Chapter 6:

Daiyu part 3

The Doll Metaphor Part 1

"Wait, why I can't use my power right now?"

He continued to wash me with a series of high kicks, sometimes kicking to the side of my stomach and in the head. I was just simply using a defensive stance, not because I couldn't attack but because I wanted him to underestimate me, that was my plan.

After the last painful kick, I tried to kick the leg that he was balancing in to do the kicks. Without much effort, he dodged it by just simply jumping backwards.

This battle...If you can call it that, was not about martial arts anymore, he had the luck to confront me when I couldn't activate my power, an odd thing. At this moment, I already knew that the power he was using  was interfering with mine.

I tried to do sequence of telegraphed swings with the knife: diagonal, horizontal and vertical, I still couldn't land a hit the guy because he used distance as an advantage, he clearly had experience dealing with knifes.

When I finally got close, tried to do the same thing but combining with stabs from each side.

The worst decision I could have made at that time.

When he was dodging, that was his weakness, knifes are excellent to make a distance from the enemy and that was his case, he was waiting precisely to take advantage of me.

He was way more experienced than me. 

His option was to use Wing Chun, every stab from the side I tried to do was received by a palm up block technique and accompanied with elbow strikes. Every elbow to my body struck by him did extreme damage, my arm's muscles were beginning to fatigue. When he finally found an opening he created with the Bong Sao strike, he finalized me with a straight heavy punch.

My ribs absorbed all the pressure, cracking some of them.

While on the ground, I was ready to be shot in the face, he grabbed his gun.

But then someone appeared from nowhere...