Chapter 14:

Twisting elbows

The Doll Metaphor Part 1

The puddle of blood vanishes, incredibly, that women was able to regenerate every organ she had lost after the bizarre happening. Every nail, hair and teeth were reconstructed in a perfect way.

He gave a false smirk.

"So, you're the type that can regenerate, interesting. What is exactly is your power? The color in your eye doesn't really give it away, and I have the curiosity to ask."He said while having a sarcastic voice.

"What a redoutable opponent at my age, I had the same spirit as you. Shame that your ancestors took my life from me."

She showed no sign of worry, the confident attitude made her seem almost unstoppable. 

After regenerating the last limb, she dresses again her clothes, her adversary rolls his eyes out of shyness.

They were both ready to battle again.

I hid behind one of the pillars.

He tried to attack her with a rain of bullets, she deflected them like they were chopsticks. A large swing went for the men's leg, he dodged it only by pure luck, still continued with a dozen of shots, barely hitting her.

This was difficult to watch. She wasn't taking this serious. His eyes demonstrated fear and at the same time reluctance from fighting her.

Decided to help him in that moment. Not because he looked like one of the sons of my boss (the king) or anything, only because it was hard to watch... Or that I was simply lying to myself of not wanting to help him.

I advanced out of her line of view, taking very quiet steps until I was behind her.

Grabbed my knife.

"What you're doing?"

Didn't even hold the knife properly and she already knew that I was there.

"HEY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING THERE, GET OUT OF HERE, YOU STUPID BITCH." He said with a very loud voice, like he was going to punch me.

"Don't you see that I'm already fighting her." He says this while his body drips blood from his hand.

"Get out of here, this is not your job, your just simply the spoiled son of the king, not a fighter."


"Shut up and get out of here, if you don't,your ass kicking will be doubled." I answered. 

He pointed his weapon against me, his weapon was nervously shaking.

"Stop pointing that thing and listen, you can't defeat her, she's too much for you."I said.

He puts his weapon down.

"Sorry. I know that you're here to protect me, but I have to try to look after myself."

"I know that you want to protect your father and the rest of others, but not in your state. Be real with yourself, you can't do it."

Reflecting from what I've said, he looks disappointed with himself.

"Are you two finished talking?"

Without we both reacting, she grabbed tight the two swords and jumped fast against me, my reaction was not enough to accompany her.

She went for a swing from the right. The speed was so fast that the reality was warping around the sword.

When the sword was going to cut me, someone showed up to protect me.