Chapter 522:

Chapter 519: Noble Sacrifices

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 519: Noble Sacrifices

Narrator: The Battle of Kunasha continues in the Northeast region.

Helen: That’s big talk from someone that has an impalement wound.

*Daniel starts blasting around using his steam abilities. He does another Steam-Powered Punch but Helen is able to block it using her trident filled with vampiric power. The punch puts a lot of pressure on the trident and her arm*

*Helen kicks Daniel back. Helen then notices a bright light coming from behind. She turns around to see Zaydra holding a Super Nova star in each of her hands. She is trying to fuse them together*

Zaydra: (Thinking) This is risky but I have to do it to ensure that it finishes her off! I still haven’t fully recovered from my battle against Kopmon so this can’t go on any longer!

*Zaydra then notices that Helen has found out about her plan*

Zaydra: Damn it…!

Helen: With the light show those are putting off, you couldn’t possibly hide it from me during the night.

*Helen readies her trident*

Helen: Here is where you die!

*Helen lunges and then thrusts her trident forward as Zaydra has a look of fear*

*Blood is splattering*

*Zaydra’s eyes are wide open and faded. Tears are flowing down from her eyes*

Zaydra: No…

*Kren had gotten in the way and got impaled through his upper back/chest. Kren coughs up a ton of blood*

Zaydra: (With a traumatized expression) Kren… why?

*Kren smiles even as he is dying*

Kren: Because nothing would make me happier than to lay my life down in order to protect you, Princess Zaydra.

Zaydra: I’ve never known life without you! You were my guide as I grew up and then a good friend as an adult, as well as a beloved member of my squad!

*Zaydra has flashbacks of them both as part of various stages of Zaydra’s life*

Kren: It’s for all that… that I give up my life to save yours.

*He coughs up more blood as Helen begins to remove the trident from his body*

Kren: Goodbye, Princess Zaydra…

*Kren dies as Helen fully pulls out the trident and his body falls to the ground front side down. He has died with a smile on his face*

*Zaydra still has a traumatized expression as she holds the two Super Nova stars*

Helen: How touching, but he didn’t save you.

*Helen starts to smile sinisterly*

Helen: He just delayed your death!!

*Helen is about to impale Zaydra with her trident but then Helen is suddenly pierced by multiple arrows. Then immediately afterward, Daniel appears from the side and does a jumping swipe-kick powered by steam*

Daniel: Steam-Powered Kick!

*The kick knocks Helen away from Zaydra*

*Sapphire and Daniel have returned to the fight. Daniel is heavily injured. Sapphire’s face is bloody*

Daniel: Finish preparing that attack!

Sapphire: We’ll hold her off, princess!

*Zaydra cries as she continues trying to fuse the Super Nova stars*

Zaydra: Right! I will!

Helen: I won’t let you finish that attack!

*Helen pulls out the arrows that pierced her and tries to get back to Zaydra but Daniel and Sapphire get in her way. She has to dodge Sapphire’s arrows and block Daniel’s strong physical attacks at the same time*

Helen: Enough of this!

*Helen throws her trident at Zaydra*

Sapphire: Oh no!!

*The trident heads straight for Zaydra but, suddenly, it is knocked down to the ground. This was done by Bonetru who showed up and cut down the trident with his large sword*

Bonetru: Sorry, but you won’t be killing anyone else today.

*Bonetru looks at Kren’s dead body*

Bonetru: Rest easy, my friend.

*Zaydra finishes combining the two Super Nova stars*

Zaydra: It’s finished!

*Zaydra starts rushing toward Helen as she holds the even more powerful Super Nova star*

Zaydra: Eat this, you scum!! Giant Super Nova!!

*Helen tries to call back her trident but Bonetru has stomped on it to keep it from moving*

*Zaydra throws the Giant Super Nova star*

Helen: Oh no!

*Daniel and Sapphire quickly get away in time as the Giant Super Nova star reaches Helen and starts to explode. Helen is caught in the giant explosion*

Helen: Ohhhh noooooo!!!!! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

*The explosion completely destroys Helen’s body to the point that there is nothing left of her*


*Meanwhile, Ruby and Raider are still trying to deal with Sane. Both of them are quite bloody*

*Sane continues to maniacally laugh as chases them with his chainsaw in hand*

Sane: Ahahahaha! Aaaahaahhaaaa!!

*Sane is momentarily distracted when the vampire forces get in his way*

Ruby: I have a plan… but it will cost me my life.

*Raider looks at her like she is crazy*

Raider: What the hell are you saying? Why would you come up with a plan that costs you your life!?

*Ruby stares at Sane with a determined look*

Ruby: As an angel, I have a duty. If I must sacrifice myself to save many lives, then I will.

*Raider stares at her in a sort of awe*

Ruby: My skillset is that of an assassin. I’m going to assassinate Sane but he will be able to kill me in the process.

*Ruby looks at her dagger*

Ruby: (Thinking) If I screw this up, I will die without killing him.

*Ruby starts running toward Sane who is still laughing like a maniac as he swings his chainsaw and kills vampires with it. She readies her dagger in her left hand as she gets closer to him. She lunges toward Sane and wraps her right arm around his neck. She attempts to stab him in the chest. However, her dagger collides with his chainsaw before it reaches his chest*

Ruby: No!

*The chainsaw is about to overwhelm her dagger and then go through her*

Sane: Die! Die! Die!!!

*Suddenly, Ruby finds it easy to push back against Sane’s chainsaw. Raider is using his one remaining arm to pull back against Sane’s right arm*

*Ruby is shocked*

Ruby: What are you doing!!?

Raider: I’m putting my life on the line!

Sane: You die now! Die! Die! Die!!!

*Sane now directs his chainsaw at Raider. Sane is now chainsawing through Raider’s abdomen*

Raider: Gaaahh!!!! Do it now!!!!

*Ruby takes her dagger and slams it into Sane’s chest as he is just starting to now try to chainsaw her again. Sane slightly chainsaws Ruby before he stops as he falls back and dies. Even in death, he still has a maniacal facial expression*

*Ruby holds onto her wound on the side of her abdomen as she falls to her knees in a ton of pain. She is in tears*

Ruby: You stupid fool! It’s my job to protect mortals, not the other way around!

Raider: I… deserved to die. It is deserved… for the crimes I once committed. I will gladly die protecting Kunasha…

*Raider’s eyes slowly close as he dies*

*Ruby uses her other hand to cover her face as she cries. She looks devastated*

Ruby: You’ll be honored for this…!


*Meanwhile, back over by Zaydra and the others. They all have gathered around Kren’s dead body. They are all sad but Zaydra is completely crying*

Zaydra: There aren’t many who can say they are more honorable than you! You will go down as one of our best! Thank you, Kren!

Narrator: Helen and Sane have been killed but Kren and Raider were killed in the process! The tears flow but Kren and Raider died with noble sacrifices.

Chapter 520 END

To be Continued in Chapter 520: Supreme Cannon