Chapter 521:

Chapter 518: All Out in the Northeast Region

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 518: All Out in the Northeast Region

Narrator: In the Northeast region.

*Zaydra’s forces are still fighting Zepto, Sane, and Helen’s forces*

*Joe, Emily, and Bonetru are fighting Zepto*

*Ruby and Raider fight are fighting Sane*

*Zaydra, Sapphire, Kren, and Daniel are fighting Helen*

*All of them have vampires fighting with them*

Joe: Be careful, Emily! This guy is fighting at his full power!

Emily: All the more reason for me to fight at my full power! Let’s go!

*A powerful aura starts to surround Emily. Her body starts to change into her Ancestral Form. New tribal markings start to appear on her arms and face. Her eyes become vampiric. Her aura is intense*

*Emily stands tall and strong as she has a fierce expression*

Emily: This is my Supreme Ancestral Form. In my normal Ancestral Form, I can’t use magic, but in this Supreme Ancestral Form, I can.

*Zepto looks intrigued*

Zepto: I must admit, it really is an impressive form. In fact, I’m so impressed that it will bring me great joy once I kill you. Let’s test it out, shall we!?

*Zepto launches toward Emily. They both try to punch each other and their punches collide. Shock waves are sent out from the impact*

Zepto: Good! Good!

*Zepto hits Emily in the face with his elbow which damages her. Emily responds by punching him. The punch not only knocks Zepto back, powerful magic energy also bursts out from her fists in any direction that is in front of her or to the side*

*Joe and Bonetru, as well as the vampires, have to dodge the bursts of magic energy flying around*

Joe: I forgot to mention that when Emily is in her Supreme Ancestral Form, her magic is intense and hard to control which makes it difficult to contain and causes it to burst out when she attacks!

*Joe looks at Bonetru and the vampires*

Joe: It’s probably best if you go help the others!

Bonetru: Agreed! I leave Zepto to you two then!

*They go off in separate directions*

*Zepto starts pulling out many of his hair needles from his head and he smiles*

Zepto: Let’s see how you handle rapid fire!

*Zepto starts continuously throwing his hair needles that keep exploding when they reach Emily*

*Suddenly, from the smoke of explosions comes the bursting magic but with lightning flowing from them that strikes down all of the hair needles*

*Zepto stops throwing his hair needles in surprise*

Zepto: What was that?

*The smoke clears. Emily has taken some damage but still stands strong*

Joe: Don’t forget that you also have me to deal with me. I combined my lightning with her bursting magic!

Zepto: Impressive skills but it won’t be enough to beat me.


*Meanwhile, Sane is chainsawing through many vampires in his attempt to kill Ruby and Raider. He is laughing like a maniac*

Sane: Ahahaha!! Die! Die! Die!! Ahahaha!!

Raider: This is crazy!

Ruby: That’s kinda the point of him!

*The vampires start hitting Sane with ranged magic attacks*

*Sane starts getting annoyed by them and starts rapidly spinning 360 degrees, holding out his chainsaw. That allows him to knock away the attacks while also sawing through more vampires*

Sane: Ahahahaha!! Ahahahaha!! Blood!! Guts!! Chainsaws!!

Raider: Just… unbelievable.


*Meanwhile, Helen dodges some arrows that Sapphire shot at her. Helen then pounds Sapphire down on the ground with a lot of force*

*Helen then goes after Zaydra who dodges a jab from her trident*

*Daniel is blasting about using his steam power to instantly blow himself in different directions*

Daniel: Hey! I’m right here!

*Helen turns around*

Daniel: Steam-Powered Punch!

*Daniel uses his power of steam to blow his arm forward instantly and with a lot of power to gut-punch Helen. It hits so hard that Helen coughs up a lot of blood. However, Daniel is impaled by Helen’s trident*

*Kren, who is still wounded, helps Daniel by removing the trident while Zaydra uses Raging Star Blast on Helen. It damages Helen*

*Kren approaches Helen from behind and is still holding her trident*

*Helen punches Zaydra, then grabs her by the leg, and slams her down on the ground*

Helen: I’m going to kill you… but first…

*Helen grabs the trident as Kren tries to stab her from behind with it. Kren is shocked*

Helen: Hehehe. I have free control over my trident which also means I can tell how close it is to me. You can’t take me by surprise with it.

*Helen gut-punches Kren hard enough to make him fall to his hands and knees as blood flows from his mouth. He is in agony*

Zaydra: Kren!!! Get away from her!!

*Energy particles start heading toward Helen*

*Helen notices as the energy particles get close and she uses her vampiric power through her trident to dispel it*

Helen: That won’t work on me again.

*Suddenly, she feels pain as energy particles pass through her from behind and then form into a bat that flies around*

Helen: Where did that one come from!?

*Daniel is injured but takes a stand*

Daniel: The original energy particles that I used were still around. You’ve got us injured but this isn’t over. This is our stand! We will defeat you and finally put an end to the last remnant of the vampires that ruled over Vandox!

Narrator: The fighting in the Northeast has reached severe levels!

Chapter 518 END

To be Continued in Chapter 519: Noble Sacrifices