Chapter 517:

Chapter 514: Losses

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 514: Losses

Narrator: In the Southwest region.

*Misha lunges toward Dayna and Haunch. She thrusts her tail at them. Dayna and Haunch try to avoid it but the tail scrapes across the side of Haunch’s abdomen*

*Dayna reacts by trying to hit Misha with multiple punches. Misha blocks all but the last one which lands on her face*

*Misha retaliates with a punch that hits Dayna*

*Haunch now has a special glove on that he channels his magic into and lands a punch on Misha*

*Misha jumps away from them and wipes the little bit of blood off of her mouth*

Misha: Maybe you do have some strength…

Dayna: We will handle anything that you throw at us.


Narrator: Meanwhile, in the same region.

*Apollo and Korobu finally cross paths. Apollo is shocked to see Korobu*

Apollo: How did I end up running into you!?

Korobu: Hmhmhm. I am the hunter that decided to seek you out. You won’t leave here alive.

*Korobu launches toward Apollo and tries to punch him*

*Apollo tries to block with his right arm, the block succeeds but it leaves a lot of pain in Apollo’s right arm. Apollo uses his left hand to try his own punch but Korobu easily dodges it*

*Korobu lands a punch on Apollo’s face as he talks*

Korobu: I’m sure you have figured out why I would target you.

*Apollo is angered and starts rapidly punching Korobu*

Apollo: It’s because of my incredible healing capabilities! There’s no other reason!

*Korobu stops the punches by elbowing Apollo in the face*

Korobu: Exactly.

*Korobu grabs Apollo’s arm and slams him on the ground*

Korobu: Your fighting capabilities aren’t that great but you are still one of the highest on our hit list. There is no one in this war who has as good healing capabilities as you do. You showed that as you revived Princess Sasha. We can’t be having you revive the ones that we kill.

*Apollo charges magic into his finger tips and swipes at Korobu. The magic swipes leave cuts on Korobu’s left cheek. Apollo then kicks Korobu off of him*

Apollo: If you think I’m going down without a fight, you are mistaken!

Korobu: You can fight but it will all be for nothing.

*Demonic skulls start flying out from Korobu’s body*

*Apollo uses the magic on his fingertips to create magic energy hoops*

*Korobu sends his skulls toward Apollo while Apollo starts throwing his energy hoops toward Korobu*

Apollo: There’s no way that I’m going to die here! They all need me!

*Apollo is able to destroy some of the skulls that get close to him using the hoops that he didn’t throw but he ends up getting hit by a lot of the skulls*

Korobu: Saying something doesn’t mean you can make it happen.

*Korobu grabs onto the energy hoops with his hands. His hands start getting cut up with a lot of blood but he uses his own magic energy to destroy the hoops. The result of the attack was just Korobu getting bloody hands*

*Apollo struggles to stand as he is bleeding all over from the skulls that hit him*

*Korobu smirks*

Korobu: I’m just beyond your level.

*Korobu sees Apollo start to put his hands on his own body*

*Korobu gets to Apollo quickly and gut-punches him which causes him to cough up a lot of blood*

Korobu: Did you think you could heal yourself without me stopping you?

*Apollo starts doing desperate but also slowed punches that Korobu can effortlessly dodge*

Korobu: Now this is pathetic.

*Apollo then creates more of the energy hoops and tries to slam them down on Korobu*

*Korobu stops the attack by punching Apollo’s right arm hard enough to actually break his bones. Apollo’s right arm limps*

*Korobu smiles as storm clouds start to come into the area. Lightning strikes in the background*

*Rain starts to fall in the area*

Korobu: A nice stormy atmosphere is perfect for this situation.

*Apollo does nothing but look at Korobu*

Korobu: It was hopeless for you the moment we crossed paths. I am the abyss. It’s arguable that I am the Dark Goddess’s strongest subordinate. And that is why it needed to be me that kills you. I can make sure there is no doubt that you die. No chance for you to get away or for someone to save you.

*Korobu’s eyes turn into Abyss Eyes*

Korobu: Goodbye…

*Korobu pierces Apollo’s chest with his Abyss-powered hand. Blood pours out as Korobu yanks his hand back out*

*Apollo falls on his back*

*Rain continues to fall on his body. He cries as he dies*

Apollo: I’m so sorry, Harmona…! I failed you…! I failed our son…! And I failed everyone who needs me right now…!

*Apollo’s eyes close and then he dies*


Narrator: Meanwhile in Heaven.

*Harmona’s eyes are filled with grief as she covers her mouth with her hand*

Female Advisor 1: My goddess, what happened?

*Harmona finally speaks as tears flow down from her eyes*

Harmona: It’s Apollo… Korobu just killed him. If only I had seen that this was happening sooner. I could have saved him. We just suffered a major loss.

Narrator: Korobu has killed Apollo! Heaven’s side is dealt a significant casualty!

Chapter 514 END

To be Continued in Chapter 515: Zeth is Furious