Chapter 2:

the curse can be a blessing

the person who gave me feelings

“I had this dream more than once, a woman with a hospital clothes, covered with blood, running away from something. Is this mom? …”

Saiga is scared like he’s never been, he knows the end of people who saw this dark shadow.

It was a moment of time but it seemed to be eternal, he thinks “you have been in this situation dozens of times, just don’t be angry, relax, relax, relax! ”

The shadow faded away, little by little, while Nijime is looking at it she says: “is this your anger, it’s so … beautiful”, for a normal person it may haven’t mean as it does for him, it was a message, saying clearly: “don’t resist it, accept it”.

Before he realizes, the tears start falling.

Nijime took his hand and said with relaxing smile: “can you accept me as your first friend”, he answers while wiping his tears: “did you just say that I don’t have friends”.

After the class

Saiga stopped crying, they went to a park, the one which Saiga used to be in when he tries to control he’s feelings, they took a seat look at each other for a long time before he starts talking

“Are you doing that because you pity me, or because my uncle asked you to ?”

She answers quickly like she was waiting for him to speak: “stop talking like that, I don’t take instructions from anyone, I’m being with you because I want to, also I didn’t follow you to your house because your uncle told me ”

There was a moment of silence, before Saiga interrupts it again “thank you”.

Nijime blushes and changes the topic, she asks him to tell her more about his “blessing” she used that word purposely to remind him.

Not like he’s going to forget about the message he got from her.

He started by the dark shadow, saying that the shadow is a result of his negative feelings, and that he decided to stop feeling in order to contain that shadow, she had many questions but the most confusing one is “how could this shadow hurt anyway?”, he’s answer was shocking.

Once when he had about 5 years he was playing with a cat, when the cat bit him, he started crying and the shadow appeared, it attacked the cat without even letting a bone, the cat just vanished.

The scared Nijime says: the shadow wanted to protect you right ?and it wanted to do the same to me !!!”

He nods his head in agreement, she hit him and screamed:

- “you should’ve told me that before, you idiot”

- “you’re doing it; do you want it to appear again ?”

She stops quickly, then asks about the flowers that appears a lot recently.

He answers that he’s never seen these before, his uncle said something about him being happy, but for him that’s a new feeling.

Nijime looks at Saiga’s face and declares: “didn’t a girl confess her love to you before?”

-why would you say that!?

-I mean, you look a little handsome, she blushes.

-sigh, I refuse always to talk to other people.

After another moment of silence, she says:

-hey you want to meet our classmates.

-why would you say something like that, and I know their names.

-stop declining anything I suggest

Saiga accepts after a few attempts of Nijime to convince him.

“we may see a lot of flours from now on”