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Chapter 507: Nairo’s Request

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 507: Nairo’s Request

Narrator: Zeth is approached by a demon claiming to be Nairo Drogen.

Zeth: A request?

Nairo: Yes. To start, you need to know what has happened. The Dark Goddess demonified me with the purpose of further advancing her research and monster creations. She had suppressed my memories originally but eventually decided that I needed my memories to be the most useful to her so she restored them. She forced me to help her create more powerful monsters or further increase the powers of ones that already existed. Cerberus and Floatlite are just two examples of this.

*They look over at Cerberus in the distance*

*Suddenly, Sasha shows up*

Sasha: What is going on? Why are you talking to this demon?

Zeth: Wait, did you take out Floatlite?

Sasha: Not yet, I left that to Salina after seeing you all the way over here.

Zeth: This man is apparently Nairo Drogen, Kogen’s grandfather.

Sasha: Really?

Zeth: Yeah. Let me catch you up on what’s been said so far.

Narrator: A few minutes later.

Sasha: I see.

Nairo: After you and your friends killed my grandson, Kogen, the Dark Goddess reincarnated him as a demon and suppressed his memories. My request has two parts. Here is part one. I want you to kill Kogen again.

Zeth: That’s an odd request by his own grandfather.

Nairo: Killing him will undo his demon reincarnation and his soul will return to normal. I want you to kill him in order to save him from that condemnation.

*Zeth and Sasha start to look disapproving*

Zeth: I’m not sure if he deserves to be saved after what he did to us.

Sasha: He was a terrorist. He deserves condemnation.

*Nairo gets on his knees and bows while crying*

Nairo: I beg of you! He has already been condemned to Hell! He doesn’t need to be condemned to the point of being a demon slave of the Dark Goddess! I know he did terrible things but just grant me… no, him, this one thing! Please!

*Zeth and Sasha finally start to be more open to the idea*

Zeth: Fine. We would probably have to do it anyway.

Nairo: Thank you.

Sasha: What was the other part of your request?

*Nairo gets back up and looks serious again*

Nairo: This part is one you won’t hesitate on. I want you to destroy my lab in Hell. All of it. The whole thing.

*Zeth and Sasha look kind of surprised*

Zeth: All of your research?

Nairo: Yes, every last bit of it.

Zeth: From what we know of you, you were a radical thinker who was considered ahead of everyone else.

*Zeth has a flashback to something Kogen said in Chapter 180*

(Flashback) Emily: Nairo Drogen is the radical that wanted to change the world in insane and unrealistic ways!

(Flashback) Kogen: Not in insane and unrealistic ways!! He was going to change the future for the better!! He was going to pave the way forward for humanity!!! The next step!!! The next evolution!!! My grandfather was going to take us there!!!! I will finish what he started!!!! I will lead humanity to greatness!!!!!

*End of flashback*

Zeth: Why would someone like you want everything to be gone?

Nairo: Because I don’t want it to be used for evil purposes. Yes, I do consider my research simply ahead of its time and not radical. But if the world is not ready for it, then it should be destroyed and left lost until the world is ready rather than let it be used for evil.

Zeth: Perhaps the world has had the wrong opinion of you after all.

Sasha: Where in Hell is your lab?

Nairo: It’s a part of the Dark Goddess’s R&D building. You could just simply destroy the entirety of that if you don’t want to search the inside. Though, going inside and confirming all my research is gone is preferable.

Zeth: Alright, we’ll do it. But since you are familiar with these monsters, could you tell us how to kill them?

*Nairo looks over at Cerberus and Floatlite in the distance*

Nairo: You may have figured out that they don’t die so easily by conventional means.

Zeth: That is the case.

*Looking at Cerberus*

Nairo: The only way to kill Cerberus is to destroy all three of its heads at once. Otherwise, it will just keep regenerating. Each head has an artificial core. Cerberus will live and continue to regenerate as long as at least one core remains in connection with the heart in its main body.

*Looking at Floatlite*

Nairo: Floatlite is different but it’s still the same concept. There is a core in the center of the jellyfish’s main body keeping it regenerating. In that case, you must destroy the core entirely.

Zeth: Got it. Thanks.

Nairo: Good lu—

*Suddenly, a gray ghostly beam pierces Nairo from behind. Nairo’s eyes and mouth are wide open as he coughs up blood*

*Zeth and Sasha look furious*

Zeth: Who the hell just did that!!?

*Two people are approaching them. They are Sherra and Kogen. Sherra has her index finger on her left hand pointed forward. She released the attack from that finger*

Sherra: It’s such a shame, Nairo. The Dark Goddess presented you opportunities you never would have had otherwise and now you are trying to throw it all away?

*Sherra then looks at Zeth and Sasha*

Sherra: This is my first time directly confronting either of you.

*Zeth: Wait! I remember you!

*Zeth has a flashback to when Kurt was fighting in the final round of the Chaos Tournament. He was fighting a woman that looks like Sherra*

Zeth: You are Yoru that was in the Chaos Tournament!

Sherra: That was me but that was my disguise name and that was also only my Fraction fighting in the tournament. My real name is Sherra. I’m a Council of Demons member.

Sasha: And now that I think of it, I now remember seeing you when I was just a little girl.

Sherra: It’s such a shame for you too. You could have been a fantastic dark princess. But now I’m here and will kill both of you.

Kogen: I too, will tear you apart.

Zeth: And you are the reincarnated Kogen. We’ve accepted a request so we are going to kill you… again.

*Nairo struggles on the ground*

*Zeth looks at him*

Zeth: I won’t let you die.

Nairo: Forget about me…

*He grasps the dirt on the ground with hands in his struggle*

Nairo: I’ve made sure that… my request… got to you… That’s all I wanted… I’ve got no regrets so… Defeat them!

*Sherra stomps on Nairo*

Sherra: You make me sick.

*Zeth and Sasha look infuriated*

Zeth: We’ll send you…!

Sasha: …Back to Hell!

Narrator: Zeth and Sasha have come to understand Nairo and are furious with what Sherra has done to him!

Chapter 507 END

To be Continued in Chapter 508: Fight to the Brink