Chapter 508:

Chapter 505: Zentano vs Shade

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 505: Zentano vs Shade

Narrator: Zentano is about to begin battle with an old foe of hers. That old foe is Shade, the Deity of Sorrows.

*Zentano stands up and readies her double-sided short sword. She rushes toward Shade and tries to slash him. Shade bends backward to avoid being slashed and then kicks Zentano on the chin*

*Zentano is knocked upwards a bit and Shade jumps up to punch her. Zentano quickly reacts by kicking Shade down to the ground. She tries to stab him as she goes back down to the ground but he rolls out of the way. However, she is able to slash him with the rear blade of her sword which leaves a bleeding slash wound across his abdomen*

*Shade jumps away from Zentano and has a look of despair on his face. He starts moaning*

Shade: You cut me! No!!

Zentano: Look at yourself. You must be all talk.

*A fierce dark aura starts to surround Shade*

*Zentano’s eyes open wide*

Zentano: Wait! He’s getting stronger!

*Silhouettes of Shade with a sorrowful expression start forming in the area*

Shade: It hurts so much!!

*Shade swiftly makes his way to Zentano and punches her in the face which knocks her back into more trees, causing them to be knocked over*

*Zentano stops herself and jumps away. She spits out some blood*

Zentano: He got stronger after I slashed him. It’s just like last time!

*Zentano suddenly notices a silhouette of Shade on each side of her. They try to tackle her but she quickly slashes both of them which destroys them. All of the other silhouettes in the area start to moan with despair and sorrow. A strong aura starts to surround them too*

*More silhouettes start to go after Zentano. They are faster than previous ones. She slashes one that gets close to her. The others again moan and their aura becomes fiercer*

Zentano: Wait! They can’t be…!?

Shade: Finally figured it out? Both I and my silhouettes become stronger whenever we feel despair or sorrow. You’ve been doing a good job giving us a boost.

*Zentano looks frustrated*

Zentano: Which means I will possibly make you stronger after every significant blow…

*Shade licks his lips*

Shade: And your strikes hurt… a lot.

*Shade starts dashing toward Zentano and tries to rapidly punch her. Zentano starts blocking the punches with her sword*

Zentano: (Thinking) What should I do? Ideally, I would try and use an attack that will kill him with one blow but if it fails, he would become monstrously powerful and would no doubt overwhelm me easily! Rather than go with pure strength, I should just try to slice off his head!

*She views his neck*

Zentano: (Thinking) Now!

*She attempts to slice Shade’s head off. However, she is tackled by one of the silhouettes and is unable to strike him as she falls to the ground*

*Zentano pushes the silhouette off of her and attempts to get up to do the slash. However, the silhouette turns into a ball and slams into Zentano, dealing a good amount of damage*

*Shade then swipe-kicks her*

*Zentano is knocked toward some silhouettes. They prepare to attack her. She has no choice but to slash them. She slashes them and then the others become more powerful*

*She tries to slash another silhouette but it dodges the slash and then gut-punches her, causing her to cough up blood*

*Zentano starts to get angry*

Shade: As you can see, even my silhouettes can fight you now.

*Zentano is charging up her magic even more now. She gets into a striking stance*

*In a few quick seconds, Zentano manages to strike all of the remaining silhouettes and destroys them*

*Shade watches in shock, despair, and sorrow*

Shade: My beautiful silhouettes! No! They can’t be gone!!

*Zentano looks like she is in a hurry as Shade’s power grows even stronger. She goes for the kill. She quickly attempts the slice*

*Blood is then dripping down to the ground*

*Shade has grabbed the sword as Zentano tried to slash him. She is in shock. The dripping blood is from Shade’s hand*

Zentano: Just like 120,000 years ago, he grabbed my sword in the middle of a slash!

*Shade moans and then looks at Zentano with a menacing expression*

Shade: Your time is running out!

*Shade punches Zentano in the face and then kicks her in the gut to knock her back, knocking over more trees in the process. Zentano coughs up a lot of blood*

Shade: What will you do now, I wonder?

*Shade just looks completely evil as he walks toward Zentano*

*Zentano starts to feel fear*

Zentano: You really are a monster…!

*Shade grins*

Shade: I know. That’s why the Dark Goddess chose me.

Narrator: Zentano’s fight with Shade is going downhill fast!

Chapter 505 END

To be Continued in Chapter 506: The War in the West