Chapter 10:

The nameless girl 3

The Doll Metaphor Part 1

A giant flower caught him, red and blooming. I watched, interrogating myself about what I was seeing.

Why did she killed all those people but saved this unknown guy?

The mysterious figure was more visible now:she had the same coat as Daiyu but used dark pants, her eyes were purple and short sharp black hair, the pale skin similar to a ghost, the weak posture made her seem like a sick person.

Before anyone could react, I jump to where my companion was being held, then I tried to cut the rose with my knife.

From nowhere, other giant flower attacks me on the back, not with the purpose of killing but to simply stunt me. I flip while falling and end up on the ground. 

Staying laid on the floor, I tried to recon the place, while catching a break. I stand up a minute after, trying to figure what I could do.

People of the class A can create reality, objects, they have particularities compared to other class. The good thing is that a being like that has very well known limits. Almost impossible to met one that can really create an universe, even create a small house. If she had a pocket dimension, were she could create only what was there, I could explore her weaknesses. The chances of her having a limited area of control were increasing my odds against her.

Provecta is highly influenced by our genetic code, the way we interact with things (an ambient induced phenomenon) , for example, If I have a past trauma in my life, me having a monster or a power related to violence were very likely to happen. 

A weakness I could explore is the fact that if you turn someone of that class blind, the probability of that person changing his power are very high, something I could use against her...But only in last resort.

Other things I could use was to create a paradox, colliding another reality with hers, a good option.

With my thoughts organized, I decided to move.

The first thing I did was run, go to a higher level, there I had a better vision and could manipulate my target much easier. While the other guy was her top priority, I could flank her or just get close.

Finally got up there on top of the cliff.

A battle was about to start. Didn't know her reasoning nor do I care, but she called for this, I had to fight against her...No, I needed to fight her for my own survival.

She saw me on the top of the mountain, we exchanged stares.

The air dies, chorus starts happening, a massacre in the making.

The saints sing, in front of our slaughter. 

She starts the conflict, materializing two missiles, I decided to go inside the scary theater behind me for cover. She goes to a place more near from me.

The missiles pursued my location until colliding against the giant clown.

She went at the site of the explosion, check if I was there.

The smoke of the explosion was enough to distract her. Without her noticing, I appear inside the fog, behind her.

Noticing me, she ran outside the cloud and froze it with me inside.

She looks exhausted from running, not the type to literally want to assassinate the king, the type of muscular and agile like Daiyu. She wasn't prepared for all that.

When things looked like it ended, I appeared to flank her.

"What, but how?"

I ran towards her, with the knife in hand.

In the moment of weakness, she guards herself, putting her arms in front of the head. I launched a body shot directly for the stomach.

Her stomach was extremely sensible, like it belonged to a pregnant person.

I refrained from my next punch.

Our location changed, revealing itself by being a camp, full of flowers. Must be her power.

She uses the ground to attack. The roots of the flowers tied me painfully.

When she tries to strangulate me with her power, I tried to use my power.

Reality shatters. 

All like tiny broken glasses, all the scenery around us has been broken.