Chapter 7:

The legend of Peter Kusanagi

The Doll Metaphor Part 1

"What ya doin', ya git?"


An "American Standoff" was happening.

A young good looking (with blonde hair) guy was hanging over the gate.

I tried to throw my knife in direction of Daiyu's jugular, he parried it with his pistol.

We both ran in opposite directions.

"Now ya run like a scared chicken? Fuckin' mutt."

"You want to die to?"

"Oh my god! The dragon of China is going to kill me." Obviously mocking Daiyu.

Daiyu was not calm anymore, he was emanating pure rage, filled with the will to mut the poor stranger's soul.

"Whatever but, why are you in the trying to enter my family's residence, I mean, you clearly can see that we are very occupied, especially if we are going have a visit from the dragon of China."He said inside the wall.

Daiyu sprinted like the speed of sound to the wall, jumping it effortlessly. The prince ran like his life depended on it... but still insulting the raging enemy.

"I'm Daiyu Lin, I will eat your fucking body, shit it out and use it to smother your whole fucking family!"

"Damn, didn't knew you were that Chinese to do a thing like that."The prince said.

"Now you really fucking done it!"

"Just don't eat my dog, OK? Not that I have one but get what I'm saying."

When Daiyu was just about to grab the young teen, the prince grabbed a taser and tased him.


Daiyu was weakened by the attack but took it like a champ.

The two ran far from me.

I didn't enter the gate, decided to go to a much more deserted place to make my entrance, so my destination was going to the right side of the castle's area, where the car park was.

The future was uncertain.