Chapter 5:

Daiyu part 2

The Doll Metaphor Part 1

"This martial art feels so disgusting to use."He said.

Some guys from the crowd tried to jump on him, with no success obviously. While the confusion was going on, I looted some of the equipment that the guards left behind, what I found only was a tactical knife made of high carbon steel. I was clearly at disadvantage in this situation because he clearly looked like an athletic guy, and I was just average girl that had not much muscle volume whatsoever.

While I was preparing to surprise him with an attack, he just continued making the guys rag doll all over the place.

"Hmph! I always thought the Japanese were braver than this, just so fucking pitiful, you all."

I tried to go for a stab on his back. Surprisingly, he already knew of my attacked so he quickly dodged it.

"Oh! So you want to have some fun to, I will go easy on you because you don't look that Japanese to me."

I didn't have any experience in Arnis but that knife would have to do.

He instantly tried to do a hook to my right side, with the knife, I put it above his hand and used force so his arm couldn't go up, with his arm trapped, I quickly try to get close to do a big swing with the knife.

He dodged it.

"You're quite good at this, I bet that if you were Japanese, I would already had defeated you."

Damn, what the Japanese did to this guy?

Not long after that, he started to do a long sequence of high kicks, even with my guard up, my nose was starting to drip blood without stopping, I had no chances with this guy. My only chance was to use my power.

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