Chapter 520:

Chapter 517: Struggles in the Central and South Regions

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 517: Struggles in the Central and South Regions

Narrator: In the Central region.

*Sonzen continues to do battle with Armageddon*

Sonzen: Armageddon!!

*Sonzen hits Armageddon with a powerful beam*

*Armageddon roars and responds with its own beam but Sonzen dodges it*

*The demons on the ground start releasing magic projectile attacks at Sonzen. He does his best to dodge them but can’t dodge them all so he takes some hits. They don’t hurt him that much but do cause a little flinching*

*The slight flinching allows Armageddon to hit Sonzen with a powerful beam*

*Sonzen falls to the ground after the hit*

Sonzen: Damn it!!

*The demons on the ground hit Sonzen with more magic attacks but he is still able to fly back up into the air*

Sonzen: (Thinking) These ground troops are making my fight against Armageddon a lot more difficult!

*Sonzen focuses on the ground troops and releases a beam at them. He takes out a lot of them and then refocuses on Armageddon*

*Sonzen dodges a beam from Armageddon and then rams into it. The ram knocks Armageddon into a building which destroys most of the building*

*Armageddon roars and responds by punching Sonzen hard which knocks him into a building, making it collapse*

Sonzen: You Armageddons are still as tough as ever!


Narrator: In the South region.

*Zothena and Zenfaro are fighting Gen and Scythe while the angels deal with the Hawk Clan enigmuses and monsters*

*Zothena holds a ball of magic in her hand and then squeezes on it to completely smash it. She then does a throwing motion with her arm and unsqueezes her hand. A ton of star dust is released toward Scythe*

*Scythe tries to rush through the star dust*

Zothena: Star Dust Blast!

*Every piece of star dust starts exploding*

*Scythe emerges from the explosions having taken some damage but it didn’t stop him from rushing toward Zothena*

*Zothena is surprised by this and is slashed by Scythe’s scythe, leaving a slash wound on her body*

*Zothena’s attack had not only damaged Scythe, but also somewhat tore the cloth covering his head and face. A scar is seen at the part of his head that is torn*

*In the other fight, Zenfaro and Gen trade punches*

Gen: It’s been so long since we have done battle. Are you having fun?

*Zenfaro is angered*

Zenfaro: Don’t treat this war like a game!

*Zenfaro punches Gen away from him but focuses on Gen’s prosthetic arm*

Zenfaro: I see you have lost one of your arms since we last met. How’d you lose it?

Gen: The Light Goddess tore it off 54 years ago… But that might not be such a good thing for you!

*Magic tentacles come out of the prosthetic arm and slam into Zenfaro with a lot of force which knocks him back and onto his back*

*Gen smirks*

Gen: My attack options are even further increased now. A core was installed in my arm socket. You could say it’s like I fused with Kopmon. In that sense, we really didn’t need him anymore anyway.

*Zenfaro stands up*

Zenfaro: I don’t care what new attack options you have! I will defeat you!

*Zenfaro goes into Raging Star Mode*

*Gen then goes into his dark green-colored beast form. His prosthetic arm accommodates this transformation. It even turns green*

Gen: I love when my foes get overconfident.

*Also on the battlefield, the angels continue to fight the monsters and Hawk Clan enigmuses. The enigmuses aren’t providing too much trouble so far but the monsters are giving them a hard time*

*Zothena and Scythe keep fighting. Zothena summons a lot of stars in the sky*

Zothena: Starfall!

*The stars start falling down toward Scythe. The stars hitting the ground release a lot of star magic power*

*Scythe took a good amount of damage and the cloth covering his head and face is now completely gone. His face is scarred all over and just in general looks messed up. His right eye looks pupilless. He is also bald with burn scars now on the top of his head*

*Zothena is surprised by this*

Zothena: Your face…

Scythe: It was the result of Zenos torturing me. There’s nothing more that needs to be said. It is not the focus of our battle.

Narrator: The battles continue in the Central and South regions! Scythe’s face after his torture is seen for the first time!

Chapter 517 END

To be Continued in Chapter 518: All Out in the Northeast Region