Chapter 1:

Prologue, Why Must We Suffer So

A World Unfit for Humanity

The world-known in the human tongue as Nurai hosts dozens of intelligent races. Many of these race can use a mysterious force known as magic. Those who cant often exhibit amazing physical or mental abilities.

Except for humanity. Humanity has barely survived till now but they always seem to be optimistic about the future. They are known for their impulsiveness and overactive emotions which can drive people to insanity.

This irrationality of humanity surviving is what drove a few races to study human activity and, or exterminating them.

The revolt of Unai. A devastating rebellion of humans where the people of Unai brought up arms against their elven overlords. The human residents of Unai were sick of their people being taken away for study only to come back with missing limbs and scars.

This was planned in extreme secrecy. Their plan, to eliminate all elven people in the city. On the night of the new moon, they attacked killing the elven guards first and then killing the men, woman, and even children in their sleep. Their plan succeeded and they fortified the city. When the king found out he ordered the town burned to the ground stating "Humans are pitiful creatures. Insolent enough to think THEY can have a city to themselves."

Soon after the town was burned and a new decree was sent that all humans in the kingdom of Ond'Aí would be relocated to labor camps.

THE EXODUS AND MASSACRE OF ELDÁ- After the revolt of Unai, a tributary state of the kingdom, the principality of Eldá, ordered all humans in the land to march to the Huji mountain range, mountains south of Eldá. They would live there for an indefinite time.

 Many died on the way there and more so when first building. They lived here for 5 years. During this time hundreds of humans in the kingdom of Ond'Aí fled. This caused outrage in the capital.

They eventually decided to kill all humans in the kingdom and its tributaries. Soon after the villages built in the mountains were destroyed with magic.

After these tragedies, many human kingdoms were attacked and exterminated by various races and kingdoms. The survivors fled to unused lands such as mountains, valleys, and deserts.

 Many of them have lost their friends and families in some cases their whole village. Humans were thought of as less than the other intelligent races closer to wild creatures than themselves. Now humans live in constant fear of death barely surviving.

This story will be about a human boy named Rey who wishes to be free of the fear he holds. He wishes to make a home for himself out of hiding and constant running. He will fight to make a home for himself in this world unfit for humans. Oh, how we suffer so.