Chapter 16:


Tetraprisma: Chromatic

“Sakira, sir!”

“What is it now, Destiny?”

Sakira’d been contemplating in the strategy quarters for a quarter-hour when one of his commanders approached him. He wasn’t quite in the mood to talk.

“How is progress on the subject going? Will we be able to use him as our token soon?” Destiny asked lowly.

Sakira looked out the light-flooded window and sighed. “I’ve decided to suspend experimentation on Kori Beta. Forgive me.”

“Suspend? For how long?”

“Until I see fit.”

Destiny raised an eyebrow. “What are your motivations, if I may ask?”

“Request denied.”

“Hmph. Unlike you to keep to yourself these things.”

“I’ve been keeping to myself many things as of late.”

“That you have. Have you told Tobayanet about it?”

Sakira lowered his glare. “I don’t plan to.”

“Quite unlike you, sir. You two are thick as thieves.”

“Our relationship is more strained than you realize.”

Destiny hmphed. “Alright. I’ll leave you to your own devices, then.” Her tendrils spun her around to the door. “Oh. Perchance could I get the key to the laboratory? I’d like to check the Twilight prototypes.”

“They’re under the mat on your way out.”

“Funny. I’d have thought you’d carry them yourself.”

“It’s difficult to make myself unlock that door, so I’ve had no reason to keep them on me lately,” said Sakira.


As Destiny floated out the door, Sakira rested his armored forearms on the table and let his hands pass through its wooden surface. He looked up to the ceiling, letting out a soft exhale.

What is this feeling? He looked down at his hands laid on the table. They aren’t passing through.

He lifted his arms and shook them. What a strange sensation. Why is this happening? He ran his three fingers along the table, drumming them over and over.

“I can’t shake the feeling something’s changed,” he said aloud. “My mentality, my physicality. Something’s off.”

“What’s that?” Destiny called from across the hall.

“Nothing. Talking to myself.”

“Understood, sir. Anything you need me to take care of while I’m in the labs?”

Sakira sighed once more. “Study candidates for Twilight experimentation. While you’re at it, check on Kori. Make sure he’s stable. If he awakes, reassure him.”

“You keep referring to him by his given name. You understand this forms bonds, correct?”

He sat up. “It's a habit. Apologies.”

“No need to apologize to me, sir.”

Destiny floated away, leaving Sakira alone again. He palmed his forehead heavily and grunted to himself. Perhaps inhabitation is a two-way road…

He floated up from his chair, rolled up the battle map he’d been studying, then moved to the open window. He flew out and up to the skies, far as he could without the air becoming too thin. Atlas gleamed in the distance, beyond the Atlas Fissure— his rightful land. But was it really? He couldn’t say for certain anymore.


You won’t hear this, but I’m sure you’ll understand.

Look around you, look at this strange world you’ve known for just a few days. Strange how slow time passes, yet how fast it passes as well.

Here we are, intertwined in an undetermined fate. Will you change our fate for the better or for the worse?

Slashed Ink.
Steward McOy