Chapter 24:

#2268WantsMommy Campaign

Real Villain, Desu Wa!

Misdirection and assassination. Those are the keys to this operation, Damian thought.

The campaigning period had begun, and Damian chaired Easton’s campaign team. The presidential election used a direct, simple majority system with Xerxes running for the presidency with Tricia as his running mate against Easton and Anastasia for a five-year term between 2268 and 2273.

Damian observed Easton’s mass campaign in Wolfman Sports Arena Main Stadium (WSA). Thousands of supporters gathered at the venue to express their support for Easton and Anastasia in Easton’s final rally before voting next two weeks. I’m glad it’s filled to its maximum capacity: 143,000 people, but it was too bad that the concert could only play Verdandi’s national anthem. This electoral contest is so gloomy!

Anastasia walked on a red carpet to the center stage of the stadium, which was surrounded by the supporters who were standing on the soccer field and the racetrack of the stadium. After she adjusted her microphone on its stand holder at the center stage, she lifted and spread her arms. She then shouted, “Thumbs up!”

“MOMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!” thousands of supporters shouted. “MOMMY? SORRY, MOMMY!”

Although it’s embarrassing, the #2268WantsMommy hashtag was a great idea of mine! Damian thought and grinned.

Anastasia wore her gray suit that day, and she took a folded paper from her breast pocket.

“KYAAAAAAAA!” the supporters shouted again.

Look, she is my girlfriend, okay? And why were those straight girls also shouting?! Damian looked at the benches of the stadium and noticed a large banner written with “ANASTASIA WINNING QUEEN”. Why don’t I see any banner written with “Easton”? Old Man, are you not popular?!

“Peace, and God’s blessings and mercy be upon you,” Anastasia said and began her speech. “I’m glad, I’m grateful, that we have this chance. A chance, to make our nation GREAT AGAIN!”


Anastasia raised her right arm and greeted the simps among the supporters, “LONG LIVE, MONIPA!”

“MIPAAAA!” the simps shouted.

“We are family, we don’t have any patron who ditches our brothers and sisters as they wish! Love, is what binds us, and makes us strive in our lives!” Anastasia said.

The supporters clapped and cheered Anastasia, and some supporters waved Verdandi’s flags.

Alright, my job is done, let’s get out of here, Damian thought and got out of the stadium.

Outside the stadium, there was a road that had palm trees on its sides. People were doing some exercises or sports on that road during their free time, but the road was crowded with Easton’s supporters that day.

Damian saw the pink-haired girl from that subway. She was tying a banner to one pole on the right side of the road. The banner was written with “XERXES, POG!”

So she works for Xerxes.

“Hum, hum, hum,” she hummed, climbed down a portable ladder, and carried her pink backpack on her back. She then lifted her right leg backward, spread her arms, and shouted, “Uuuu? Super Syntax: Fooler!”


Damian’s mind went blank, and his happy memories flashed through his mind: he remembered that silver-haired woman from that p*rnhwa, and he also remembered that brown-haired woman on the beach from another p*rnhwa. Then he just said, “Hentai, hentai.” Yes, he became an archaic human!

People around that girl stared at that girl, and they didn’t move from their spots like Damian.

“Sir, Sir, would you like to vote for General Xerxes?” she asked people around her. People just nodded, and she said, “Yay! Thank you!” Those people then walked away from the stadium.

What just happened?! Damian thought as he got back his intelligence. How could she turn others to be dumbasses?! She probably hacked me, so she has a similar ability to Ms. Descartes, but Ms. Descartes’s ability cannot work on humans. Don’t tell me, they become dumb because of love?! She looks cute and innocent after all! Oh, SH*T, did I think she is CUTE?!

Damian ran to the girl. She is dangerous, she can screw everything! I have to eliminate her! Damian thought. He touched the girl’s left shoulder and asked, “Hey, are you Nanami? Yesterday we promised to meet here, and you would wear a pink bunny hoodie jacket.”

The girl turned around, shook her head, and replied, “Hmm, Nanami? Me? I think no, Sir! I’m Gorou Nanoka!”

I got your name, I thought this wouldn’t work. Now I just need to write your name on my notebook, Damian thought and grinned. “Ah, I’m sorry then. Oh, would you like some ice cream? As my apology,” Damian said.

“Sure!” Nanoka said.

What a simpleton. Let’s distract her from the stadium!

When Damian and Nanoka walked on a sidewalk to Kievan Ice Cream near the stadium, Damian’s Tusla Cyber truck was approaching fast from the opposite direction. Damian and Nanoka were walking on the right side of the street.

If people and normal machines become dumb, what about an uncontrollable machine? Damian thought and instructed his truck through his processor to turn off their artificial mind. “Watch out!” Damian was shouting and pushing Nanoka to the street.

“Ouch!” however, Nanoka had tripped, and thus Damian fell and hit the street instead.

“Wait, wait, WAIT!” Damian looked at the incoming truck and turned on its mind again.


Damian’s truck turned to the right, but its front left tire managed to give a jab to Damian’s head!

“SIR! Are you alright?!” Nanoka said and held Damian’s right arm. “I’m sorry, I’m SORRY! I always bring misfortunes!!”

F*ck. Is this karma? Damian thought and then stood up. “I’m okay, don’t worry. Let’s go, Kid.”

After walking for a while, Damian said, “Sorry, could you wait here for a moment? I need to go to the restroom. You can ask people to vote for General Xerxes while you wait.”

“OH, I FORGET! I’m still dumb sometimes, ehehe… Okay, Sir, thank you!” Nanoka replied.

Damian then ran into a minimarket that was a bit far from Nanoka.


A bomb under Nanoka’s sidewalk exploded, and Nanoka was thrown away.

YES!! Damian clenched his fist and got out of the minimarket. I planted that bomb two years ago for that rebellion. I never thought that it would be useful today!

Damian ran toward Nanoka who lay on a bush that was a bit far from the street. There was blood on her forehead, but she just smiled.

“Are you okay?” Damian asked.

“System Check,” she said. Then with a robotic voice, Nanoka said, “The 9th ultimate cyborg, version 1.0.0, codename: the Super Fool.”

Nanoka closed her eyes and shed tears. “If I die, I won’t cause trouble for Dad and others. It’s okay, Sir. It's okay... It's okay...”

What’s going on with this kid? I feel bad. Should I save her or let her die here? Damian thought. But her ability is too dangerous for this election.

Thus, Damian decided.