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Chapter 497: One Final Date Before the Chaos

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 497: One Final Date Before the Chaos

Narrator: The day after Harmona and Zothena went to the Divine World. It is now September 29th, Year 174.

*Zeth is walking through Reign City during the afternoon*

*Sasha runs up to him from behind*

Sasha: Zeth.

*Zeth turns around*

Zeth: Sasha?

Sasha: Sorry, I followed you. You look down today. I wanted to see what was wrong.

*Zeth looks at the sky*

Zeth: The possibility of war is on my mind.

Sasha: We could train more.

Zeth: If the war is imminent, we can’t get any stronger beforehand. We will be as we are now. This will be a major war… a new Great Chaos. What our battle with Zenos has taught me is that we or anyone that we care about could die. There are no guarantees, including victory. We could lose the war for all I know.

*His words are making Sasha look sad. She isn’t sure what to say*

Sasha: Zeth… What are you saying?

Zeth: Has anyone ever asked you “What would be the last thing you do before the world ends?” Before the war comes, we should spend whatever time we can together doing the things we enjoy. It might be our last.

*Sasha’s expression turns to one of understanding*

Sasha: I see what you mean.

*Zeth holds out his right hand forward*

Zeth: Then would you like to go on another date? One final date before the chaos.

*Sasha looks at him for a moment and then becomes teary-eyed but also smiles. She holds out her right hand forward and grabs Zeth’s right hand*

Sasha: Yes. I would love to.

*Zeth then smiles too*


Narrator: If the world is to soon end, Zeth and Sasha were determined to make the most of their time left. The first stop on their date? Going to the theater to see a movie.

*Zeth and Sasha are in a movie theater watching a movie. They share the same bucket of popcorn*

*They are getting emotional over what is happening in the movie*

Sasha: *Sniff* It’s so romantic. Such a beautiful moment.


Narrator: Later, after the movie is over.

*They leave the theater and continue walking on the city sidewalks*

Zeth: You should choose our next activity.

Sasha: Hmmmm. How about the amusement park?

Zeth: Sure!

*Zeth and Sasha soon arrive at the amusement park called Reign Over. They start walking around the park deciding what to do first. They start off with the less intensive rides. Those rides are bumper cars, scrambler, swinging ship, etc. Following that, they start riding the rollercoasters*

*Zeth then partakes in a shooting gallery and wins a large teddy bear prize for Sasha. She looks happy*


Narrator: Later, after they are finished at the park.

*Zeth and Sasha are leaving the park. It is now the evening. The teddy bear is strapped to Sasha’s back and they are both eating chocolate ice cream*

Sasha: I love chocolate ice cream.

Zeth: Same. It’s great. Now, I was thinking of taking you to a nice restaurant. Though, I don’t think we should take that teddy bear with us.

Sasha: I’m fine with dropping it off first. We can change into more fitting clothes too.

Zeth: Good idea.


Narrator: Later, Zeth and Sasha have returned to Reign City.

*It’s now nighttime. Zeth and Sasha are walking on the sidewalks of Reign City. Zeth is now wearing a black tux and Sasha is wearing a black dress*

Zeth: You most certainly look nice as always.

Sasha: Thank you. It’s the same for you.

*They reach the restaurant and go inside where they are seated at a table*

*The waitress soon delivers their food to the table and they begin eating*

Sasha: You always pick the best places to eat.

Zeth: I love that compliment. I’m glad my tastes in food are to your liking. I would say it gets better as the years go. As divine beings, we age like fine wine.

*Zeth drinks from his glass of wine*

Sasha: True that.

*Sasha drinks from her glass of wine*

*Zeth smiles more as he looks at Sasha*

Zeth: If only every day could be as perfect as this one.

Sasha: We will just have to keep fighting until we achieve that.

Zeth: We just have to get passed the Dark Goddess. Easier said than done but most certainly achievable.

*They continue eating while conversing*

Zeth: You know, they have a dance floor in the restaurant too.

Sasha: Are you…?

*Zeth smiles and extends out his right hand*

Zeth: May I have this dance?

*Sasha lovingly smiles back at him and extends her left hand out*

Sasha: Of course.

*Zeth grabs Sasha’s left hand and leads her to the dance floor where they wrap their arms around each other and slow dance to the romantic music playing in the background*

Sasha: Zeth… I didn’t realize that you had become such a good dancer…

*Zeth smiles*

Zeth: I’ve been practicing.

*They continue to slow dance. Soon, they both lean their heads forward and kiss each other on the lips*

Sasha: You’re as good as ever at that too.

*Zeth chuckles a bit*

Zeth: So are you.

*After they finish dancing, they leave the dance floor*

Zeth: I think there is one more thing we should do tonight. We should go back to the hill before the night is over.

Sasha: I’d love to.

*They head out of the restaurant and walk through Reign City*

*Soon, they reach the end of the city and then see the hill a short distance away*

*After walking up the hill, Zeth and Sasha stand on the hilltop and look out toward the field and then at the starry night sky*

Sasha: Every time we come to this hill it never stops being beautiful.

Zeth: It’s why I brought you here on our first date and many of them since then. Right here on this hill on our first date, we vowed to keep fighting for a good future. It is here and now that we must vow to finish that fight.

Sasha: I will make that vow. I won’t stop fighting until that peaceful future is secured.

Zeth: That’s what I want to hear. I know I was pretty gloomy earlier today but that is no reason to believe things won’t turn out well. I’m ready. You’re ready. We’re both ready.

*Sasha smiles and nods*

*Zeth and Sasha start walking down the hill back toward Reign City and are confronted by Salina in her human appearance disguise*

Salina: You two look like you have had a lovely night.

Sasha: Indeed, we have.

Zeth: Is there something that you needed?

Salina: No, I just saw you two and wanted to see how you were doing.

Zeth: I guess we should give you the news. It is believed that the Dark Goddess will be starting her invasion soon.

Sasha: What are your feelings on that? Hell is more home to you than it is for me. I could understand if you don’t want to fight them.

Salina: No. I will fight. I will fight them with you. Even though I’m a demon from Hell, I have lived on Earth for so long that I don’t really feel like a part of Hell anymore. I haven’t been there since I was 29 years old. Now, I’m 99 years old. I will be ready to fight. I promise you that.

*Zeth and Sasha smile*

Sasha: That’s good to hear.

Narrator: Zeth and Sasha have gone on one last date before the potential war between Heaven and Hell! They will fight until the future they want is obtained or they will die trying.

Chapter 497 END

To be Continued in Chapter 498: Let Rise the Flames of War