Chapter 16:

The Queen of the dead

The Doll Metaphor Part 1

Everyone was perplexed with that, the act of gluing your arm like it was made of rubber, how did she did that?

She gave up from her stance, the dangerous and easygoing adversary was showing her weaknesses for no exact reason. Just standing there like nobody would attack her.

The image produced by the light suddenly disappears, that menacing  women was no longer there. 


We couldn't see her anywhere, looking everywhere: under the benches or behind the table. Absolutely nothing.

Suddenly a loud impact noise was heard.

A girl (her) above the ceiling, sitting there while looking at us, she was observing us from above like a angel of death. Alex was on the ground (probably suffered a punch without reacting to it), without knowing what had happened.

Not taking us seriously. 

Used my Reality Warping to advance against her, roses were growing in the ceiling, coming to her location, with the intention of stragling her.

Another teleportation.

This time, she was just beside me, her breath touched my skin. I grabbed the grip of the katana and went for a large cut, she already had escaped from there.

She appeared next to the sanctuary, where Leonard was.

"Jump to the ground!"I screamed.

"What?"He said.

I recreated the same technique that Tanya used for creating the missiles.

Exactly 3 missiles go in her direction.

Like a ghost, the explosives passed just thru her, a form of intangibility. Because of that, half of church exploded, leaving a gigantic cloud of dust.  

Temporarily blinded, the extreme disadvantage was plaguing us.

In that moment, Leonard saw her thru the cloud of smoke, deciding do tackle her alone. When she put her arm to do an attack, he used again his power, this time a more gory thing. Smashed her eye inside the skull, piercing it against the brain. 

Screams everywhere of pure suffering.

As a counter, she went for the kill, teleporting a bench and kicking it with massive strength. Hitting him.

Walking towards him, she went with pure anger, pure intention of killing him the fast as possible. Me, charging behind her, welcomed with a dodge and knee kick to the belly.

Alex held me before falling to the ground, saving me from the impact.

Just lifting up the sword, Leonard looks cornered in that situation. To save himself, he ran to her blind side (the side that her eye was crushed) and shot 6 bullets. All of them hitting her.

This tank was not like any other, seconds after without anything in her body.

Her immortality was terrifying.

"Be careful everyone, her power is teleporting and immortality."I said.

"The first one is incorrect."She replied.


Charged against me, to defend myself from her grab, I held the katana with my two hands (one hand on the blade and another on the grip) and used the blade to push her arm to the side, deflecting it. Then, when I had grabbed her arm and had full control over her, started using the sword without any obstacle, like a stick. Slashes to the eyes, face, throat, but she still looked uninfected by all of that. Kicked me, throwing me a distance away.