Chapter 5:

"you're not alone"

the person who gave me feelings

“it’s not my first time killing someone, why do I feel that terrible, I should’ve learned the way to stop that pain, but now it doesn’t seem like something I can stop”.

Saiga don’t think anymore, he’s maybe just trying to run away from his sin, “I’ll just let them punish me as they want”, he thinks while opening his eyes but not seeing with them, he isn’t focusing on his environment after all.

He’s ready to faint, not even trying to fix he’s mistake, he’s vision is getting darker and darker, trying to escape again from himself, he hears the only voice that he didn’t want to hear at this moment exactly, because he knows more than anyone else, that she won’t let him rest, or escape without even trying. She says: “don’t give up, I’ll stay with you”

- I knew it, I shouldn’t have tried.

- Stay with us, she repeats.

Saiga looks at Nijime, he says hardly that it was her fault, well at least he’s blaming someone except himself, somehow it feels better when he does.

But he’s blaming the wrong person, she looks at him with anger, and with all her power, she made him see again.

Before he realizes, his face is red, and he feels some pain.

Everything he did until this moment, was well studied, all he’s actions were based on the fact that he’s trying to stay alone, but now he’s opening he’s eyes again with no reasonable purpose, just because she told him to.

That’s what she represents for him now, the light that guides him into the right path, he finally discovers that he’s way of doing things is effective but wrong.

Not everything he does should be calculated, in order to isolate himself from the others, sometimes he’ll need to live as himself.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that he isn’t a killer, all what it she tried to tell him is: “don’t run way, we’ll fix it, together.”

Saiga’s vision’s back, he realizes that she wasn’t the only one waiting for him.

- Why are you all here

- Why would we leave, Rayyon declares

- We won’t let a friend in a trouble without lending him a hand, Mia keeps, we’re best friends right.

Saiga was sure that he’s existence in unwelcome, that’s why he kept himself away from anyone else.

Now, and for the first time, he’s asking them to help him, and not doing anything alone.

The next day

All the student and teachers that were present at the moment of the murder got interrogated by the police, even if some of them might be under the age, but their testimony can be useful for the police, however, the police was shocked after hearing the unacceptable.

A dark monster attacked her!

The police couldn’t admit that as a truth, no teacher was present during the murder, so it was considered as a closed case, with an unknown murderer.

Saiga is in the park like always, two things changed actually, the first is that he’s not here to contain he’s feelings, he’s trying to forget them now.

And he’s not alone anymore, he has friends now.

Nijime announces that they need to do something about his bad feelings, afraid, he answers that in the last accident he couldn’t suppress the shadow.

Mia says: “can’t that be a prove that your shadow doesn’t depend on how you feel, maybe we can train you to feel without making it appear again”

Everyone looks at her surprised, surprised about how good the idea is to be suggested by her.

She ignores their insult, and keeps talking: “the mistake that Saiga did is that he stopped feeling, that’s what made he’s feelings stronger, maybe if we train him feel many feelings he will get used to his feelings, and he won’t lunch he’s defence mechanism.

He says: “make me feel? Don’t tell me you’re going to do something naughty”

A sadist look appears on Nijime’s face while taking off her tie, she laughs an evil laugh and says: “who knows!”