Chapter 3:

new friends

the person who gave me feelings

“I can feel that it’s calling, the dark side of myself, I just started accepting it, it doesn’t mean that I’m human, just a monster with a human’s mask”.

Nijime convinced Saiga to go and meet his classmates, he required that no one has the right to ask him personal questions, if he feels that he’s about to get angry, he will leave immediately. That was a bit hard to achieve, but she was thankful that he will finally meet other people.

At school

They’re entering together, and everyone, including teachers, students, the director himself is surprised. Both of them easily noticed that it’s time for rumours, and the first noise they will hear today, is Nijime’s best friend, called “Mia”.

She says: Nijime, are you? Don’t tell me that you are?

-Hi, Nijime answers, I would like to introduce my new very close friend, Saiga.

-Hien ?! Is he a new student.

-No, he was in our class the whole past year.

-no way, how didn’t we see him?

Saiga intervened: “hello my name’s Saiga, nice to meet you”

Nijime announces: “hey! You’ve got some communication skills”

-what do you think I am? I passed all my life watching people talking to each other, of course I can do the same

-that’s your fault for being too depressed

Mia shows a trust and comfort smile, It seems that she already accepted the new member, she’s not the one to rule Nijime’s choices. But they understand how difficult is their mission, introducing Saiga to every single student in the school, this isn’t all their troubles, the least thing that makes Saiga angry, means a disaster.

This fact reminds Saiga of his position, he suddenly stops walking, takes Nijime’s hand, his face can’t hide that he felt a little bit amused when their hands touched, he tells her with a scared accent : “can we just not do this, I don’t know what could happen”

Mia who doesn’t know about his “blessing” says: “don’t be a chicken”, Nijime looked at him and said: “didn’t you ask why you were born with this power”, and adds, “I think that’s because your feelings are too strong, it’s stingy from you to not share them”

Speechlessly, the satisfied Saiga keeps up with her, she’s just hitting the spot, that was all what he wanted to hear.

The three are moving around the school, every two seconds, they meet someone who asks about Saiga and Nijime’s relationship, but she stops any non-sense making theories, by saying that they’re just best friends.

After what seemed hours of walking, they met the one who was stalking them the whole day.

Saiga says that he knows him, which wasn’t that surprising, because he spends his life quietly watching.

- Certainly, you are “Rayyon”

- Hey, how could you know my name, the stalker announces, I’ve never seen you before.

The two girls laugh and say: “ Rayyon, you mean like a lion, and who’s introducing the other now?”

The four of them took their time trying to know each other, their moment of peace was interrupted by someone standing close to Saiga, she declares: “hey, Mrs. Nijime, are you now trying to get close to the lonely.

Saiga quietly watches as Nijime answers: “I don’t think that my friends are your business.

- Hey don’t be that angry, you probably just pity him, he’s not even a true friend.

- I’m sorry Nijime, Saiga says, but I think I’ll let it go !!!