Chapter 9:

Chapter 2_2: Blinding Hope

Gifted Blessing upon Curses

I don’t really like the government and that’s why just this morning, I volunteer myself as one of the rebel group who want to overthrow the corrupt government. That is to say, throw most of the government to the jail for them to rot to dead or just behead them on the spot. The king was once wise and this is his job, his oblige to penalize his underling for not working correctly. But recently, he start ignoring his people, not sure why, and let corruption grows bigger every day. I don’t have a grudge against the king but I do have a certain past with my hometown government. It’s something I want to forget but it keeps haunting me, even to this day. I thought that by avenging my dead sister and overthrowing the kingdom, I won’t be haunted by my sins anymore but deep down in my heart, a certain voice denies that. It keeps repeating the same sentence over and over again.

It’s not your fault. It’s God’s fault.
It’s not your fault. It’s God’s fault.
It’s not your fault. It’s God’s fault.
It’s not your fault. It’s God’s fault.

I’ve ignore this voice for far too long, trying to justify my act of revenge. But what if it’s actually God’s fault? God’s fault for bestowing this overwhelming power to humans? To my family? To my entire generation?

For now, I ignore that thought and concentrate on my mission. I just need to search for the princess in the forest with others and went home. I increase my pace, running to the destroyed wall. It’s just as what we were informed earlier. The wall protecting the throne room has been blasted open, revealing the throne room painted by blood, with tattered banner everywhere. I change my running direction to the forest up the hill, 3 o’clock from me. The war is basically over, the kingdom was overthrown even though Yura Kingdom suffer a huge causality. At any moment, the entire army will start the second wave of sweeping the entire village up until the castle, conquering the kingdom completely and erasing it from the map.

“Fuck! That bitch bite my hand!”

A human’s voice echoes, I stopped my run and try to find the source. It looks like a fight is going on around here. I run toward the sound and the voice keeps getting louder. Aside from that, I can hear a magic chant, this might be dangerous so I draw my sword and hide my presence.

Eventually, I reach the source. I can see three people wearing Yura Kingdom’s uniform surrounding a female which looks familiar. I decided to stay put and keep observing. Of course, I’m also on standby mode to engage in a fight. As I observe them, I can see that this is a 3v1 battle between blessed warriors. She then unleash a basic vertical slash but it looks like it’s my time to help her. She doesn’t watch her surrounding carefully and let one of the soldier flank her. He strike her sword which flew out of her reach and hit her neck. It’s not like I like to see that girl suffer but this might be a good lesson for her to survive in this world. Power is everything anyway.

Shiiiiiinngg //Holyshit the onomatopoeia is so awkward//
I draw my sword and chant a basic divine magic to stun them.

“Bind of Light!”

The battle end in an instant, my body moves like I’m accustomed in battle which I’m. I pull my sword from the last soldier, he fell down on his own puddle of blood. I think that I overdid it but whatever they sexually assaulted a girl, it is a good enough reason for them to die multiple times.

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