Chapter 12:

The storm in the making

The Doll Metaphor Part 1

That day was September 24, in 2074.

We went running to the main hall.

A fight was happening there. 

The two of us asked ourselves who was the perpetrator of such heinous crime against the royal family, just why? The kingdom had been great for the economy of Japan, maybe they were nationalist rebels, maybe they had a personal beef against the king, even tough there were no civilian casualties in the war of England against our country (Japan). I've heard that the the king had many many bastard sons, maybe that was it, or wasn't it. They all had a style of fashion very common here (the terrorists), didn't asked myself of them being terrorist or agents from North America. Our country had a dispute with the west side for about 24 years ago, so I didn't imagined they being so interested in us. 

We finally arrived. There was no one there.

"Where is this sound coming from?"He asked.

The sound sounded like enormous explosions.

We checked everywhere in that place but didn't find anything of use. 

I decided to go to the windows that were above us some meters. There, I could have a better view of the whole place.

From the high point that I was, I could see some flashes...

It was another battle going, in the church building within the castle.

"What do you see ?"

"I see a vivid fight, many explosions happening there."

"Get down there, we must move there to see what's happening."

"Hmm, we can't exactly go all to one place while the castle is being invaded, what do you say about we splitting up?"I said.

"You sure? Each of those individuals were incredibly powerful. And we were selected by hand to deal with this kind of threat and still have a tough time dealing with them." 

"Let's say that you could help me fighting, saying that you can fight in your state is devious at best."I answered him. 

"I have a couple of cracked ribs but I can still fight, you on other hand, should just go away from the castle and go to the nearest hospital."I added.


"No buts...Just go and don't come back."

He nodded his head and went for the exit.

I stayed there, still having the job of dealing with the threat in the castle. 

All known powers that we saw until now:

Aia: Copycat.

Tanya: Reality warping.

Alexander: unknown.

Daiyu: unknown.