Chapter 7:

The Strongest

Power of Fear

"Ketsu and Kumojoshi, don't move an inch!" Aina pulled out a muscular white hand from a blue bag and wore it like a glove.

"YoU bItCH! ThAts JaNuary's haNd!!" April pulled out the halberd in his hand and threw it at Ketsuki and Kumojoshi.

"Divine construct: Shield!"

A golden shield formed in thin air stopped the halberd and shortly after the shield disappeared.

"W-Woah!" Ketsuki flinched.

"Stop moving Ketsuki! It will make it harder for Aina to fight." Kumojoshi said while standing absolutely still.

"That's easier said than done!" 

"(sigh) I guess it can't be helped then..."

Kumojoshi pulled Ketsuki towards her and kissed him.

"Kumo- mmph!"

"Ketsu! We will have a loooong talk after this."

Ketsuki's mind was absolutely blank ,but at least he was not moving.

"HoW rOMANtiC! mIGht As WElL sTaRT FUCKIng oVeR HerE." April charged at them with lightning speed and was just going to connect his fist to Ketsuki's face.

All of a sudden Aina came in front of them and blocked April's punch with her hand.

The impact blew away all the surrounding walls and some houses. There was some blood flying too.

"Hmmm~ A crowd will gather here soon." Aina looks a little saddened.

"BeFOre THat I wIll TAke YouR hEad! OHHHH mY BelOVed FebRuaRy... I wIlL aVeNGE YOu!"

April went for a quick kick aiming for Aina's head.

"Lets use something more interesting." Aina pulled out a blue sword. It did not have a blade, it had water spiraling around it at high speeds to resemble a blade.

"Knights Of The Round Table: Bedivere's Lacus Blade!" 

She cut his leg off and kicked him away. The leg landed behind Ketuki and Kumojoshi (who were still kissing).

The leg started to twitch and in an instant, it regenerated into another April.

"NoW I GoT TheM!" April reaches out to Ketsuki again.

Aina pointed the blade behind, it extended into a longer sword which went in between Ketsuki and Kumojoshi (still kissing) and stabbed April pinning him to the ground. The blade then proceeded to absorb the moisture inside the clone's body until it was just a shriveled up corpse.

After taking the clone down Aina looked at The April. He was tearing his own body parts to make even more clones and the clones tore themselves to form even more.

"YoU sHOulD hAve PaID mORe ATteNTion!" April spoke while tearing and regenerating his limbs.

"50.. 80.. 100 clones! Very impressive." Aina clapped with a happy face.

"ThiS is YOuR LasT DaY On THis PLanET AINA!"

"990.. 999... 1000! 1000 April's to send to February, I'm sure she will be happy." Aina put her hand with the glove in the air.

"Divine construct: Miniguns!"

5 giant golden miniguns spawned in the air.

"WHOAAAAAAAAA!"Ketsuki and Kumojoshi finally stopped kissing.

"Amazing isn't it." Kumojoshi smiles at Ketsuki.

"LeTS gOOOOO!" The April army charged at Aina.

"Lets start firing~" Aina pointed at the crowd.

Just before the fighting started, a white portal opened between them.

"Stop stop stop!" A man's voice came out of the portal.

The whole April army stopped and bowed down. Aina formed even more miniguns and Kumojoshi had a surprised look on her face.

A man with blonde hair then stepped out of the portal. He looked just like an ordinary human, he was not muscular nor thin, his face looked neither handsome nor ugly. He looked like the definition of ordinary. The only weird part was that he was wearing a white roman toga.

"No need to be on your guard, just relaaaax!" The man said kindly.

"Kumojoshi take Ketsu and run!"

"Who is that guy?" Ketsuki asked.

"Keep quiet for a moment!" Kumojoshi said angrily.

"Now now.. I am not here to fight!" The man took out a white flag and started waving it.

"YoUr MAjEstY wHaT aRE yOU SaYINg?! WE CaN TAke Her OuT rIghT nOW!!!!"

"Haha.. No, no we can't. I value my life you see and plus I don't want to get this innocent kid of hers involved." The man took out another white flag and waved it.

"Who even are you? You don't look strong." Ketsuki asked the man.

"Hmm? You didn't figure it out yet?" He snapped his fingers and all the miniguns as well as the clones of April were destroyed.

"I am Julius.

Ketsuki felt a chill down his spine. The man had absolutely no presence, but his strength was unreal.

"Ketsuki was your name right? Best not involve yourself with us... if you do... then be prepared." Julius stared at Ketsuki.

"Not gonna fight?~" Aina smiled at him.

"Nope! As I said I value my life very much. April lets go home. Do you know how boring it is to stay with those three?" Julius pouts.

"As YoU WisH, YoUr MAjEstY!"

April and Julius leave through the white portal.

"Ahh! Thank god we are still in one piece..." Kumojoshi lets out a sigh of relief.

"Was that really The Julius?!"

"Yes yes.. The Julius. " Kumojoshi sits down on the ground.

"Ketsu, Kumojoshi.. we have to talk about something important."

"Hmm what is it?" Kumojoshi is now sleeping on the ground.

"Why did you kiss my child?"

Kumojoshi stood up instantly.

"H-He w-was moving around t-too much!"

Aina put her hand on Kumojoshi's shoulder.

"But.. Why a kiss?"



"Sorry, sorry I will apologize to Emi."

"Good girl."

"Huh..what? You kissed ME not her apologize to me!" Ketsuki screamed.

"Hehe ya you are right about that.So as an apology, this one time I will do anything you say.... anything~" Kumojoshi winked.

"(Gulp) A-Anything?" 


"I have raised a monster."

"I-I wasn't thinking something dirty!" He was thinking something dirty.

"I will report this to Emi. Sorry if you break up cause of it."

"FOR THE LAST TIME, IM NOT DATING EMI!" Ketsuki shouted angrily.

"I understand." Both said with a plain face.


"His reactions are the same as Emi." Kumojoshi said with a smile.

"Let him be, let him be. I was the same before." Aina blushed.

"(Sigh) Let's go.. people are starting to show up."

"Changing the subject~"Kumojoshi winks.

"This is never gonna end is it..."