Chapter 1:

Chapter 0 Chrono’s Chambers

Age of Ember beta

     Mitera Prime a planet 100X the size of Earth. Home to most said to be the center of creation. Is a land so massive different race’s never have to interact with one another. Located in the center of an unknown forest between vast amounts of water lies the Chronos Chamber. Accessible only by the 5 and who enter with them is covered by energy that not only hides its true location but distorts time around it. Birds, Insects, and everything that comes near it ages to its death and brings forth new life and trees that tower skyscrapers. Created by God to quench his boredom of being all knowing. This room is a cross between dimensions and time is said to be the only place where God’s knowledge cannot see.

When he created it he Said

“Create a future of possibilities in which I can’t predict and be rewarded with glories far beyond imagination on of unparalleled standings.”

The Chaos that would start from those words might be something that he’d regret if he was one of us. But we’ll be the only ones to experience this pain for he has no emotions only that what he says is beyond absolute.

Since those words were said every 10 years the 5 would meet inside this chamber to hold conversation and plan on what they should do next. This year though was different; this year they bought a man along with them a man named Ziggy

(Ziggy Tade) born half human and half Xerbian he is said to be one of 4 half humans still left in existence. Along with his wife they are the last two survivors of a clan of slayers (one’s that hunt beast, Demons, and monster) with a combat style lost in ancient times. A combat style which was very skillful, resourceful, and highly adaptive were whipped out; out of fear. This style is called Rak Tai also known as Woshai Ki.

Teleported into the Chronos Chambers Ziggy now Standing in the middle of The Five wearing cloaks to hide their apparence from Ziggy he stands confused as to where and why he was bought to this location and what was needed of him. He immediately summons his weapon and gets in a stance ready to fight a battle he knows he can’t win.

Angelo (the leader of angels) Glances at him creating a pressure so massive Ziggy’s hands start to shake and his weapon begins to fall from his presence only.

Assori (the dragon queen) say’s

“Why are you trying to scare our guest?” in a voice so mellow it radiates and disrupts the current pressure.

“You’ve always had a problem with initiating conversation because you feel so above everyone else”

Lazarus Voidskull The Leader of Vampires begins to laugh. Then immediately stops onces everyone glances at him.

“Gee’s the tension”

The room quiets down so much you that the dimensional winds coming through the chambers can be heard. Looking like Artic lights with stars in them the breeze blows throughout the room.

“Have a Seat” Angelo says in a powerful yet light tone

Ziggy looks behind him as a chair comes out of his shadow on the ground. A Chair looking to be made out of black crystal reflected the dimensional light perfectly, a chair so grand that ziggy didn’t feel deserving to sit on. As he decided to have a seat it felt as though he was on top of a cloud and started to wonder how crystal could be so soft. Now comfortable and calm he begins to notice his environment was almost like a throne room with large windows along all the side walls some with stained glass with different symbols on them parallel to one another in black and gold.

Ziggy Started to wonder if they’d feel like his chair as well.

The 5 then take seats on their chairs lined up next to each other in the back of the room. He looks at each one left to right and now starts to feel his chair wasn’t so special. As each of theirs was over 8ft tall with designs that fit their personalities and aura’s.

The Demon Kings Chair was the one far left made out of dark blue and black diamonds has skulls where his arms rest which emitted black flames out the skulls eyes and mouth which almost looked as if the flames were burning the souls of who he’s killed. While it levitated over a dark mist which floated down the 3 stairs in front of Ziggy. As the mist touched his body he could feel air as cold as death and hands trying to grab his feet and save them from despair.

The seat second left from the middle was filled by the Xerbian empress Zion a chair fitting of a leader of a warrior race. Had blades going up along its back and what I can only assume to be leather seats with a design on the leather that was the skin of a beast I’ve only heard of in legend. The arm rest was full with silver fur that glimmered at the slightest touch of light.

The King of Vampires Seat far right was a dark as the night sky composed of thousands of bats in still motion eyes all glowing red looking in Ziggy’s direction.

Assori (dragon queen). Seat second from the right was covered in cosmic energy and metal with dragon heads under her hands and a futuristic design to her back so complex and primitive ziggy couldn’t comprehend.

Dead in the center was the leader of angels Angelo. Who’s golden chair was semitransparent and floated on top a cloud. Looked like it fell straight out of heaven as feathers came out the clouds and filled the floor. Each feather bright enough to filled a dark room almost as if they engulfed the darkness around them its self.

As they all steered down looking at Ziggy. The warrior empress spoke

“We have a favor to ask of you”

In a voice so soft and intense that you immediately knew how much more dangerous she is than ziggy thought.

“Can I deny this request” said in Fear

“You can but…”

Silences once again filled the room the Vampire kings eyes start to glow reddish purple and a murderous aura filled the room laying cracks in ziggy’s chair. His fangs start to show. And he immediately understood he couldn’t deny.

“I’ll do it; this one favor, as long as my daughter and wife will be fine” Ziggy responds

A servant then comes from out behind the dragon queens chair with 2 children in hand one 1 years old and the other 1 month old.

“Raise these 2 children as your own” Assori said

“Take these 2 bottles of blood and feed it to them in 5 years” Voidskull Says

“Why” he ask

“Thanks and be gone!” Zion replies

Ziggy grabs the 2 children and bottles in confusion and gets shown out by the servant. Once out the chambers was nowhere in sight. Ziggy thinks to his self how he will explain this to his wife that he has 2 kids they must raise which are not his.

He chuckles starting to feel divorce in the near future he screams then prays that she’ll understand and believe him and know that he’s been loyal to her.

While back at the Chrono’s Chambers the 5 discuss wither he will be suitable enough to raise them!

“what about the next”

“we’ll have to leave that one to chance”

Everyone Remains quite