Chapter 519:

Chapter 516: Eye for an Eye

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 516: Eye for an Eye

Narrator: In the Southwest region.

*Korobu has killed Apollo and now turns his attentions to the Dark Matter Clan members, mainly Commander Moss*

Korobu: Hmhmhm. Fancy seeing you lot here.

*Commander Moss looks angry*

Commander Moss: Korobu! How dare you show your face in front of me! You can’t be forgiven for what you did in the Swamp Underworld 56 years ago! The Swamp Underworld is your homeland, you bastard!

*Korobu laughs*

Korobu: And what do you plan to do about it? Homeland or not, my allegiance is to the Dark Goddess. I no longer care about the state of the Swamp Underworld.

Commander Moss: Laugh while you can! Karma will catch up to you soon!

Korobu: Well, I can say that you won’t be around to see it if it does. I will kill you here and now.

*Korobu is about to attack Commander Moss but is punched and knocked away a bit by air vibrations*

*Grinton and his angel troops have shown up*

Grinton: Sorry Korobu, but you will have to deal with me instead.

Korobu: How interesting. An angel general has shown up to fight me. Let’s see what you got, Grinton.

*The Dark Matter Clan members in the middle of fighting demons look relieved*

Alaina: Finally, some reinforcements!

*Nearby, Dayna and Haunch continue to fight Misha. They both look like they have taken a lot of damage while Misha doesn’t look like she has taken as much*

Dayna: We have to change into our werewolf forms.

Haunch: Right!

*Dayna and Haunch change into their werewolf forms*

Dayna: Go all out! Hold nothing back!

Haunch: I don’t intend to!

*As werewolves, they rush toward Misha*

*Misha dodges a punch by Haunch but is then grabbed by Dayna using her left claw*

*Dayna uses her right claw to punch Misha hard in the face. It hits hard enough to cause some blood to fly out of Misha’s mouth. Dayna continues her attack until Misha stabs her with her tail. The pain is bad enough that it causes Dayna to drop Misha*

*Misha kicks Dayna back*

Misha: That was fierce but you forgot about my lethal tail.

*Misha then takes a direct hit from a rocket launcher blast from Haunch which makes her take more damage*

Haunch: And you forgot about me altogether!

*Misha responds by stabbing Haunch multiple times and then kicking him back*

Misha: (Thinking) Their werewolf forms enhance their abilities significantly and I’m someone who specializes in quick stealth kills, not long battles against multiple opponents. Should I retreat? No! I need to quickly finish them off! It would be an embarrassment if I can’t beat these two!

*Misha starts dashing after Dayna and Haunch*

Misha: (Thinking) I’ll go for their hearts!

*Over by the large weapon that is being built, two angel medics are trying to save Major Tarres who is still bleeding out*

*Commander Moss and Major Smithy continue to look worried*

Commander Moss: Tell me he can be saved! Please, I don’t want to lose him!

Male Angel Medic: He’s already lost too much blood.

*Commander Moss and Major Smithy look despaired*

Commander Moss: No…

Major Smithy: Comrade…

Major Tarres: It looks like this is the end for me… I ask just one thing of you…

Commander Moss: Don’t say things like that!

*Major Tarres grabs Commander Moss by the collar of his uniform and yanks him down to him*

Major Tarres: Listen, damn it! It’s over for me! Got it!? Just do one last thing for me! Make sure my assets don’t go to waste! Take this big-ass gun and do something great with it!

*Major Tarres starts coughing a lot and Commander Moss and Major Smithy start to cry*

*In the background, Dayna and Haunch continue their battle with Misha. Misha attempts to stab Dayna in the heart with her tail. Dayna protects herself by making Misha’s tail stab her arm instead*

*This surprises Misha*

Dayna: Your plan has become predictable.

*Dayna grabs Misha’s shoulders and then thrusts her left knee into her gut. The attack heavily damages Misha*

*Misha aims her right index finger at Dayna’s head. Dayna figures out the attack and tries to dodge but is only able to get the beam shot from Misha’s index finger to blow through her shoulder instead of her head. Dayna feels a lot of pain from the attack*

*Haunch grabs Misha from behind and slams her on the ground. Haunch then has out an axe that he is using his Channeling Magic on*

Haunch: That tail of yours has been a big pain. Time to get rid of it.

Misha: You will do no such thing!

*Misha aims her index finger at Haunch but Dayna grabs Misha’s hand. The beam goes through Dayna’s hand but Haunch has time to get behind Misha and ready his axe*

*Haunch swings the axe at Misha’s tail and successfully cuts it off*

Misha: Nooo!!!

*Misha rages and breaks free of Dayna’s grip and uses her index finger beam on Haunch as he swings the axe again*

*The beam pierces Haunch’s abdomen but he was able to leave a mostly vertical slice through the front side of Misha’s body*

*Misha loses a ton of blood and falls to the ground on her back*

*Dayna and Haunch are reverted back to their regular forms and have significant injuries. Both of them fall to the ground*

Dayna: *huff huff* We did it… We won…

Haunch: *huff huff* Yeah…

*Meanwhile, Commander Moss and Major Smith are devastated as Major Tarres has died*

*Commander Moss notices the battle against Misha has ended. He starts walking over there. His focus is on Misha and he has a cold, angry look on his face*

*Dayna and Haunch look at Commander Moss*

Dayna: *huff huff* I know what that expression is. It used to be the one I had for years.

*Commander Moss stands in front of Misha who is still on the ground coughing*

*Commander Moss holds out his left hand. A red aura forms around it*

*Misha notices it and her eyes are wide open*

Misha: That is… a demon aura!? You are a demon!?

*Commander Moss still has his cold, angry expression*

Commander Moss: You killed my friend…

*Powerful demonic magic energy goes from Commander Moss’s hand down to Misha’s body. It carves into her body. She coughs up a lot of blood*

Commander Moss: They call this an eye for an eye. You take my friend’s life. I take yours.

*Misha finally dies. She dies with her eyes wide open*

*Commander Moss starts walking away*

Commander Moss: Medics, these two need medical attention right now.

*The angel medics start tending to Dayna and Haunch*

*Commander Moss walks back to Major Tarres’s body*

Commander Moss: I promise my friend, that gun will do something great.

Narrator: Misha was defeated and killed but so was Major Tarres! Commander Moss and Major Smithy grieve but Commander Moss is determined to make sure the weapon greatly helps their side! But what is the truth about the three of them?

Chapter 516 END

To be Continued in Chapter 517: Struggles in the Central and South Regions