Chapter 509:

Chapter 506: The War in the West

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 506: The War in the West

Narrator: We now head over to the West region where the next battle in the war is starting to take place.

*Zeth, Sasha, Salina, and many angels start fighting the demons in the area*

*Many of them engage in close combat. Other angels go up a nearby hill*

*The angels on the hill set up a turret. An angel starts using the machine gun turret to fire at the demons. Other angels on the hill set up a mortar turret*

*Zeth, Sasha, and Salina are mainly staying back so far so they can watch for the likely appearance of stronger enemies*

*The angels on the hill start releasing the magically channeled mortar bombs. They hit their targets, dealing casualties to the demons*

*The angels gain an advantage as the machine gun turret shots and mortar bombs hit many demons*

*But then, a very large three-headed dog demon shows up. Zeth takes note*

Zeth: What is that?

Salina: It is Ceberus, the tri-headed demon canine.

Zeth: That’s bigger than any dog I’ve ever seen. That thing must be about 15 feet in height.

*The angels on the hill aim at Cerberus*

Male Angel 1: Take out that monster!

*Before the angels on the hill are able to shoot at Cerberus, a huge explosion happens on the hill*

Sasha: What just happened!?

*The smoke clears and the top of the hill is completely destroyed. Above it in the air is some giant purple jellyfish-looking monster*

Sasha: A jellyfish!?

Zeth: Like dogs, I don’t think jellyfish come in that size either.

Salina: That is Floatlite, the demonic combustive jellyfish. Fire and explosions are its specialties.

Sasha: The angels on the hill are dead! We have to take it out!

*Sasha goes into her True Demonic Release form while Salina goes into her demon form in general*

*Meanwhile, Ceberus starts attacking the angels in the main battle. It blows fire from its mouths*

Zeth: I’ll deal with Cerberus!

*Zeth goes after Cerberus while Sasha and Salina go after Floatlite*

*Cerberus lights a bunch of angels on fire using the fire from its mouths, causing the angels to scream as they are burned*

*Zeth has launched himself toward Cerberus*

Zeth: Take me on instead!!

*Zeth kicks the middle head in the face so hard that its face gets smashed in. Zeth then does a new attack with his left arm*

Zeth: Star Shine Uppercut!

*With a golden glowing left arm, Zeth does an uppercut motion from below the middle head that blasts star energy upward. The middle head of Cerberus is completely destroyed which leaves it with two heads. Zeth looks at the other two heads*

Zeth: Let that be an example of what is about to happen to the rest of you.

*Suddenly, Cerberus grows a new middle head. Zeth is shocked*

Zeth: It has regeneration!?

*Cerberus is angry and charges up its magic and releases a large flame that envelops Zeth and everything around him. Zeth jumps out of the flame but Cerberus then quickly slams one of its paws on Zeth hard and sends him flying back*

*Meanwhile, Sasha and Salina are attacking Floatlite. Floatlite’s tentacles emit an explosive substance so Sasha and Salina continuously cut them off*

Sasha: You won’t be causing any more explosions!

*Sasha then opens her eyes wide as all the tentacles grow back*

Sasha: How is it able to regenerate, and so quickly at that?

Salina: I was afraid of this. The Dark Goddess’s monster creations are usually not that simple to defeat.

*Sasha’s expression goes from surprise to sadistic*

Sasha: Its regenerative abilities just mean I get to torture it more. I look forward to that.

*Salina sighs and then smiles*

Salina: (Thinking) And there’s that wonderful sadisticness of her True Demonic Release. I suppose it’s unavoidable.

*Meanwhile, Zeth recovers from Cerberus’s attack. The attack left a wound on his right arm. He stands up*

Zeth: That monster is stronger than it initially looked.

*Zeth is about to head back toward Cerberus but is stopped before he does*

???: Wait!

Zeth: Huh?

*Zeth looks to his left to see a male demon. He is a silver-colored demon that has messy silver-colored hair and scaled skin. He has a tail and is quite lizard-like but walks on two feet*

Zeth: A demon? I don’t have time for you! I will kill you later!

Demon: No, please wait! I must tell you important information!

Zeth: Just who are you?

Demon: My name is Nairo Drogen.

*Zeth is absolutely shocked*

Zeth: You can’t be serious!

Nairo: I am. You are Zeth, are you not?

*Zeth still looks shocked*

Zeth: Yeah, that’s me.

Nairo: Many years ago, you and your friends fought my grandson, Kogen. (Author’s Note: Nairo last appeared in Chapter 184)

Zeth: What are you getting at?

Nairo: I have a request to make.

Narrator: The demonified radical thinker, Nairo Drogen, appears before Zeth! What is the request he is about to make?

Chapter 506 END

To be Continued in Chapter 507: Nairo’s Request