Chapter 518:

Chapter 515: Zeth is Furious

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 515: Zeth is Furious

Narrator: In the West region.

*Zeth, Sasha, and Salina are still meeting with the middle-aged man*

Zeth: What do you mean you refuse to destroy the cave!?

Man: There are way too many priceless items in that cave.

*Zeth looks furious*

Zeth: That’s why!? Do you hear what you are saying!!? There are angels counting on us to get this cave destroyed! You’re putting objects ahead of actual lives!!?

*Despite Zeth’s yelling, the man stays firm*

Man: My answer is final. You’re just going to have to make your angels withdraw.

*Zeth’s eyes become incredibly fierce*

Zeth: You disgust me!

*Zeth charges magic in his right arm*

Zeth: If you don’t do it…

*Zeth forms a Star Shine Blast in his right hand, He holds it out toward the man*

Zeth: …I will kill you.

*Sasha and Salina are shocked by this*

Sasha: I’ve never seen him like this toward a mortal.

*Sasha thinks back to Zeth’s declaration after Nairo’s death*

(Flashback) Zeth: I won’t let another preventable death happen under my watch again. No matter what.

*Sasha looks uneasy*

Sasha: He is completely serious about that.

Salina: To think that he would even threaten an innocent mortal over it though.

*Zeth still has his Star Shine Blast aimed at the man*

Zeth: What’s it going to be? You destroy that cave system… or you die.

*The man looks a bit nervous but is mostly unfazed by the threat*

*Sasha now looks irritated*

Man: I… can’t.

*Zeth grits his teeth in anger even more and is about to release his attack but Sasha grabs Zeth’s right arm and lowers it away from the man*

Sasha: Stop it!!

Zeth: Sasha!?

Sasha: Are you even listening to yourself!?

Zeth: Yeah! There are lives on the line and this guy is putting his possessions over lives!!

Sasha: I absolutely understand that you don’t want any more preventable deaths to happen but you’re going about it the wrong way!

Zeth: Someone like him is a disgrace and does not deserve to live!!

*Now Sasha is furious. She punches Zeth in the face and knocks him against a wall. The Star Shine Blast dissipates without being released*

Sasha: Just listen to yourself!! You’re threatening to kill someone just because he didn’t do what you asked!! We’re not like the forces of Hell! We don’t kill mortals just because they don’t do as we say!

Zeth: So you’re saying we should just leave the angels to die as they prevent more demons from leaving that cave!!?

*The man is starting to look saddened by seeing their arguing*

Sasha: I’m not saying that! We just need to find another way to deal with it!

Zeth: The only way is to destroy the whole cave system! It would take too long and would be too risky to go in and do it manually! If this guy can really self-destruct the whole system with just a code, he needs to do it!!

Sasha: Well, he won’t so we have no choice but to get moving and deal with it!

Zeth: If he doesn’t want to destroy it even in this situation, why would he have even installed a way to self-destruct it in the first place!!?

*The man looks even sadder*

*Zeth and Sasha continue arguing until the man has finally had enough*

Man: Enough!

*Zeth and Sasha stop arguing and look at him*

Man: I… have a confession. I had planned to destroy the cave but I was approached by the one named Korobu. He promised me that if I did not destroy the cave, he would spare my family’s lives as well as let me keep my priceless items. I had to do what was best for my family.

*Zeth gets angrier*

Zeth: Him!! That’s it!! That guy has pissed me off for far too long!! Tell me where I can find him!!

Man: He is located in a nearby town called Kopesh.

Zeth: Alright then…! Blow up the cave! We’ll handle Korobu!

*The man looks like he is internally struggling*

Zeth: Just do it!

*The man looks like he has made a decision*

Man: Alright. Fine. I’ll do it. I’ll destroy the cave.

*The man walks up to the device system and starts inputting a code*

*The angels fighting just outside the cave entrance hear explosions from inside the cave*

Female Angel: Explosions?

*Explosions are happening throughout the whole cave system*

*The angels start cheering as the whole cave system is destroyed which gives them a victory against the demons*

Man: It is done.

*Zeth still has a furious expression but apologizes*

Zeth: I’m sorry for threatening you like that. I shouldn’t have lost my cool like that.

*Zeth, Sasha, and Salina start leaving the man’s house*

*Zeth still looks furious*

Zeth: Korobu… I’m going to leave you dead in the ground…!

Narrator: Zeth’s determination to not let any more preventable deaths happen led to him threatening to kill a mortal! That situation was resolved but Zeth’s hatred of Korobu grows!

Chapter 515 END

To be Continued in Chapter 516: Eye for an Eye