Chapter 1:


Fragements Of The Moon

''This painting tells the story of how the girl selflessly killed her lover to prevent the deaths of millions of what her lover would've wanted” Chloe whispered happily as she stared at the painting hanging on the wall admiring its beauty “to die within the arms of the girl he love” she added as she run her fingers to the glass frame

I stared at Cloe looking at her painting proudly. She had created a masterpiece and I was so impressed by her talent. I couldn’t help but to envy her

I could tell that she was very passionate about her work and I respected that kind of drive and dedication. It was clear that she had put a lot of time and effort into creating this painting and now that it was finished, I could see how proud she was of the final result. Me on the other hand...i don’t have anything I can call talent, I always make things easily and I never know what hard work is

Everything I do is out of boredom….everything around me is dull and colorless

“the way she expresses it here, it's like she really regrets giving up love, as if she wishes she could've saved him and to hell with the world, the same world that was facing certain destruction by her love ''chloe added as I carefully inspect the painting

I looked closer to the painting very carefully. As my eyes caught a beautiful man with pale skin as white as porcelain, his hair beautiful silver strands hair illuminated by moonlight like silk with two curled horn on his head surrounded by small like jewels.

It was a beautiful and emotional piece of art and clearly a story of love and heartbreak in the story

That’s right…this painting is inspired by a famous novel about the girl who sacrifice her love for the sake of the world, who did wrote this story again???

Chloe portrayed the story in her painting perfectly

I felt something stuck at my throat...her ideal of beauty never disappoints me- it was beautiful indeed....however

“Their love story is bullshit''i said as I let a sigh '' I can tell that they’re trying to make some Shakespearean references with the whole "star-crossed lovers thing" by having these two love-drunk characters "die" together to save the world, just like how Romeo and Juliet's deaths were what caused the Montagues and Capulets to stop fighting to each other Chloe ''i added as I stared at the man with his majestic robe and beautiful face on the painting and the girl with a beautiful sword pressed into his chest

''her sacrifice is pointless to me, her sacrifice would conveniently save many lives in the process, however, she's not dying to help those people; she's dying because she simply can't stand to be without him or let him "carry this ''burden" all alone.'' I commented as I made few steps away from the painting to get a better view at the huge wall like painting in a glass frame

"I guess a lot of people are more concerned about it being inhumane and all that..."Cloe added and I nodded my head as agreement I couldn’t help but to glance at her

” oh well, I don't really care as much about that part” she added

“It's weird, like we only care about killing the things that we personally relate to as a species and most people are fine with killing bugs because they're icky'' I said

“Well, you’re right at that part''i giggled at Chloe’s reaction

“I’m just saying, we're a pretty biased species, if you think about it."i added

“But why did you chose to paint something that mirrors that story Chloe?”I asked

“and also you can't paint love", I said to Chloe, my voice harsh and cold. “No matter how great artist you are you can’t portray love in canvas and this painting and the story behind this…is stupid”

Cloe did not responded and fell into silence

“Huh? Where did she go?'' I asked to myself and turned around to see the heart skipped a beat

there's no one in the museum hall except of me

As I glanced at the painting in front of me, I suddenly realized with a start that it was the same painting that I'd tried to save from getting burned earlier. I felt a chill run down my spine as I stood in utter disbelief. How was this possible? I had saved the painting! I had put out the fire! How could it still be here, undamaged?

And then it hit me. That’s right. This is what had happened before chloe and i broke into fight in the morning

here, in the same place, feeling the same things I had felt earlier. It was as if I had fallen into a time slip, where everything was exactly as before.

This isn’t real isn’t it?

Is it all a dream?

I felt my heart race in confusion and disbelief as I tried to make sense of what was happening. I had to be dreaming, I thought. This couldn't be real.

But as I looked around, I realized that everything was exactly as it had been earlier that morning.

''Chloe!!!!''i called out as my voice echoed throughout the room when I noticed a door at the end of the hall''

‘‘That must be the where Chloe went'' i muttered to myself and reached out to open the knob and within a blink on an eye…..i grasp for air as if I’ve been suffocate for a really long time

i look around and found myself standing in front of a foreign place as the sun were about to set down

‘‘What’s going on?'' my legs are shaking out if shock and confusion. “Am I dreaming?”

Is that a dream? Did I fall asleep? I thought as opened my eyes I noticed I was soaking wet in my uniform

Oh yeah, some students stole her painting from the gallery and set it on fire...i tried to save the painting and

The last thing I remembered was me getting drown at the pool ..all to save the same painting...

what is going on?....