Chapter 499:

Chapter 496: The Divine World Calls

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 496: The Divine World Calls

Narrator: A representative of the Divine World, Walton Notlaw, has come to take Harmona to the Divine World.

Walton: The Divine World calls. This is not an optional meeting. Attendance is mandatory.

*Walton looks at Zothena*

Walton: However, Former Light Goddess Zothena, you will be allowed to attend but your attendance is not mandatory.

Harmona: You want me to go now?

Walton: Yes.

Zothena: If I’m allowed to attend, then I shall go too.

Walton: Very well. I shall take us there.

*A portal of light surrounds Walton, Harmona, and Zothena. It makes them rise toward the sky*

*Zeth and Sasha look up*

Zeth: I hope it’s not anything bad.


*Walton, Harmona, and Zothena arrive at the Divine World. The area they are in looks like a beautiful paradise full of grass, flowers, and some trees with fruit hanging from the branches*

*They start following Walton*

Harmona: So this is what it looks like on the Divine World?

Zothena: This is a new experience for both of us.

Walton: This is just one of the Divine World’s varied environments.

*They soon reach some stairs that go way up*

Harmona: Are we going up these stairs?

Walton: Yes. At the top is where the meeting will take place.

*They walk up the stairs*

Harmona: What exactly is the purpose of having such a large staircase?

Walton: It leads to where the leaders of the Divine World meet, Divine Requiem, which is located on the top of a singular flat mountain. A long staircase simply represents just how sacred the place is.

*They eventually reach the top. They are in a circle-shaped area with a table that goes almost completely around it on the edge. The leaders sit at the table. There are 16 of them with a mix of light and dark divine beings. One of them is Saykasura*

*Walton bows. Harmona and Zothena see him do that and then do it too*

Walton: I have brought to you Earth’s Light Goddess, Harmona, and former Light Goddess, Zothena.

*The one that appears to be the chairman of the leaders is a male light divine being with moderate-length light blue hair and a full beard that is also light blue-colored*

Narrator: Divine World Leader Chairman – Rydale.

Rydale: Very good.

*Rydale looks at Harmona and Zothena*

Rydale: Welcome. My name is Rydale. I am the chairman of the Divine World’s leaders. Both of you are probably wondering why you have been summoned. You have been summoned as part of our State of the Planet. We do this for every planet with life on it every couple million years.

*Walton, Harmona, and Zothena end their bowing*

Rydale: We have already previously summoned Dark Goddess Dakame about the same topic. Nothing notable really came out of that meeting but there was something I could determine from her voice. She didn’t outright state this but I can tell she plans to wage war soon. She also seemed very confident in her forces. So now I bring you the main subject of this meeting.

*Harmona and Zothena look interested in what Rydale has to say*

Rydale: Earth is definitely not the only planet that its Heaven and Hell have waged war countless times. But Heaven and Hell are about balance. These wars almost always end with no true winner. Things just go back to the status quo. However, Earth is in extreme danger of that not happening. Why? Because Light Goddess Harmona, your soul is weakened. You could not possibly stand up to Dark Goddess Dakame in your current state.

Harmona: My weakened soul is something I am well aware of.

*A female dark divine being speaks*

Narrator: Divine World Leader Member – Akade.

Akade: We have determined that it will take your soul 194 more years to fully recover. Dakame isn’t going to wait that long. What will you do?

*A male dark divine being speaks*

Narrator: Divine World Leader Member – Dento.

Dento: This leadership council has vowed to all the worlds that we will not interfere with what happens in them. If you and any potential heir are wiped out, that’s it. You’re done. Earth’s Heaven will never be the same. Hell would rule all.

*All of the leaders start chatting amongst themselves about the subject as Harmona and Zothena just listen. Zothena has a determined expression*

Zothena: I will make a sacrifice.

*Everyone stops chatting and looks at Zothena after she says this. Harmona looks at her with shock and fear*

Harmona: What sacrifice?

Zothena: I will use my soul to make yours fully recovered.

*The leaders look intrigued*

Harmona: You can’t! I won’t let you pay for one of my mistakes a second time!

*Zothena interrupts her before she says anything more*

Zothena: Harmona. Listen to me. Heaven is yours now. You are the one that should lead it. I’ve told you when you were little that one day Heaven would be yours to lead and now it has been for almost 300,000 years.

*Harmona has a quick flashback of Zothena telling her that*

Zothena: Since my birth, there has been more time in which I was Zenos’s puppet monster than the time that I have been the natural me. I doubt I could actually take on Dakame at full strength. So now, I shall use my soul to restore yours.

*Zothena claps her hands together. Her energy flows*

Zothena: If you think this is like the transfer of magic from one person to another, it’s because it is based on the same concept but just a little different. My soul will attach to your soul and then your soul will drain my soul until your soul is completely restored.

*Zothena’s soul attaches to Harmona’s soul. Harmona’s soul becomes stronger and stronger while Zothena’s becomes weaker and weaker*

Zothena: It is done.

Harmona: I feel… rejuvenated.

Zothena: You are ready to lead when the war comes.

Rydale: Excellent.


Narrator: Later.

*Harmona and Zothena have reached the bottom of the staircase and are about to be taken back to Heaven by Walton when they are approached from behind by Saykasura*

Saykasura: Please forgive me for holding you up but I wanted to speak with you personally. I didn’t get to properly introduce myself to you at the meeting. I am Saykasura, the first Light Goddess of Earth.

*Harmona’s eyes open wide*

Harmona: Then that means you are…!

Saykasura: Yes. I am the mother of Miranda and Zenos. Though we don’t interfere with the planets, we do keep track of events on them. I apologize for my son’s actions. I admit that I did want my daughter and son to not let my assistants get away with their overthrow plan but my son took it way too far. After I finished going through the 100,000-year Divine World Restoration process, I was saddened to learn that the overthrow led to Heaven and Hell going through wars.

Harmona: You shouldn’t feel bad. Miranda gave us the whole story.

Saykasura: Zenos’s soul was brought here upon his death. He was determined to be unworthy of salvation. He was given two options. Either go through the 100,000-year restoration process and get exiled to a dimension where all the divine beings deemed too evil go or his soul could be broken down and wiped clean to become an entirely new soul. He chose Restoration & Exile. Miranda is also going through the restoration process but she was worthy of salvation so she will live here in the Divine World after the process is complete.

Harmona: I know these wars pain you. That’s why I want to tell you that there is hope that the two sides will come together again.

*Saykasura smiles*

Saykasura: I know. Miranda told me and Hemoroso all about it right before she started the restoration process. I hope for my daughter to come out of restoration 100,000 years from now and see that Heaven and Hell are reunited thanks to Zeth and Sasha. I wish Zeth, Sasha, and all of you luck on this.

*Harmona smiles with hope*

Harmona: Thank you.

Narrator: Harmona and Zothena have gone to the Divine World for a meeting! Harmona’s soul is restored but they will go back with the news that war might be on the horizon.

Chapter 496 END

To be Continued in Chapter 497: One Final Date Before the Chaos