Chapter 0:


Age of Ember beta

God master of all even non-existence has created a world full of powerful beings, creatures, and gods. Through countless times of creation and destruction, he has created a world where all other gods exist and everything from all other trials this being the ultimate world. In this time he created a top 5 also known as world powers. These 5 are said to be the universes strongest creature’s whose powers put them into another bracket. Along with the 5, there races become the top races among all life. But their positions are not guaranteed because others can fight to take their position but none have done so in a long time but there are plenty of beings and monsters that come close some may say to close. These 5 individuals are tasked with carrying out gods direct orders and maintaining the balance as they agree is fit. Long after everything’s creation, God created laws, rules, and absolutes which must never be gone against or all existence will feel his wrath. 

RULE 1: world powers may not start families or have kids with anything equal to them in power must always be less. 

RULE 2: every 1000 years a challenge will be held for kids, adults, gods, and ECT who hold special powers called forux. Where the winner gets a wish of no restrictions. During this time the hoard of faith is released into the world and all seal off entities which were too much of a problem to live during normal times. 

RULE 3: anything that strength breaks the charts becomes immortal stuck in-between the ages of 21 through 26 forever unable to be killed by anything but another immortal or something stronger. 

RULE 4: never call his name unless called upon. And rule 5 anything he says goes. 

But not before long rules started to break. the only one which could be broken; Rule 1 – The Dragon Queen the Leader of Angels and previous Dragon Queens child and The Demon King the previous Demon Kings and Xerbian empresses Son gave birth to what we thought was 2 sons. She decides to hide them from God and that she and the Demon King may never speak on the matter or see each other again out of fear he would find out and end-all as we know it. But the time is approaching where the 18th tournament of God will be held and for the first time in history every race is coming out to play. Although some races are weak and don’t carry ground shaking powers; their technology confuses even some of the best Gods. This year’s upcoming event will be the one to change it all and here I am right in the middle born of the 5 but raised by man. How much will the universe change and how much do I have to lose before this war ends of will it ever.

I hope you will continue to read to find out how our young hero will gain everything or lose it all.

Jio Kurenai
Chad N Davis