Chapter 0:


Fragements Of The Moon

        “Bow to your princess guardians”


First and foremost, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the people who trusted me and accepted the flaws of my story here on honey feed. Words will never be enough to express how grateful i am to everyone who supported me in my writing journey. I will never grow tired of saying that I owe you a huge part of this.

My journey on writing this story wasn’t easy actually, as for someone who is a first timer. Like any other cool authors out there But that tends to happen when you're always comparing yourself to the top professionals ha-ha i just noticed there’s so many nice stories written by my other fellow writers here but if there’s one thing I learned in writing this story is that …Writing isn't something where you just reach into your heart and something beautiful comes out just like drawing and painting,

It’s a skill in itself to learn how to express what you have.

To all my readers,

Thank you so much for all your letters with comments and words of encouragement. I always read all of them.

I'm so sorry I’m so slow to respond.