Chapter 498:

Chapter 495: Servant and Princess

Beyond The Stars

Author's Note: A Note before beginning. This is the final arc of the story established at the beginning of the series. This arc will conclude the conflict of Heaven and Hell storyline. It's not technically the last arc overall as I have a Beyond The Stars continuation that goes into a new overall storyline. But this arc will end with what is a climatic finale and story end. I wrote BTS like this because since the planned story is so long, I wanted to make a point that could feel like a real endpoint just in case I could not fully finish it. If the point comes when I ever feel that I can't finish the continuation, then I can at least point back to the end of this arc and say that I actually finished something. Anyway, it's time to begin the 19th and final arc of BTS 1. This is The Final Great Chaos Arc.

Chapter 495: Servant and Princess

Narrator: The final arc of the Heaven and Hell conflict now begins! The Final Great Chaos! It’s been 12 years since Zenos was defeated. It is now September 28th, Year 174.

*Salina is in her demon form and is training. She begins talking to herself*

Salina: Princess Sasha, I will not let you down. You’ve become so strong. I will keep training until I am worthy of someone fighting by your side. I remember when you were just a young girl and I was assigned to be your servant.

*Salina begins to have a flashback to when she first met Sasha*


Narrator: We now take a look back to the time when Salina first met Sasha.

*Salina and her parents meet with Dakame*

Narrator: Salina – Age 29.

Dakame: Yes, I do feel your daughter would make an excellent servant for my daughter.

Salina’s Mother: Salina is honored to be considered for that role.

Salina: Yes. I am grateful.

*Hamura starts to walk into the room with a little girl. The little girl is Sasha*

Narrator: Sasha – Age 4.

Hamura: So I take it you have made a decision on who Sasha’s servant will be?

Dakame: Yes. This girl, Salina, will be Sasha’s servant.

Hamura: She certainly looks capable.

*Hamura then looks down at Sasha*

Hamura: So, Sasha, my dear little sister, what do you think of your servant?

*Sasha looks at Salina for a moment and then she just looks indifferent*

Sasha: My servant? She’ll do what I want?

Hamura: She sure will. That’s what a servant is after all.

Salina: (Thinking) Ah, she’s so cute.

Salina: (Narrating) Initially anyway.

*Later on, Salina is walking around with Sasha throughout Hell*

Salina: (Narrating) Her sadistic side developed soon after.

*Later on again, Sasha is in her True Demonic Release as a little girl. Salina just watches in awe with wide-open eyes as she sees Sasha ripping off the limbs of other demons.

Male Demon 1: Stop, Princess Sasha! Please!

Male Demon 2: We’re all on the same side!

*Sasha has a sadistic grin*

Sasha: This is fun.

Salina: Is this the same girl I became the servant of?

*Sasha stabs the demons with her fingers and starts carving out their insides. She then licks the blood off of her fingers*

Sasha: Tasty.

*The two demons are dead. The third demon is so terrified that he starts hopping away on his one remaining leg. Sasha has another sadistic grin*

Sasha: You can’t run.

*Salina just watches with wide-open eyes as Sasha jumps on the demon and knocks him to the ground. The reflection of the horrors Sasha is committing on the demon is seen in Salina’s eyes*

Male Demon 3: Ahh! Ahhhh!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!!

*The demon is now dead and Sasha is covered in a lot of blood. Salina starts talking to herself*

Salina: The bloodshed… The limb tearing… It was… It was…. Incredible. This girl is 4 years old. If she is this strong and ruthless as a little girl, imagine how she will be when she is fully grown.

Salina: (Narrating) And so, I would follow her along as she continued to kill demons for her own sadistic fun. Each time I could only continue to watch in awe.

*Sasha has removed the limbs of a bunch of demons and has them all in a pile. She summons a bunch of Hellhounds*

Salina: (Narrating) The kills became even more gruesome as her magic developed.

Sasha: Feast, my Hellhounds!

*The Hellhounds start eating the demons*

Salina: (Narrating) I couldn’t help but be impressed by seeing all the new ways Sasha could come up with to fulfill her sadistic fun. It wouldn’t last much longer, however. Soon, the Dark Goddess became tired of Sasha killing her own forces.

*Dakame confronts Sasha and Salina*

Dakame: My daughter, your skills at this age are impressive but I will not let you continue to kill my soldiers. I will need to lock away your powers until you are at an older age.

*Sasha pouts*

Sasha: No! I don’t wanna!

*Sasha actually tries to attack Dakame, but Dakame uses her magic to put Sasha in an unconscious state*

Salina: What will happen to her?

Dakame: I will lock her dark powers in her heart. It means she will lose her divinity but that is what is best right now. Because of her lost divinity, she will have to live on Earth until I deem her ready for her powers to be unlocked. You will accompany her on Earth.


Narrator: Later, after Sasha had been moved to Earth.

*Salina and Sasha are on Earth. Salina is using some sort of human disguise form. Sasha no longer has Dark Divine Eyes*

Salina: (Narrating) Sasha was like a completely different person after that. She was shy and scared but also playful like a mortal girl. It also came with memory loss. She no longer knew who I was or even who she truly was. She seemed more like a mortal toddler. Then there was the time when I was away briefly so a different demon was looking after her. Sasha fell into a river. We searched but never found her. I was furious with the demon. (Author’s Note: Sasha falling into a river and a demon looking after her and being scared that “She won’t be happy with me…” was information revealed all the way back in Chapter 59 but now the “She” the demon was referring to is finally revealed).

*Salina and the demon are looking for Sasha down the river but don’t find her*

Salina: (Narrating) Years later, I discovered Sasha living with mortals and was not sure what to do. So I decided to keep occasional surveillance. Then she eventually ended up with Light Prince Zeth. I occasionally kept an eye on them but I noticed something. Princess Sasha seemed… happier. It’s like Zeth had completely turned her life around. Because of that, I let them be and stayed in Reign City waiting for the right time to reintroduce myself to Princess Sasha.

*End of flashback*


*Salina continues to train*

Salina: And now she can even bring out her full sadistic side and not go kill-crazy with it.

*She thinks of current Sasha in her True Demonic Release*

Salina: The impact Zeth has had on her can’t be understated.


Narrator: Meanwhile with Zeth and Sasha.

*Zeth and Sasha are hanging out in Heaven*

Zeth: Want to go get some lunch?

Sasha: Sure.

*They start walking around, looking for a place to eat. However, they encounter an unknown man on the way there. The man has short brown hair and a mustache. He is wearing a uniform*

Man: Excuse me.

Zeth: Is there something we can do for you?

Man: Yes. I would like to meet with the Light Goddess.

Zeth: Do you have business with my mom?

Man: Why yes, I do actually.

???: And what business would that be?

*Harmona and Zothena arrive*

Man: Ah, Light Goddess, Harmona. Coming to me makes this easier.

Harmona: I don’t know who you are so if you have business with me, state it.

Man: There is no need to get all suspicious of me. My name is Walton Notlaw. I am a representative of the Divine World

*He shows his badge*

Walton: Light Goddess Harmona, I have come because you have been summoned to a meeting in the Divine World.

*All of them are shocked*

Zeth: Say what!?

Sasha: Seriously!? The Divine World!?

Zothena: This is a summons that not even I experienced!

Harmona: I’m really being summoned to the Divine World?

Walton: Yes.

Narrator: More backstory has been given about Salina and her role as Sasha’s servant! But now Harmona is being summoned to the Divine World! Why? What could they want with her?

Chapter 495 END

To be Continued in Chapter 496: The Divine World Calls