’s get the others in here so they can learn too.


Narrator: A little bit later in the same room.

*Zeth, Sasha, Kurt, Emily, Keith, Zaydra, Zenfaro, and Zothena join the room*

Harmona: Here is what I know. During our last war with Hell, otherwise known as the Great Chaos, there was a crucial battle near the ocean.

*Harmona has a flashback to a battle of angels and demons fighting each other with the ocean a short distance away*

Harmona: (Narrating) It was starting to look real bad for our side.

*Demons are finishing their angel enemies. The injured and dead for the angels increases rapidly*

Harmona: (Narrating) But then as if it was divine intervention, a timely storm just showed up on the ocean.

*Both angels and demons are distracted in their battles as they notice the storm*

Harmona: (Narrating) The storm started heavily hitting the areas with the most demons like it was trying to help our side.

*Demons are being struck by lightning, blown away, drowned out, etc*

Harmona: (Narrating) And just like that, our side snatched victory from the jaws of defeat.

*The angels are thrusting their fists upwards and shouting in victory*

*End of flashback*


Harmona: I never really considered that a coincidence. Someone with very strong storm powers saved our side that day. But any investigation to see if there was someone around that could do that turned up nothing. But now there’s no doubt in my mind that it was the Storm Lord.

*Joe starts rubbing his chin*

Joe: I was told that supposedly the Storm Lord lives in a structure beneath the ocean on Earth.

Harmona: …Actually, that would make sense. I have a pretty good idea about what that would mean. Early in the Great Chaos, I created a safe haven for mortals. That safe haven was indeed a structure beneath the ocean south of Harmone. If what you were told is true, that safe haven is where the Storm Lord should be. In addition, one of my eight altars is also in that safe haven.

Zothena: That’s an interesting idea you had. If it’s a safe haven, I assume that means not just anybody can access it.

Harmona: That is correct. It requires divine power and a specific chant to gain entry to it. Only I and a select few higher-ups know the chant.

Joe: I must get into that safe haven then.

Harmona: Don’t worry. I will give you that access. We shall do so tomorrow. But first…

*Harmona looks at Zeth, Sasha, Kurt, Keith, Joe, and Emily*

Harmona: I’m guessing that all of you have used five or fewer of my eight altars. I recommend using the ones that you haven’t used before we go. It would be fitting for the most difficult to-get-to altar to be your last. Zaydra and Zenfaro can show you their locations. Is that okay with you two?

Zaydra: Sure.

Zenfaro: It would be a good excuse to do some sightseeing after being gone for so long.

Zeth: Alright then, let’s do it.

*They start to leave the room*

Harmona: Get some rest when you get back. You don’t want to be tired for tomorrow.

*They all leave the room*

Zothena: When you go tomorrow, I will be going with you. I’m interested in seeing this.

Harmona: (Jokingly) I bet you just want to make sure that your daughter turned out to be an alright Light Goddess.

*Zothena chuckles*

Zothena: Maybe. I sure didn’t think you were ready at age 34.

Harmona: I can tell you it wasn’t easy. Learning it all after already becoming Light Goddess was a long and difficult process.

Zothena: Well, I’m happy that you turned out alright. Good job. Though, I was surprised to learn that Zeth was in love with a dark divine being but the story you told me about them makes sense. I hope they can bring an end to our seemingly eternal conflict. I also noticed you gave all three of your children names that start with Z.

Harmona: That was with the purpose to honor you.

Zothena: Well, I’m glad you thought so highly of me even though I had to scold you often.

*Harmona smiles and looks up at the ceiling*

Harmona: I just want to make sure that my heir does not have to go through what I had to. I will prepare them all.

Narrator: Has the Storm Lord mystery been solved? The heroes prepare to go to the safe haven under the ocean.

Chapter 489 END

To be Continued in Chapter 490: The Storm Lord