Chapter 15:

The power over the dead

The Doll Metaphor Part 1

Standing over me was him, Alex. Because I didn't knew much about him, maybe his real name was Alexander.


He stood in front of me, without moving even a muscle, like a pillar from the Greek times.

She stopped the attack, froze with a face of confusion. This happening was not what she expected. I thought that maybe was her ethic that held her back from stabbing him. 

That moment was too precious for me to waste.

Materialized a Katana (with Tanya's power), the sword didn't have any engraving like the prince Leonard's revolver had. But for its effectiveness, it was good whatsoever. I went around him, from his left, then swigged to right, with the objective of making a cut on her eyes. Even tough she was giving her all attention to him, she deflected my attack like it was nothing.

I made a series of swings against her, she was dodging every one, last strike was a bit unpredictable one, I flanked her from her right while spinning, an idiot move but it could take her of guard. The intention was to cut her back.

And the stupid action worked, I could cut her back, but she healed it like the skin was made of unknown material. I didn't even noticed that I really had cut her.

Everyone was standing there, surprised with what was happening.

Very far for a human...Only thing I called her was out of this world, because she really was.

The goth girl (yeah, I am very good at giving nicknames, if you didn't notice) tried to do a large, predictable sword swing, extending her arm above her head, a pose that looked more like God giving  the punishment to the heretics. As you obviously could notice, I was petrified, shitting myself with the coming attack.

Leonardo finally decided to shoot, running while giving extreme precise shots. Alexander also helped from coming to my right side and trying to get a violent high kick.

She was not taking this situation seriously, only having fun for herself, all the attacks were dodged, the kick didn't got close to any part of her body. Did all this with a smirk.

In that moment, Leonard really went off to kill her, the first thing he did was using is power, a form of telekinesis, with it, did a gruesome thing. 

Ripped her limb just by looking at it, blood splashed all over the floor like a fountain. 

When things were looking pretty well for us, the unthinkable happened.

This menace just standing there, literally glued back her arm like it was just Tuesday.