Chapter 490:

Chapter 490: The Storm Lord

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 490: The Storm Lord

Narrator: The next day. It is now June 20th, Year 162.

*Zeth, Sasha, Kurt, Joe, Emily, Keith, Zaydra, Zenfaro, Harmona, and Zothena stand on the southern shore of Harmone*

Harmona: This is it.

Joe: So all you have to do is the chant?

Harmona: Yes. Allow me to begin.

*Harmona claps her hands together and starts chanting. Her chant kind of sounds like gibberish*

*Soon. Harmona finishes chanting*

Harmona: Now rise!

*A magic tunnel rises out of the ocean water*

Zeth: Whoa…!

Sasha: So this leads to the structure under the ocean?

Emily: Incredible!

Kurt: I’m interested to see what it’s like.

Keith: I wonder how long it is.

Joe: Finally, a way to meet the Storm Lord!

Harmona: Once we go in, I’m closing it behind us.

*They go into the tunnel and it starts to sink back into the ocean*


*They all walk through the tunnel under the ocean and reach the closed door to the structure where there isn’t much light*

Joe: Gee, it’s kinda dark.

Emily: Did you bring a light?

*Joe turns his head back to look at her*

Joe: No.

Harmona: Sorry about that. We haven’t kept this place active in over 100 years.

*They go into the main structure. It’s pretty wide open in many parts and does look like it was designed for many people to live in. The lighting is also better inside*

Zeth: This place is huge!

Harmona: It was designed to hold a ton of mortals who needed shelter while the war was going on.

*They walk through the structure*

Zeth: So far, we haven’t seen any sort of living person, let alone a Storm Lord.

Harmona: Let’s go to the altar here. This altar’s guardian can probably give us some insight.

*They arrive at the magic altar. A ghostly woman rises out of it*

Woman: Greetings, I am the 8th Guardian of the magic altars. Welcome back, Goddess Harmona.

*She bows*

*Zeth, Sasha, Kurt, Joe, and Emily stare at her*

Zeth: Wow, this really brings me back to the Cursed Water incident.

*Zeth has a flashback to when the heroes met the 3rd Guardian of the magic altars (Author’s Note: Chapter 27)*

Sasha: I think it brings us all back to that.

Harmona: I would like you to bless power on these six.

*Harmona points to Zeth, Sasha, Kurt, Joe, Emily, and Keith*

8th Guardian: Very well.

*The heroes are enveloped with magic*

8th Guardian: Is there anything else you request, Goddess Harmona?

Harmona: Do you know if the Storm Lord is in this structure?

*The 8th Guardian looks surprised*

8th Guardian: The Storm Lord is indeed in this structure. But why do you need to know, my Goddess?

Harmona: It is important to Joe here.

8th Guardian: I see. You will find the Storm Lord in the limited access area. He has made it his base so to speak.

Harmona: Thank you. We shall be going.

8th Guardian: Before you go. I want to say something to those that I just gave magic to. Zeth. Sasha. Kurt. Emily. Joe. And now Keith. It was nice to finally get to meet you. The 3rd Guardian told me all about how you saved her and her altar from demons. And then you saved the guardians of altars two through seven from dark matter. So thank you.

Zeth: I have a question. Was the 3rd Guardian aware that I was the son of the Light Goddess?

*The 8th Guardian smiles*

8th Guardian: Yes, she was aware that you are the son of the Light Goddess. She did not want to be the one to tell you. She wanted to leave that your mother.

Zeth: Ah, I see. Though, I do wonder how my path would have changed if I found out sooner.


Narrator: A little bit later.

*The heroes approach a large door*

Harmona: This is the entrance to the limited access area.

*Harmona opens the door using her magic and then they go in*

*They enter a large room that has a bottom section and an upper section. The bottom section looks kind of like an arena. The upper section is like a rim on the outer parts of the room*

*They see someone sitting on a throne-like chair in the upper section*

Zaydra: Up there!

*The man sitting on the throne has upper back-length brown hair. He has a full beard. His clothes look pretty normal*

Man: So you’ve finally come. My name is Jackson Hurclone. I am the Storm Lord.

Harmona: Do you know why we’ve come here?

Jackson: Yes.

*Jackson points his finger at Joe*

Jackson: That one is destined to succeed me as Storm Lord.

*They all look shocked*

Jackson: I can tell. Your eyes have small amounts of Storm Lord power in them. Do you know why that is? It’s because you are my descendant.

*Everyone looks shocked again*

Joe: Watt was right…

Jackson: A very long time ago, one of my ancestors gained Storm Lord powers from a deity. That ancestor waited through countless generations for one worthy to inherit his powers. That was until, I, one who was born with Weather Magic, was born. I became his successor and then he passed on. I came to this place during the last war between Heaven and Hell. I used it as a base to attack demons along the ocean. Even as everyone left after the war was over, I stayed here. But now, I’m ready to find my own successor… and then die so that I may join my family in Heaven.

*Jackson stands up*

Jackson: Tell me your name.

Joe: My name is Joe Lesimore.

Jackson: Joe. I will now test you and see if you are ready to inherit the full Storm Lord abilities. Do you accept this challenge?

*Joe looks determined*

Joe: I do.

Narrator: The heroes have met the Storm Lord! He will now test Joe to see if he is ready to inherit the full Storm Lord powers!

Chapter 490 END

To be Continued in Chapter 491: Joe vs Jackson. Battle to Become the Storm Lord!