Chapter 4:

Saiga, the human-like monster

the person who gave me feelings

“I thought that I can run away from myself, maybe I pretended I accepted all my darkness but I just ignored it, I can’t deny that I’m still afraid of it”

The shadow shows up again, Saiga doesn’t seem like he wants to stop it, it’s really amazing how the bully girls can choose the right thing to say.

Someone speaks bad about his first friend, that was definitely the last thing Saiga would like to hear. “Why do I have the power to kill someone without even letting a prove? shouldn’t I use it” he thinks while his eyes are filled with killing intent. With the same eyes, he looks at Nijime, for some reason, that look disappeared from his face.

He knows that she accepted his anger, but it doesn’t mean that she won’t hate him if he killed someone. He relaxes himself, and he’s ready to give the bully a good answer, he opens his eyes, expecting that the dark shadow disappeared, it was no more than expectations. Nijime screams: “Saiga, stop it”

He looks at his anger still trying to kill the bully, “but how ?! I’m relaxed now, it should’ve disappeared, can’t I stop it?”.

The scream is all what he can hear, he stops thinking for I while, realizing that he’s whole life is destroyed.

He came to the conclusion at the end: “I really though I have a chance to become a normal human, I have no choice now except to stop coming to school”

Meanwhile, the bully is running away from the dark beast, she run as fast as she can, but it was clear that the shadow is faster.

As he reaches her, she tried to kick it using her left leg, the leg disappeared in the darkness, and in some way, the shadow disappeared too.

Nailed in his place, Saiga watched the blood of the girl giving the school a new dye.

He knows exactly who’s fault is this, “it’s all Nijime’s fault”, he thinks but slaps himself in order to remember that all what she did is giving him hope, it’s not her fault that he’s a monster.

Saiga’s still didn’t move, didn’t even blink, the bully is taken to the hospital, Nijime, Mia and Rayyon followed her.

Because there was no escape from telling them, she told them all what she knows about Saiga.

They waited hours in the hospital to get informed about the girl’s condition. After a long standing, in the corner so they can hear without being seen by her family.

The doctor appears to comfort everyone about her health, that what Nijime though before the mother starts crying.

The doctor the words are: “we’ve done our best, but she lost a lot of blood, we’re so sorry”

Nijime looks at Saiga, “wait, where is Saiga” she says, Mia answers “didn’t you notice, he didn’t come with us, he probably stayed in the school”

Nijime declares anxiously: “we got to find him, Mia you go to the school, I’ll go to his house”

Rayyon says: “what about me?”

- You go to the park, that one close to the forest

- Okay, I got it

Nijime asked the old uncle if Saiga’s home yet, he denies.

In a few minutes before midnight Nijime receives a call from Mia.

- Nijime, please come here.

- What, did find him.

- I did but this isn’t the problem.

- Wait for me, I’m on the way, and call Rayyon too.

Nijime arrives to the school, in the same bloody hallway where the girl got attacked, she found Saiga motionless looking at his victim’s blood, he suddenly says:

“I killed her right”.