Chapter 0:


Fragements Of The Moon

"As an art student, I believe that art allows us to tap into our deepest thoughts and feelings in a way that words alone cannot express.

A window of the soul, a gateway to a world of unlimited possibilities, where reality and imagination collide to create something truly unique. It's a way  to glimpse into worlds beyond our own."

I rushed to the school museum, intent on finding Chloe. I needed to say sorry for all of my hurtful words and my rash actions. I was so focused on finding her that I completely forgot about my notebook. But when I remembered where I left it, all my panic was replaced with embarrassment and frustration.

Heading back to the museum, I saw a group of students laughing and joking as they taking a painting out of the wall. The three of them were laughing and joking around as they carried the painting outside the gallery on their way towards the campus pool.

I immediately grew suspicious of their intentions and decided to follow them.

"Hey guys, check out this cool painting!" a boy said as he showed off the painting to the other students waiting around the area

"Damn, that is one cool-looking painting. Hey, how about we set it on fire?"

"What? That's crazy!"

"Nah, go for it! I'll film it for our YouTube channel."

"Dude, no. That's ridiculous."

"Are you guys serious? Why would you ever want to set a painting on fire? That's insane!"

"Don't be a pussy. Don't you want some views? Fire away!" a short hair boy said as he lit a match

I was shocked and immediately ran over to stop them.

my body went cold as I was horrified to realize that it was Chloe's painting! I stopped my track as if my body was frozen

"What do you think you’re doing? “I asked as I glared at them

"Set it on fire! Duh! Come on, it'll be awesome! “One of the boys responded

"Are you crazy? You can't set a painting on fire. That's crazy and dangerous and you could destroy it.”I said coldly

"Dude, don't be a buzzkill. Just chill out and enjoy the ride."

This scums had stolen Chloe’s masterpiece and destroyed it.

"I'm sorry, but I'm not going to let you do that. “I said as I rolled up y sleeves” It's dangerous and destructive and I believe you already done enough damage to it."I added as I walk closer towards them

How do such a thing without any regards for the damage they were causing.

However, one of the boys took a camera filming everything as the boy with the match earlier pulled a new matchstick and lit it up

Before the fire could get any closer to the painting, I grabbed the arms of the boy who was trying to set the painting on fire. “If you want to see something burn, go start a bonfire” I said as took the match away from him and squeeze the box tightly making sure every matchstick inside it was crushed

“Don't try to destroy a masterpiece that belongs to Chloe!” I said when I smell something burning

“woah that’s cool bro!!”A voice How did I forgot the lit matchstick earlier…..

I rushed over and tried to get the painting, but they wouldn't let me go. I tried my best to escape from their grip and I finally managed to rescue it

Water “I need water “I said in panicked

holding onto the burning painting for dear life. I ran towards the pool

Unfortunately, I didn't notice that the pool was much more slippery than I expected. I slipped and fell into the water, taking the painting with me. I struggled to keep my head above water, but the weight of the painting was too much for me and I sank down into the depths.

I sank deeper and deeper into the dark water, desperate to reach the surface.

chloes painting...It must have been ruined by now

I failed to protect it? Did I?

As I sank deeper into the dark water, I felt my lungs being crushed by the weight of the water. Every instinct told me to fight for air, but my body would not respond. I couldn't move anymore.

The light above me slowly faded until it was gone, and the world turned dark and cold. It felt like I had fallen into a bottomless pit, with no hope of ever escaping. It was a terrifying experience, and I'm not sure how long I stayed down there.

“I have to saved Chloe’s painting “I thought

Why am I even doing this? To justify myself? To say that I was trying my best to save something dear to my friend?

I was so sorry for everything, and I couldn't help but beat myself up over my mistake as I suddenly remembered what had happened earlier

"You can't paint love", I said to Chloe, my voice harsh and cold. “No matter how great you are you can’t portray love in canvas and this painting and the story of yours…is stupid “

I didn't know what had come over me. I was feeling so hurt and angry and confused, and the words just came out without thinking. But the look on Chloe's face when she heard those words....the hurt and pain I had caused... It crushed me.

I knew that I had done something horrible and I immediately wanted to take it back, but it was too late.

I immediately felt a wave of regret wash over me. How could I have been so cruel to one of my closest friend? Was it because of my jealousy towards her?

When did it start again?