Chapter 10:

Oh My God, He is sick.

I Turned Into A Boy

“Hey, Jeremiah…are you alright? Is everything okay? It’s unusual for you to sleep till this time.”

Jeremiah: It's nothing…You will be late for school, you go ahead.

Meddler: Yeah I will see about that later…But just tell me how are you feeling?

Jeremiah: It's nothing…My trout aching a bit and my nose is blocked but it's nothing more than a cold…You just go to school. Don't miss classes because of me.

Meddler: You Justttt SHUT UPP!

Meddler gets a thermometer and pushes it into Jeremiah's Mouth.

Meddler: This thermometer will KEEP YOU SILENT.

Jeremiah: Ai Donch Haveh Ainne Peever…Sho vayi dish Chermometer.

Meddler: Don’t talk while keeping a thermometer in your mouth.

Jeremiah: Okhai.

Meddler: I said Don’t.

Jeremiah Nodes his head.

Pulls the Thermometer out of his mouth.

101 Degree Fahrenheit temperature.

Meddler: Oh…God, you have 101 degrees temperature, Just sleep.

Jeremiah: You're getting late for school…Go now it’s about time.

Meddler: I’m not going to school today. I can’t leave you like this, while you have a fever.

Jeremiah: It's okay…I have always been like this…

Meddler: Just sleep, Idiot...

Jeremiah: Roger that sir!

Meddler: You sleep…I’m just going out to get some stuff, I’m locking the house from outside. Don’t do crazy stuff before I come.

Jeremiah nodes his head and goes to sleep.

10:33 am May 19th, 2038.

Meddler goes to a shop and gets bread, Jam, some potatoes, and a letter in her hand.

Meddler wakes Jeremiah up from his sleep and asks him to eat the beard jam.

Meddler: First Eat this then Takes those tablets and SLEEP!

Jeremiah Quietly Nodes.

Jeremiah had those pieces of bread and after that, he went to sleep.

Meddler starts cooking in the kitchen.

1 pm of 19th May 2038.

Meddler: Wake up!! Wake up!! It’s 1o clock…Have some food which I made…It's potato fry and rassam ( for people who don’t know what rassam is it’s like a soup which usually has a sweet and sour taste) and also some curd.

Jeremiah: Oh…Thanks for making it.

Meddler touches Jeremiah’s forehead…Now his head is cool.

Meddler: I guess the tablet’s worked…Come here I will feed you.

Jeremiah: No it's fine, I can have it.

Meddler: Don’t act all strong…Just eat. Come here, Open your mouth wide.

Say, “ Ah.”

Jeremiah: Ah….

*Feeds Jeremiah that food*

10 mins have passed

Meddler: Here you go…You ate it pretty well.

*Jeremiah is blushing, his face has turned red and he has a tear in his eyes *

Jeremiah: Thanks Lil Meddler. You remind me of my mother.

Meddler leaves the room all blushing and flustered.

Meddler: That was the first time he complimented me…My heart started beating faster from the moment he said that. His deep voice and with that look on his face…AHhhhh gwarddddd!! I’m honored to hear that but only one question rises… Is she a good person? Or an annoying one…Cause since the morning I was just scolding him. Shit! Did he say it in a sarcastic way like?

“Duh!! Thanks, Lil Meddler… You remind me of my mother cause the only best thing she did in her life was ending it.”

Wait! I can’t say stuff like this…I don’t even know how his mother looks and I'm making stupid assumptions…And my mom’s dead not his…Right. But I guess I'm overthinking stuff. Wait I will go and ask him. “How is his mother like?”

Mission HowIsJeremiah’sMotherIsLike.IsSheAGoodPersonOrBad,IfSheIsAliveOrNot.

Mission begun.

*Goes to the bedroom and saw Jeremiah was sleeping*

Meddler: Oh…He is sleeping, What should I do now…Shit…Mission Failure.

5 pm 19th May 2038.

Meddler: He might be awake now, Let me see.

Jeremiah: Hey…Hello there.

Meddler: How’s your health…Just came to ask…If you feeling better.

Jeremiah: Yeah, I will get better.

Meddler touches Jeremiah's Forehead

Meddler: I think you got your temperature back…It's really hot.

Jeremiah: Hmm…I guess

Meddler: Come let's go to the hospital...

Jeremiah: But you need to take an appointment right?

Meddler: I took the appointment before

Jeremiah: You did, But when?

Meddler: Morning when I went to get those stuff.

*Both of them go to hospital*

Jeremiah sitting in front of Doctor.

Jeremiah: I had a fever since this morning.

Doctor: Once pull your shirt up.

Jeremiah: hmm…

Meddler: Listen to the doctor.

*goes and Pulls Jeremiah’s shirt up.*

Doctor: Breath In. Breathe out

Doctor: Yeah…Nothing much just cold mild cold, Nothing serious.

Meddler: Thank god.

Jeremiah looks at Meddler and smiles.

Doctor: It all started because Infection in the throat,

The doctor looks at Meddler and says

“So don’t give him any cold stuff, Let him gurgle with warm salt water twice a day.”

Meddler: Okay doctor…

Doctor: And use these medicines for 3 days and he will be alright till then.

Both on the way home. Now they are seating on a sofa.

Jeremiah: Now, I feel relieved.

About to sleep on Meddler’s Shoulder.

Meddler: No…No…Not Now! No sleeping now…Everything after eating and taking tablets.

Jeremiah: Okay MOm( with a sarcastic tone).

Meddler: Come here, son…I will feed you.

Both end up laughing together.

10 pm of 19th May 2038.

Meddler comes and sleeps beside Jeremiah

Jeremiah: I don’t think you should sleep near me…You might catch a cold.

Meddler: It's Fine…I'm ready to take it.

Jeremiah: Heh…It's cute.

And he turns towards the opposite side and sleep

Meddler: Wait…Wait…Wai...Wait a Second, Did he just compliment me? Did he just call me cute? Woahhhhh….Yooohoooo, That’s so forward of him. Is he hitting on me? But I'm a boy now. How can he hit on this body…

Jessie’s message pops up.

“ Hey, didn’t see you in school…What happened?” 10:32 pm seen.

“Oh…It was nothing..Taking care of Jeremiah…He is sick.” 10:33 pm sent.

“Is that so, If you want I can send you the notes.” 10:33 pm seen.

“Yeah sure…That would help.” 10:35 pm sent.

“Okay then, bye...And thanks” 10:36 pm sent.

Photos received.

Meddler: Jeremiah…If you don’t mind, will you tell me about your family?

Jeremiah: Yeah…sure.

Jeremiah: My father was a physics teacher and he was one of a kind. He use to work hard…I could barely spend time with him, I mean the same goes for my mother.

Meddler: Yeah…Even I didn’t spend much time with my parents…When they were alive.

Jeremiah: Oh…sorry, did your parents die?

Meddler: Yeah…4 years ago. It was a car accident, they told me they were going to a wedding and it all happened that day.

Jeremiah: So, what do your parents use to do?

Meddler: They both use to work at the same company…I can’t remember their name

Jeremiah: So how do get money…

Meddler: Actually before leaving me my parents gave me money…It's as if they were prepared…They gave me a really big amount…Even I got to know just a few days ago…wanna know how much?

Jeremiah: Sure.

*whispers in his ear*

Jeremiah: Holy Crow…that’s way too much.Ri—

Meddler: Right!

Meddler: By the way, how was your mom?

Mission HowIsJeremiah’sMotherIsLike.IsSheAGoodPersonOrBad,IfSheIsAliveOrNot. REOPENED.

Jeremiah: It was 4 years ago…My mom and dad left me. I hated her so much.

Meddler: Shit! It's going all wrong.

Jeremiah: I can't believe she left me without even saying goodbye…I felt terrible…That’s the only thing I hated about her. She use to take care of me…She use to scold me but I was like a thin ice sheet for her…She use to protect me…And That day, I was left all alone. I was hurt to my core.

But Meddler…After that day, today I feel the same warmth and comfort from you.

Thank you.

Meddler: I'm happy that I could help you…It's kind off-topic question, Is there any girl you like?

Please Say no…Please say noo…nooo….ahhhhhhhh say no plzzzzz.

Jeremiah: Yes. There is one girl I liked.