Chapter 3:

"The Doll Metaphor" and what this story is about

The Doll Metaphor Part 1

" I have no mouth but I must scream".

The greatest invention that the humans created is maybe language or I don't know, maybe religion to keeps us going. 

Humans are tiny little insects that only like to fuck, they can't live without others, even when we are born, we still are parasites to our mothers. Also, we are master in the art of hyprocrisy, like, to refer to animals with it but in the end we all go to same shithole anyways, sooner or later.

We always like to be in the right, like some universal being that knows everything. But simply put, we only want the key to escape instead of helping someone getting it.

If you look close enough, you will discover that we are nothing but dolls, we suffer but don't speak, we don't think about it, know why? Because God made it that way. 

Our fathers, our school, our genetic code, our society, everyone dictates how we live.

The true horror is not how we will going to suffer, but the things that we missed, our own mortality, our own ignorance.

Its not a coincidence that every good vilain that appears in fiction represent evil, something we don't understand, that is true fear. 

If you know your truth, your light, you will fear nothing and nobody, because you know yourself and your own curse (ignorance).

We live in a society of dolls.

Everyone like to plays us like we are in dollhouse, in a plan that only God knows what it is.

But just forget everything I've said...

"Welcome to the dollhouse."

And enjoy the ride.

Taylor Victoria