Chapter 3:

Awaken the dragon!

Soul Hunter Gin: Soul King reincarnation!

"He's not here." "I know he is give him to me now if you value your lives!" "I told you we don't know what you are talking about and who are you anyway?" Sora rushes into the room. "Kids stay away from him he is a soldier of the demon king!" 

"Hand of the reincarnation of the soul king now!'' "Gin run far away from here now!" "Okay." Gin begins to run away from soul food. "Kids close down the restaurant and make sure customers don't show up."

"Yes sir." They run inside and lock the entrance door. "So that kid is the soul king's reincarnation after I'm done with you I'll make sure to kill him and those other brats!" "I'll make sure to kill you before you can lay a single finger on them!"

"Oh really now you think you can defeat me?" "I know I can now let's remove that cloak and see who you are." Sora's eyes start glowing bright green and his katana manifests in his hand. "I swear my soul and being to the soul keeper an unbreakable oath nothing can hold me back sky blue!!!"

Sora's sword begins to glow as blue as the sky and the ocean. "CLEAVING BOLT!" The mysterious demon then begins wobbling around like an intoxicated person. Sora rushes at it slicing deep into his chest and cutting off the hood part of the cloak revealing its face.

The demon turns out to be a male and his face is pure white with green eyes and white hair. It stumbles back coughing up blood everywhere. "How dare you cut me the mighty Mantogai of the demon king's army!" " I bet You are just a lower demon aren't you?"

Mantogai's face stiffens up in anger bothered by the remark. "Shut up barrage incinerator!" Mantogai opens up his mouth and spits out several orange fireballs toward Sora. "Freezing elimination!"

A cold sky blue aura surrounds Sora as the fireballs approach him. The aura dissipates all but one of the fireballs the last one hitting Sora directly in the chest knocking him back. Akai has a horrified look on her face. "I have to go help Sora!" Dangan puts a hand on Akai's shoulder. "You need to trust him." "Okay fine."

Sora gets back up with his chest being badly burnt. "You proved my point exactly you are just a lower rank because you have orange flames the most common power in the demon realm." Mantogai becomes enraged and looks over at the kids.

He charges a beam of concentrated flames and points it at them. "Prepare to be erased you brats annihilation flash!!!" He releases in a big flash of lights. "Ice skates!" When the smoke settles Sora is on the ground unconscious with his body badly burnt with smoke coming off of it.

  Mantogai smiles sadistically. "He took the brunt of the blow the only reason he's not dead is that he somewhat shielded himself using his ice. The kid's faces go blank with rage and sadness." Akai's aura turns bright red and her pupils resemble that of a fire-breathing dragon's pupil.

"ROAR!" She roars like a dragon growing dragon wings. "Oh so one of them possesses the dragon king Ikari fascinating but she let Ikari take control so she doesn't have mastery over his power."  Her arm transforms into that of a dragon's arm and she flies at Mantogai punching him square in the face and sending him flying backward.

[Dangan]: "Should we go help her?" [Yatsuo]: "No I think we'll just be in her way.''  [Mantogai]: "You caught me off guard I'll give you that but that was just because of that stupid dragon taking over your body the real fight starts now!" They stare down at each other with murderous intent.

Gin lays down in his bed with a worried look on his face. "I have a bad feeling about this but I have to trust them." Gin smiles and gets up and looks out the window at the sky "Yeah they seem strong I believe in them."