Chapter 27:

The Supreme Leader (1)

Real Villain, Desu Wa!

I don’t have much time and the necessary components to have Tricia’s Super Syntax, so I didn’t take her processor. This is a good decision, right? Damian thought.

He walked on a road between green, uniform lawns to a small house in front of a five-floor building with “Asred-V” written on its top. So this is the Asred-V Headquarters. The personnel of Asred-V was classified, and that made me miss Xerxes when I searched for the high-ranking military officers for that rebellion.

The front door of the small house was opened, and Xerxes came out with his arms on his back. He glared at Damian and then walked to his parked jeep on the right side of the house. He wore his brown suit.

Then he looked at Damian and said, “Damian Ford, this is terrorism. Surrender.”

“HA! HA! HA! HA! What do you mean, Mr. President? People say there is an imperfect adult here, so I’m just going to dump that person. I’m not a terrorist,” Damian said while he put his hands on his pants pocket and bent his back forward. “Are you alone, Mr. President?”

I thought he came here for protection because the presidential palace wasn’t that safe, so this is strange.

“I sent them to clean up your troops. System Check,” Xerxes said, and with a robotic voice, he then said, “The 1st ultimate cyborg, version 1.0.0, codename: the Supreme Leader.”

Oh, sh*t. So he is Number One. The Supreme Leader? What are his specialties? What is his possible Super Syntax?

“Oh, is that an alien?” Xerxes said and tilted his head to the left.

What? Damian turned his head to the right, but he didn’t see any alien.


HOLY S-! Damian jumped to his left side very fast. Xerxes had thrown his jeep toward Damian while Damian was distracted.


Xerxes’ jeep flew, rotated, hit the fence behind Damian, and broke it.

HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? Is he strong as the Super Gentleman? Damian thought and looked at Xerxes to assess his situation.

“ACCEL!” Xerxes shouted and became close to Damian.

“ACCEL!” Damian also shouted and tried to foresee Xerxes’ next attack. Then he tried to lay his fist on Xerxes’ face, but Xerxes lowered his head and avoided Damian’s fist. Damian launched another punch, but Xerxes blocked it with his right fist, and Xerxes put his fists in front of his head and bounced his body: they were boxing.

Xerxes launched his fist toward Damian’s face, but Damian blocked it with his right fist. However, Xerxes stretched his right arm and swung his right fist to Damian’s cheek again. Xerxes’ fist bounced Damian’s left fist, kept going to Damian’s left cheek, and successfully landed on Damian’s cheek! Damian’s forehead hit his right fist due to Xerxes’ fist, and then Damian fell backward and hit the ground.

All of those boxing moves happened in four seconds!


Damian had rolled aside when Xerxes tried to slam Damian’s abdomen with his right leg, so Xerxes left his footmark on the ground instead. Damian then stood up and launched another punch at Xerxes’ face with his right fist. At the same time, Xerxes swung his right fist at Damian’s head. Damian bent his head down, so Xerxes missed Damian and Damian successfully hit Xerxes’ right cheek!

Quick; retaliate, hit, and win! This is what splendid boxing is!

Xerxes stepped aside and kept his balance. He then put his fists in front of his head again and prepared to launch another attack, but this time, he was going to put more strength into his fists.

Damian also put his fists in front of his head and prepared to launch another punch.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Damian punched, and he got blocked. He punched, and he got blocked. While these successive attacks were happening, some turbulences were also created around their contacts through their punches. It was a stalemate!

Damian then dipped his right foot into the ground, and threw up dirt! We are not in the ring, Xerxes!

Xerxes shut his eyes and spun his body with his right leg as the axis. Then he kicked hard Damian’s right arm to the right!

“UGH!” Damian shouted, flew to his left side, and hit the ground. Xerxes then jumped, swung down his right leg, and tried to smash Damian’s head with his right foot.


Damian rolled, avoided Xerxes’ foot, and shouted, “Your feet stink!”

Xerxes threw dirt with his left foot and jumped.

F*ck. Damian rolled again with his eyes shut. FORGET BOXING! I need a weapon!


Xerxes made a footmark again on the ground, while Damian kept rolling to a drone that approached him. The drone dropped a plum-colored sword, Damian stood up, and he caught the sword. “Super Syntax: the Super Plum Blossoms Sword Technique!” he shouted.

Another drone approached Xerxes and dropped a blue sword. Xerxes caught the sword with his right hand and said, “Super Syntax: the Snowflake Sword Technique.”

“AAAAAAAAAAA!” Damian ran toward Xerxes to slit Xerxes! And of course, it was necessary to shout!

Xerxes made a pose: he stepped his left leg forward, stretched his left arm, and put the point of his sword on his left hand. He said, “Zankyou Densetsu.” The rain guard of his sword sprayed something, and the blade of his sword was frozen!

“BLOSSOMING FLOWERS SLASH!!” Damian shouted and threw his sword toward Xerxes. Some drones over Damian also dropped plum blossoms, and thus his sword was rotating fast with the blossoms and creating beautiful turbulence around it!

Xerxes retracted his left arm, stepped his right leg forward, and stretched his right arm forward at the same time. Thus his sword’s point touched Damian’s blade. Then with his sword, Xerxes made a triangle without its base in midair and guided Damian’s sword along his sword’s movement. The blossoms fell, and Xerxes made a drawing of the two sides of a snowflake in midair! It was beautiful!


Damian’s sword kept rotating and left a cut-mark on the lawn with its turbulence. However, it missed Xerxes!

HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? Damian then caught another sword from another drone and ran toward Xerxes.

Xerxes threw his sword at Damian and jumped so high. Then there were so many drones that gathered under Xerxes’ feet in midair.


Damian hit Xerxes’ blade, and the blade was broken, so it was scattered, and some of its parts sliced Damian right’s cheek. Damian stopped and lifted his chin to see Xerxes in the sky.

Xerxes touched his left palm with his right palm and closed his eyes: he was praying. Then he opened his eyes, pointed his right palm toward Damian on the ground, and fell. The drones under Xerxes’ feet had knives, got closer to each other, and made the shape of a large hand in midair. Xerxes and his drones thus fell fast together toward Damian. “The Devouring Sky Palm,” Xerxes said.

What the f*ck?!

“Super Syntax: NAKAMA!” Damian shouted, and then his Tusla Cyber truck moved fast toward Damian from the outside of the headquarters. “ACCEL!” Damian jumped and landed on his truck roof, so he tried to get away from Xerxes’ drones. However, the drones changed their direction and kept chasing Damian.



There was a loud thunderclap behind Xerxes’ drones, and thus they became more menacing!

“Super Syntax: Nakama,” Xerxes said while he still fell, and the small house lifted itself, transformed, and became a 100 meters humanoid, a mega robot!

Am I dreaming?! Who the f*ck made something like that?

“I AM REGIS,” the mega robot said.

Regis then swung its right fist at Damian who got closer to it. Thus, there was the mega robot in the front and the menacing drones in the rear!

Oh, God… Do you mean that the Supreme Leader has all of the other cyborg abilities, and his abilities are far superior? Who the f*ck designed him to be this OP?! Damian shouted, “ACCEL!”


Regis made a big half sphere on the ground! Damian’s truck was demolished, but Damian had jumped and avoided Regis’ punch.

How… how the fuck do I beat Xerxes?! Damian stood up and muddled his thoughts: he was so confused and helpless.

Damian’s truck trailer arrived in front of him, and it sacrificed itself to shield Damian from Xerxes’ drones. Thus Damian now lost the four humanoids of Serena’s five humanoids.

If I run away, Xerxes is going to label me as a terrorist and slander Dr. Easton for everything I did today. Xerxes always slanders people who are against him whenever there is a disorder. But, what can I do?! How the f*ck do I beat him?! SH*T, SH*T, SH*T!

Xerxes landed on the ground and calmly asked, “Well, Damian Ford, do you surrender?”

Damian touched his forehead with his right hand and looked at the ground. F*ck, f*ck! what must I do?! Mosquitos, yes, mosquitos! Let’s poison him!

Damian sent some mosquitos to Xerxes, but Xerxes just smiled and said, “Super Syntax: Fooler.” Thus the mosquitos lost their control and crashed into each other.

Thank God I had upgraded my firewall so I wouldn’t have any problem with Ms. Descartes or Nanoka’s abilities. Oh, yes, Nanoka! Bunny, and Ms. Kisara!

Damian lifted his chin and shouted, “HEY! I NEED HELP!”

I didn’t kill Nanoka because I successfully persuaded her to support Dr. Easton. She was dumb. I just said that Xerxes would make her dad suffer, and those dumped, imperfect people were the proofs!

After a while, there were so many flying reptiles in the sky: pterodactyls. One pterodactyl flew toward Damian, and Kisara jumped from its back. She landed, swiped her hair with her right hand, and said, “You should have said, ‘PLEASE, I BEG YOU’, Number Ten.”

Damian chuckled and said, “Alright. Please, I beg you, Ms. Kisara.”

Kisara smiled, crossed her arms, and said, “The descendant of Patra is at your service, Damian Ford.”

“WA, WA, WA, WA, WAAAAAAA!” Nanoka flew down fast with the Super Magician Girl’s modified flying broom: the broom now had a saddle. Then she fell and rolled on the ground. She sat with her legs in a W-shaped position, lifted her arms, and shouted, “YAY! IT WAS A FUN RIDE!”

Bunny also jumped from the broom and landed beside Nanoka. He also lifted his arms and shouted, “YAY, ME TWO!”

Damian grinned and said, “Xerxes, let me show you the power of friendship!!”