Chapter 515:

Chapter 512: The Clan’s Arrival

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 512: The Clan’s Arrival

Narrating: Still in the Northeast region. The Battle of Kunasha continues.

*Zepto is using his full power. Joe starts to look nervous*

Zepto: What’s the matter? You should look proud that you are strong enough to be worth using my full power on.

*Zepto then quickly reaches Joe and tries to swipe-kick him, Joe just barely ducks under the kick in time*

*Zepto follows that up by upper cutting Joe, and then he forms a small energy ball and throws it up towards Joe*

*Joe uses his Storm Lord powers to release a small but powerful tornado which the small energy ball gets sucked into*

*The small tornado shoots the energy ball out into the sky where it causes a large explosion*

*Joe is amazed by the power*

Joe: The power on something that small is insane!

*Zepto starts running toward Joe as he lands on the ground. Joe uses his instant lightning strike attacks but Zepto dodges them. Joe then starts running backward and releases a barrage of razor hail. Zepto is cut by some of them but gets through the attack and punches Joe hard in the face*

*Zepto then pounds on Joe’s back to knock him flat on the ground*

*Bonetru tries to slash Zepto from behind with his large sword. Zepto turns around quickly and punches the sword to destroy it*

*Bonetru is shocked and Zepto grins*

Zepto: We were once on the same level. But no more.


*Meanwhile, Sane is running around with a chainsaw trying to attack Raider and Ruby with it* Sane: Cut into pieces!

Ruby: Just dodging won’t get us anywhere! You should have listened!

Raider: I said I was sorry!

*They keep dodging as Sane continues his attempts to cut through them with his chainsaw*

Ruby: I have to take a risk!

Sane: Cut! Die! Pieces!

*Rather than avoiding Sane, Ruby leaps close to him*

Sane: Pieces!!

*Sane swipes his chainsaw at Ruby but she ducks under the chainsaw swipe and then stabs Sane’s right arm with her dagger*

*Ruby follows that up by kicking the chainsaw out of Sane’s hands and knocking it away from him*

*Sane looks at the chainsaw with an expression of panic and sadness*

Sane: My chainsaw!!

*Sane starts running toward the chainsaw in a weird desperate motion. However, Ruby tackles Sane onto the ground and has him in a headlock*

Ruby: Grab the chainsaw!

*Raider runs over to the chainsaw*

Raider: What should I do with it!?

Sane: No! Give me my chainsaw back!!

Ruby: Use it to cut off Sane’s head! Do it before he goes completely insane!

*Raider then holds the chainsaw and is ready to cut off Sane’s head*

Sane: Nooo!!!!

*Something quick happens. Ruby is on her back, holding her hand up to her mouth as she coughs up blood. She has suffered a major abdomen wound as her abdomen has a large dent in it now. Raider’s left arm has gone from bleeding to completely removed. Both of them are in serious pain as they see Sane*

*Sane is hunched forward and holds on to his chainsaw. Disturbingly, Raider’s left hand up to the end of his forearm, where it was ripped off, is still grabbed onto the chainsaw but Sane doesn’t care about that as he maniacally laughs*

Sane: Ahaha! Ahaha!! Ahahahaha!!!

*Ruby and Raider feel fear*

Ruby: He’s gone completely insane!


*Meanwhile, Zaydra, Kren, and Sapphire are fighting Helen in her Pure Vampire Form. Sapphire fires some arrows at Helen but she cuts them all down using her trident*

*Helen starts heading over toward Sapphire to attack her but Kren jumps on Helen’s back and tries to snap her neck*

*Helen stops him by slamming the back of her head into Kren’s face. She then grabs him and slams him onto the ground. She is about to stab him with her trident until Zaydra, in her Raging Star Mode, rams into her using Saykomera and combos that with Blazing Punch*

*That damages Helen and knocks her back. Despite that, Helen still smirks*

*The trident is floating above Kren and slams down into him to stab him*

Zaydra: What!?

Helen: I have trained and now have the ability to control my trident without even holding it.

*Blood flows from Kren’s stab wounds as well as his mouth. He pulls out the trident*

Kren: It’s alright, Princess Zaydra. It will take more than that to kill me.

Helen: You shouldn’t lie. I can tell how much pain you are in. You and your friends are going to die in this battle.

*Helen starts charging more magic but, suddenly, a bunch of small energy particles burst through her and form into a bat that flies around in the sky*

Helen: Gah!

*Helen looks around*

Helen: Who is responsible for that attack!?

???: Why don’t you try looking behind you?

*There is a close-up view of someone’s legs that is walking toward Helen from behind*

Helen: Huh?

*Helen turns around and sees someone. Her eyes open wide*

Helen: It’s you!

*The person is now fully in view. It is Daniel who has the eyes of a top-class vampire now*

Daniel: Yeah, it’s me.

Helen: You were with Emily and her friends back at our castle! Those eyes…! How could you reach that level already!? It’s only been 12 years since you became a vampire!

Daniel: A lot of things have happened.


*A lot of vampires show up to help fight Sane*


*A lot of vampires also show up to help fight Zepto*


*A lot of vampires also show up to help the angels*


*Emily also shows up to fight Zepto. She has a serious expression*

*Joe looks relieved*

Joe: You’re right on time.

Emily: I apologize for taking so long to recruit Daniel and his vampire clan but I got them all here.

Narrator: Who Emily was recruiting has been revealed! It’s Daniel and an entire vampire clan!

Chapter 512 END

To be Continued in Chapter 513: Repentance