Chapter 11:

The nameless girl 4

The Doll Metaphor Part 1

The two realities overlapped, just like my predictions. If a timeline of an universe is conflicted with another timeline, both of them will start to not make sense, creating a paradox. One example would be modding a game you brought, if you use too many mods that don't make sense to the script of the base game, the video game will crash. That's why time travel is dangerous and at the same time impossible. 

Her stance broke for few seconds, that was my opportunity to give my finishing blow, she tried to back off a little but it was already too late.

I untied the ropes and advanced on her, she reacted by going for a punch but I quickly grabbed the sick women.

I gave a straight powerful punch in her jaw, it didn't do much damage but knocked down her whole body. Not long after that, I used the knife like a knuckle, stabbing her with full force under the ribs. That stab was not thought out to be exactly deadly because didn't hit any vital organ, worst case scenario would be blood loss.

"How did you?"She was standing laid over me.

"No, that's not the question, what are you?"

"My power is copying other powers, because I saw yours, I could use my own pocket reality to overlap your power."

"Oh, if what you're saying is true, how did you escape the freezing smoke?" She asked.

"I simply created a clone of mine."

"That's actually very smart, a shame that I didn't learn it so I could use it, maybe my imagination was just simply limited."She replied."But you didn't respond my question, who exactly are you?"

"I'm Aia Sagara, the newly detective from the latest formed division, not official though."

"Huh, I'm Tanya by the way, nice to met you" She talks with an old voice, her whole body was in pain, the look of her face already announced that she had accepted death.

I prepared to take the knife off her body, to then think about a way to kill her next.

"Wait, don't do it."


"I know it sounds stupid but just don't kill her, let her face justice with a proper punishment."

He says that, still weak, but his hand says otherwise holding my hand, for a crazy reason, he didn't want to kill the king's assassin, an odd thing.

"But...You know what she did right? Did to you?"

"Yeah, I know, but she also saved my life, right?"

"Yeah, but... Are you really sure of this? She is public enemy, she will be killed one way or another, even with you decided to defend her on court."

"I'll take my chances." 

"...Ahhhh, give me a break."I said.

Something dropped above us, it was so fast that our reaction didn't even noticed something was there.

"Hey, wait!"We two say.

A guy kidnapped Tanya.

The man with the same coat as her was there, but he didn't looked like Daiyu. Maybe another guy? 

He used a zip line and in milliseconds got out of our there, he was too quick for us two. 

The zip line was white, the shape and portability were similar to a switchblade.

We two stood there, confused but at the same time, happy that anything worse hadn't happened.

"I guess you already know my name."

"Aia, right?"He says."My name's Alex."

We shook hands.