Chapter 22:

The centre Plaza ( Part 2: Antimatter vs Nuclear pasta )

The Dusk of Revenge

   What three men can really do that can change the battle balance? Nothing maybe! But I had a bad feeling about them… You can call it a wild instinct…

[I guess the enemy that I fought 6 years ago was right…]

The best thing to do right now is to minimize the enemies’ number before the arrival of those three. It was a matter of seconds before they reached the battlefield… I looked around quickly trying to spot someone injured to finish him off.

“He has to be somewhere” I muttered.

I finally found the man Shuna hit when they were trying to surround us. He was hiding behind his comrades trying to find a solution to his right arm that stopped moving after receiving the EMP shot. I took a quick stance preparing to attack then jumped on him as fast as I could. The attack was simple and straightforward. I stabbed him with my sword in his chest. I didn’t bother to know whether that was a killing hit or just a critical one. All I was thinking about at that time was to make him unable to join the fight anytime sooner.

Both the enemies and allies stood in silence as they saw the man falling on the ground. By the time the scene ended, three men appeared on the scene as they walked casually as if this was a park. Well, it actually was a park, but I doubt that it will be used again in the near future by civilians…

“What a monster!” A man panicked and started running leaving his position behind.

It has been a while since I heard someone call me like that. Since the last incident maybe… That villain in Saitama was the last one who described me like that.

[Maybe I should pay him a visit sometime in the future.]

As the man started running away, I prepared myself to jump at him before he got away or tried to retreat but the scene that I saw made me freeze in my position…

“…Those who escape from the battlefield aren’t needed in our organization!” The man suddenly stood still. He turned behind to one of the three men as he put his hand on his chest.

With a dying voice he said his last words before falling onto the ground “… My h…. Give it back!” The man in the middle continued talking as he laughed: “… This one is a beautiful one. I wonder if I will get a better one today!”

“Your hobby is making me shiver!” The man on his right side replied with a disgusted tone. The one who was laughing seconds ago lifted his hand high as he smiled. Red liquid drops were falling on the ground. Instinctively my hand went to my chest pressing the heart area hardly as if I was having a heart attack… Realizing that the man who died seconds was talking about his heart in that sentence was the trigger of fear inside the hearts of everyone.

I couldn’t move! Even in the wildest nightmares in my life, I haven't seen someone like this man who stood before me as he aimed his hand, that was holding the dead man’s heart, to the sun’s direction with a large scary smile on his face.

The fight stopped at that time no one was able to move. Everyone, even me, forgot the reason while they were standing as their eyes were fixed on the smiling man.

“I don’t think that I can know what's inside if I focus some light on it!” He laughed lightly then looked at me. “… What do you think, Shinji-kun?”

My eyes were focused on the smile on his face, and I couldn’t even move a muscle…

“Wake up! Leader!” Thanks to Akira’s scream I regained my self-consciousness that seemed to have faded for a few moments…

I saw his hand sneaking its way toward me, so I jumped back evading his deadly. I didn't know what he was up to do but I definitely knew that it was something that I shouldn’t get hit by.

“Not that way, Master!” Ai spoke suddenly as I was jumping. I looked behind me to find the second man who had a serious expression on his face and held a huge hammer. Without any change on his face, he swung that gigantic weapon as if it was nothing sending me flying away.

Everything happened in a blink of an eye. I was thrown on the ground a few meters away, unable to move for a few seconds.

I moved my head slowly to observe the scene before standing once again. Everyone returned to the fight. That meant that I had to deal with these three all by myself.

Both Akira’s side and Rin’s side will have to fight 5 people at once. Luckily for us with the one that took down a minute ago and the one that got killed by the enemy there are only 10 were left. Not a good situation but it’s definitely better than mine.

I smiled as I stood up slowly

. Every muscle in my body was hurting but I ignored the pain for that time.

I was actually surprised that I didn’t get any broken bones after that powerful hit…

“It’s pretty ironic how all of you appear on the battlefield knowing my name while I don’t know any of you.” I said as I was slowly walking towards them.

The long man with long hair covering his forehead looked at me with a crazy smile on his face then sighed and answered as he threw the human heart, he was holding all the time: “… So you want to know our names? You won’t need to do that…”

“… We’re the three top commanders of the Red Claws in Japan. Are you now satisfied?” The other man with the hammer interrupted him.

“You are just a third commander! And yet, you dare to interrupt me?” The smiling expression that was all over his face disappeared as he started complaining about being interrupted by a lower grade than him.

So, he’s either the first or second commander. I looked at the third who didn’t say anything or move a single muscle. He kept glaring at me all the time with murderous intent. He kept looking at the others fighting without saying anything. Until suddenly, a meagre smile appeared on his face as he looked at Rin and Kazuto.

[No way! Is he really going to?!]

I had a bad feeling about that smile, so I decided to fight him first. I jumped at him instantly to slice him. Up until now I never tried to kill the enemies and just tried to make them unable to move since it was always a one-sided fight. But against this one I can’t guarantee that! If I won’t attack to kill, we might get killed.

As I was in the middle of the air before him, I swung my sword quickly… The sword simply rested in his hand without any single scratch! I looked at him as he held my sword from his sharp edge without getting any injury. The difference of length between us was in his favour, so when he lifted his hand up while holding my sword, I stayed suspended in the air. He threw me away with my sword as if he was simply holding a stick.

“A sword with the same effect as antimatter…” He said as he looked at his hand then smiled. “… That’s something I should’ve expected from Mr. Akira’s son!” He started walking at me as the two others looked at me with a smile on their face.

“He picked the wrong enemy to fight!” They whispered.

As I was trying to stand up the man walking toward me laughed.

“The ultrasonic wave from your sword has the same effect as the antimatter. When it gets in contact with other material, they both disappear leaving only energy behind them.” He stood for a second looking at Rin then continued: “The energy that is created is immediately absorbed by your sword so that he continues working. Nice weapon. Too bad that won't work against me!”

I looked at him with a surprised face then checked my sword to see if there were any cracks on it but there was nothing strange.

“What’s the strongest material in the universe?” he asked as he started walking again.

“Graphene of course!”

“If you said diamond that would’ve been a pathetic answer!” He replied. “Yet your answer is half correct! The strongest material on earth is graphene of course yet it isn’t the strongest in the world. Ever heard of ‘nuclear pasta’?”

My face turned immediately pale as I heard the whispers of the other two talking about his hands. “… Here we go again! He’s going to talk about them once again.”

He continued talking, ignoring them: “… It looks like your father was right when he said that your sword has a limit!”

“My father?!” I murmured.

He looked away, then smiled as he suddenly started running toward Kazuto and Rin: “… Luckily for you I am not interested in you or your father now! I am surprised to see Aoyama’s daughter with you here!”

I jumped immediately with my sword in my hand to stop him no matter what. He repeated the same thing he did last time as he continued his way. “… I told you your sword is useless against me. My arms are covered with the strongest material in the world!”

I stood once again and jumped to stop him. I, luckily, was far faster than him. The thing that made it really possible for me to catch up using my full strength.

[Forget about the sharpness of the sword I am going to use it like a stick until that man feels at least some pain]

I didn’t have the time to think about the meaning of what he said. I didn’t know who Aoyama's daughter that he was talking about was, but I had no other choice other than trying to stop him.

As I kept standing in his way, he looked at me with a disgusted face then screamed: “… You’re really an annoying pest!” He looked at the two men who were having fun watching all that scene. He yelled at them: “… You two come take care of him, I need to get to Aoyama’s daughter!”

The two of us kept fighting a useless fight where no one could land a proper hit: He blocked my sword with his hand and before catching it I retreated to launch an immediate other attack aiming at another part of his body...

Suddenly, I felt a malicious presence! Instead of looking back I side-jumped immediately to find out that the giant hammed was about to hit. I jumped back to slice it with my sword, but it had no effect. My sword stopped glowing. Since all of my sword strikes failed to cut through any material for the past few hits, it drained its inner power in vain and couldn’t regenerate any. If I want to use it once again, I have to wait for a few minutes. Meanwhile, using a gun or EMP gun would be more useful.

I threw my sword on the ground and pulled my two guns. As I jumped to evade the freaking man who was aiming his attack toward my heart.

[This man wants to steal my heart. But in an ugly bloody way!]

As I was occupied by these two for a few seconds, the third one made it all the way to Kazuto and Rin. As he suddenly appeared before Rin, she jumped back immediately a few meters away leaving space for Kazuto who stood between them.

“I know that the leader’s blade can cut through my shield.” Kazuto said with a smile on his face. “… Since it had no effect on you then that means I won’t maybe stand a chance here, but I am more than confident that I can buy time until he comes to finish you off. Rin, sorry but you have to deal with those people alone. I will stop this one!”

“We will see about that!” The man answered as he laughed. As he charged toward Kazuto he smiled: “… In no time, you will be near your father once again, Kizuna Tomori!”


Asahi screamed immediately through the microphone in surprise after hearing that name…

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