Chapter 19:

The death of deathless

The Doll Metaphor Part 1

Everything seemed to be over, the strange girl had died and we were safe with our king.

Many, many agents with black jackets started to flood the place (like the happening was still happening, a cliche thing).

Peter arrived at the place, worried about what happened to his older brother.

"Are you guys OK?"

"Yeah."Everyone responded.

"How did you deal with Daiyu?"I asked.

"I simply didn't."


"Another friend of his showed up, then, he decided to simply run away."

"I see."

"But you're the one that I should be asking my question! So, what did really happened here? I was in the royal garden when I had heard a destruction sound, wasn't my dad, was it?"


"Yeah, guessed so."

I turned to Alex.

"Why the hell did you come back for me, didn't I tell you to go away, are you deaf or just plain dumb?"

"Hey, Aia, just cut him some slack, he came back for you, right? Isn't that sweet enough. If I was you, I'd already gave him a big sweet kiss."Peter said.

I was beginning to sheath my sword, when he saw the light of the blade reflecting in his eye, quickly stopped blabbering. 

Good boy, I began to feel like Shinku (In the anime "Rozen Maiden", the character Shinku likes to call the protagonist of good boy).

The atmosphere seemed calm at first but one thing looked strange, felt like it was being watched by someone.

Turned my head up, looking at the ceiling, there was a guy, the same one that kidnapped Tanya. He ran away.

This didn't seem like the end of this, we were only starting.