Chapter 18:

King Arisu

The Doll Metaphor Part 1

A flash of lightning passed thru us.

Bluish, bright as the sun, not like the standard yellow lightning you see everyday. 

That bolt hit her precisely, the accuracy was perfect.

Cautious steps being heard by us.

It was King Arisu.

He used a tuxedo, blue with black tiny strips. By his taste in fashion, I could see that he was a classy man. To have the perfect combination, his hair was spiky blue, the spikes facing down.

While seeing one first hand the king, the terrorist was there, bleeding from her half face...because the other half was stroked by the lightning.

"Leonard, are you alright?"He said with his hands in his pockets, stylish!

"Yes, father."Said in the most behaved way possible, like we were all in some kind of military camp.

The way he talked, walked, was comparable to a Yakuza, tone of his voice made him seem like god. Apparently patient, but at the same time, dangerously mortal if you say the wrong word to him. Even the atmosphere was changing because of him (not literally).

"Aia, can you protect him? It would mean a lot to me."How did he even knew my na-, oh! The reunion, right.

I monkyingly (a made up word to express that I was in monkey mode) only nodded to his question, the words were stuck in my mouth.

"Thanks, Aia."


Now I know why he has so many stans.    

"Let's talk to the elephant in the room, who the hell are you?"Speaking all this with a strong British accent.

She ignored him while having excruciating pain.

"Who the hell are you?"


He was to be responded by the same "nothing" but he got his response with a good old punch to the girl.

That punch was so powerful that it could be easily specified as an earthquake...Or even more.

Her body didn't just receive the attack, it literally DISAPPEARED, like no atoms at all. More like existence negation than anything else.  

The attack was so powerful that I had to create a shield of pure concrete from my mind (Tanya's power) to protect Alex and Leonard from it.

Finally, the evil vanished, she was no more. Killed by a ginormous punch.