Chapter 2:

Before the storm

The Doll Metaphor Part 1

Today was finally the day, I would have a reunion with the king at 10 a.m, not that I was totally happy about it, I prefer to stay home, just feeding my cat and watching some tv, but I guess you've to do what you got to do.

I got up from my bed, took a bath and brush my teeth. I touched my hair: its color is orange like my eyes and is sharp around the edges.

After watching some tv while eating my breakfast, I went to my room to wear my unbuttoned black suit jacket.

I'm at the door of my house, waited a couple of minutes and then my chauffeur arrived at my doorstep.

While in the car, we both stayed in silence, today's not a day that you can just simply have fun per say, maybe it was the most important day of my life and I didn't knew it. After approximately thirty minutes, we both heard an explosion from far away.

So, before going to the spicy part of the story, I need to clarify the rules that the doll metaphor's universe obeys to.

Everyone in this universe has a power called Provecta, a person awakes this power between the years of sixteen to fifty,because of that, the elderly people cannot still have possession of any power. To identify someone who has it, you need primarily to see closely to the left eye of the said person. If what you see is similar to the eyes of other people you know, it probably means they have the same power. For example, if I have red triangle that looks like its burning, that means that I've a power related to the "pyro" type.

All powers are divided into three categories: A, B and C. The first one is most powerful type(the rarest one) because it means that you can create a reality, even an universe if you really wanted to. The second one means that you can control reality around, an example would be like turning off gravity or having telekinesis. The last (the weakest one) means that you only can manipulate an extension of yourself, like having super strength or being made of rubber.

Also and not less important, this universe is made of three layers: the realm of the dead (with infinite space) to welcome all the people that died. The conscious realm that gathers all the consciousness of all of humanity, the closest thing that we can call our God. And finally we have our realm, a chaotic one that thing like anxiety, misery and pain are a completely common thing.

Every realm has his own "God", and the three gods are automatically the A type. 

Taylor Victoria