Chapter 516:

Chapter 513: Repentance

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 513: Repentance

Narrator: In the Southwest region.

*Major Tarres is left on the ground bleeding after being stabbed by the tail of a person wearing a cloak. As he screams in pain, Commander Moss and Major Smithy stop what they were doing to see what happened. They see Major Tarres and the cloaked person*

Commander Moss: Who the hell are you!?

*The person takes off the cloak to reveal that the person is Misha the succubus*

Misha: I am Misha of the Council of Demons.

*Kennedy, Gice, and Alaina are still fighting demons and can’t help*

Kennedy: Damn it! What’s going on!?

Commander Moss: Damn it! I didn’t think a Council of Demons member would come directly after us!

Major Smithy: What should we do, comrade?

Misha: There is nothing you can do. You’ll all die.

*Misha prepares to attack them too but, suddenly, an explosion happens where Misha is standing*

*Commander Moss and Major Smithy look confused*

Commander Moss: How did that happen?

*Two people show up. They are Dayna and Haunch. Haunch did the attack by using Channeling Magic on a rocket launcher*

Commander Moss: Who are you?

Dayna: You probably have more important things to worry about.

*Commander Moss’s eyes open wide as he looks at Major Tarres. The bleeding is getting worse* Commander Moss: Shit! Shit! Shit!!! He’s going to bleed out at this rate!! We don’t have any medics!!

*Major Smithy starts to cry*

Major Smithy: Stay with us, comrade!

*Misha emerges from Haunch’s attack with only a little damage*

Misha: If you want to die too, that can be arranged.

Dayna: I will show that Heaven releasing me from their captivity was a good idea. Killing you will begin my repentance.

Haunch: Mine as well.

Dayna: We will repent for the wrongs we committed while being a part of the Crow Beak Divine Killers.


Narrator: Meanwhile in the Central region.

*Reign City’s destruction is in progress. Armageddon is trying to destroy everything around. But then, flying down from the clouds is Sonzen*

Sonzen: I am here to destroy you, Armageddon!

*Sonzen releases a beam of energy from his mouth. The attack hits Armageddon and damages it, but also angers it*

*Armageddon roars*


Narrator: In the Southeast region.

*Kurt is using his aura attacks on Vollmond while Keith, Jane, Sandy, and Easia are fighting other werewolves. The neutral spirits are still fighting too*

Kurt: We will stand strong and take you down!

Vollmond: Not a chance!


Narrator: In the East region.

*Zonbi is confronted by Grom while Sean goes to help with the other demons*

Grom: I have no first-hand experience encountering you but the others of Hell sure have a lot to say about you. I will see for myself whether your reputation is well earned.

Zonbi: If they have a lot to say, I must be doing my job well. You’ll see… and then you’ll die.


Narrator: In the South region.

*Gen, Scythe, and some Hawk Clan enigmuses arrive*

*Zenfaro and Zothena are taken off guard by it*

Zenfaro: They didn’t just send reinforcements! They sent two Council of Demons members after us!

Zothena: The Dark Goddess must have felt it necessary to remove us as threats as soon as possible.

Gen: Let the fun begin.


Narrator: In the West region.

*A female angel is speaking with Zeth, Sasha, and Salina*

Zeth: You found a demon spawning ground!?

Female Angel: Yes. It’s in an underground mountain cave system. Our forces are currently fighting them, trying to keep them from leaving.

Zeth: Can’t we just destroy the cave exit?

Sasha: I imagine that destroying the exit only wouldn’t stop them. They could easily blow it back open.

Female Angel: That is correct. The cave system is very complicated and demons are spawning throughout it. We have confirmed that a human living in a house nearby owns the cave and, as such, has put many valuable items throughout it.

Zeth: Let’s have a talk with this human because something seems off to me about this.

*Zeth, Sasha, and Salina go up to the front door of a small house nearby and knock*

*A balding middle-aged man answers the door*

Man: Yes?

Zeth: Hi, my name is Zeth, son of the Light Goddess, Harmona.

Sasha: And I am Sasha, daughter of the Dark Goddess, Dakame, but fighting for Heaven.

Salina: And I am Salina, servant of Princess Sasha.

Man: What do you want?

Zeth: Are you aware that a cave system that you own has become a spawning ground for demons?

Man: Yeah, but there’s nothing that can be done about it.

*Zeth looks to the side and past him as he talks and notices something*

Zeth: We need to come in.

Man: Why?

*Zeth goes in before answering and goes up to some device system below a window view that gives a direct view of the cave entrance*

Zeth: Because of this.

*Sasha and Salina enter as well*

Man: Hey, being divine doesn’t mean you can barge into someone’s house without permission!

Zeth: This device lists a self-destruct system for the entire cave. How do you activate it?

Man: You need a code.

Zeth: Well, put in the code and activate it. I don’t see why you haven’t already done this.

Man: I refuse to destroy the cave.

*Zeth is shocked*

Zeth: What!?


Narrator: Meanwhile, in the space between the West and South regions.

*Apollo continues to head northwest while Korobu continues to head southeast. On a map, their paths are shown to directly cross*

*Korobu smiles sinisterly*

Korobu: Soon you will be dead…. Apollo.

Narrator: Multiple things happening! Dayna and Haunch have surprisingly shown up to fight for Heaven but Major Tarres is in the process of bleeding out! A human man refuses to stop a demon spawning ground! Korobu intends to kill Apollo and they are going to cross each other’s path!

Chapter 513 END

To be Continued in Chapter 514: Losses