Chapter 14:

World of Fantasy

HoloFantasy: World of Fantasia

<Noel's P.O.V>

Right now, I'm walking with Flare, Heading back to the Kingdom of Zophiel. The reason why Flare is looking away from me with her face redden was probably her memory is still so fresh for her after what happened earlier. Earlier, When she woke up, She noticed her hands was groping my chest, End up for her apologizing repeatedly like an eternity.

Glancing to Flare, She's now calmed down a bit from her embarassment. I took a deep breath and asked.

"Flare, Do you have any idea about the ambush last night by those orcs?"

"Well, Father have discussed to us something in this morning"

Earlier, When we take off from the bed, The Dark Elves was gathered to a meeting by Flare's father, More known by the others as 'Dark Elf Chief'. And since its only for the Dark Elves, I was not included, End up waiting outside the tent, No, Farther away from the tent where they discussing so I didnt hear even a single thing from it, I just do some swing practice of my sword instead.

"Is it okay to tell me though?"

"Well... What you did to us is a very huge help and we dont even have any idea how can we repay you, And I dont think a parchment of cash is enough to repay your help to us so, All we can do now is help you even in little things..."

She hesitatedly spoke while looking away, Holding her left arm.

About the parchment of cash... Its actually a lot and exactly what I needed 'Since money is the main reason why join in the adventurer guild after all'. And with that, Im satisfied enough but... Theres also an other side of me who wanted to know about the incident in the dark elf village.

Just before I try to ask, Flare speaks first.

"So, Back to the topic. As I said, My father discussed us something this morning and that discussion is connected to the incident last night. It is something that only the higher ups kept, And didnt discuss it with the others until this morning",

"In other words, An important matter that only the ones in high position should know?"

When I asked that, Flare nodded.

"Yes. We already knew about gathering the forces to the upcoming attack of the Demon Queen as father already discussed it to us 5 days ago. But then... The attack came earlier than the expected time"

"Earlier? What do you mean?"

"The Demon Queen declared to attack 5 days later from now, But came earlier than what we expected... Well, Im just glad no one died from the battle..."

"Well... Lives are more important than treasures they say"

Flare shook her head to my statement with a smile on her face.

"But still... I can't believe the Demon Queen evaded to your territory for no reason-"

I added but before I finished the sentence, Flare interjected.

"There's a reason actually"

After she said that, I was shocked and immediately turn my head toward her who was raised in the sky earlier.


"Yes, Its something the higher ups been keeping as I said earlier. According to Father, The Demon Queen said the following..."

Flare coughed before speaking. She speak in a prideful tone this time.

"Your whole kindred is in danger if you keep staying here. But dont mistaken us dark elves! We didnt do this out of kindness but to make the demon forces more powerful! Ha-Ha!"

I dont know why that 'Ha-Ha' is still important but most importantly, Looks like their village is really in trouble if the Demon Queen is really planning to take them.

"But, What is this danger the Demon Queen is talking about?"

"I dont know too, We were thinking its their attack but we're not sure if she really meant that..."

"I see..."

I just nodded, Looking to the distant. We are out now from the forest and what we can see is a plain grassfield with some various little flowers being waved by the wind breeze. Faraway from here was the Kingdom of Zophiel, Guarded by knights and covered by the standing thick white long concrete walls.

Flare murmured something and in instant, Her sharp long ears shorten and turned the same like humans.

"Lets go..."


I nod as we started to walk in the plain grassfield straight to the Kingdom of Zophiel.


<3rd Person View>

Somewhere in the Demon's Domain, In the very edge of the land Close to the seas, Faraway from other Kingdoms is a Black Castle with purple banners giving a Black-Purple theme. Inside, Where the throne is placed is a Tall Female with large stripe black-purple horns, Silver white long hair and yellow eyes, The Demon Queen, Laplus Darkness. Crossing her legs while sitting to the throne with her elbow in the side of the throne and lay her cheek in the back of her right arm.

"Then, What happen to the army we sent?"

"They were all... Annihilated"

The tall female with pink short hair and blue eyes who's kneeling down, To speak properly with the Demon Queen. The secretary of the Demon Queen, Takane Lui.

"Wha- Hows that possible!?!? With how weak the dark elves forces were, Its impossible to do such feat! Well...We might saw them too weak that end us up to not able to see that they have a secret ace or something..." Laplus lost its cool and added a mutter, Wondering about things.

"No, Our prediction is right, Our loss is a mere coincidence. If we attack day before it or today, We might have won"

The Demon Queen regain her cool and made the same position she did earlier.

"Then, What's this coincidence your talking to?"

"As what we planned, We engage earlier than the arranged time due to the loss of one of our forces with unknown cause with its body split to half in a single slash of a blade. According to Kazama Iroha, She found a human knight asking to her about 'Moonlit Flowers' so she told her to head in the Forest where the Dark Elves stayed. What we plan is take some of the Moonlit Flowers our self but using that human, We can make our mission easier to take some of the Moonlit Flowers. That human is a knight so no doubt that knight is the one who killed one of our forces"

Kazama Iroha, Is also one of the Demon Queen's greatest force, Together with Takane Lui, Koyori, and Sakamata Chloe. Kazama is a human but with her Samurai talent, made her strong and immediately got assigned to the higher ups.

"I see... So that's the reason why one of our forces lost, Not because of the Dark Elves..."

"Yes, And the reason our troops got beaten by the Dark Elves is what I suspected the work of that Human Knight too..."

"Any Idea about its Identity?"

"Yes. With the technology Koyori created, We found out its Identity and her name is... Shirogane Noel"

Koyori, One the greatest force of the Demon Queen. She have pink hair, Blue eyes and pink cat ears with a little one fang in her mouth too. She was assigned to take care of the Demon Domain's supplies including technology inventions too.

"Shirogane Noel huh..."

Laplus close her eyes, Nibbling her lips and after 5 seconds, She snap out and proceed to speak.

"Lets keep away that matter for now, Most importantly is the Dark Elves safety from the upcoming bloodhunt that will take place 5 days from now. I feel sad for the lost of our comrades from the dark elves's hands and still saving them even after what they did but its unavoidable due to the interference of that human. I also cannot blame that human to slay our comrades, In order to save the dark elves..."

She spoke, Then stand from the throne raising her hand mid-air.

"Lui, I want you to prepare our forces together with Chloe. We will depart 10 days from now to save the dark elves from the bloodhunt!"

BloodHunt, A disaster that will only occur once every 10th century. A disaster that will make the monster raged in hunger. The greatest threat in this disaster is... The revival of new ghouls whose only taken place to a single chosen place. In the upcoming blood hunt, It taken place to a center of a dark forest whose near in the Zophiel Kingdom. That center dark forest currently have a village. Yes, That village is... Yes, The Dark Elf Village.

"Got it!"

Takane responded and then she stand up, Making a lost bow and turn around, Walking out from the throne.

Laplus cross its arm below her large chest and made a nod.

"We might have invaded a lot of kingdoms, Slaying a lot of people and soldiers but we only did all of those to create a beautiful and peaceful with harmony Utopia. And saving the dark elves and making them one with us is also a step ahead for our dreamed world"


<Noel's P.O.V>

As both of Me and Flare walking to the Kingdom, Flare turns to another way and as she started to walk, She turn her head to me and speaks.

"I'll be going ahead, I still have something to do in Adventurer Guild"

She waved, I also waved to her and smiled.

"Take care!"

She didnt responded, All she did was raise her hand and wave. When she reach 15 foot away, I put down my hands and just keep my smile as I go straight to where im heading. But then, When I remembered about my brother, My smiled instantly faded away, Replaced by a worried face.

And now, I turn toward to a wooden house, While standing outside of its fence. From the gate is a straight stone path with a grass plain in the side, The window have 2 by 8 squares of glass with lime green curtains covering it from the inside and also a two story building.

I walk across the stone path and approach the wooden door. When I reach my place, I stop as I reach the knob but knowing what awaits me as soon I'll open this made me shiver and made me lose the confidence to twist the knob. I take a deep breath, twist the knob and enter.

As soon as I open the door, My prediction is both right and wrong in the same time. As I predicted, My brother stop talking to the person and turn his head toward me and ran in vast speed to where I am with a leap in a happy face and teary eye in the same time and as soon he landed, He hugged me as tight as he could.


He howled as he cried to my shoulders.

"Im glad, Im glad your safe..."

"Just where the hell have you been?"

The person who's talking to my brother a while ago spoke. She's a female and short in terms of average and flat chested with short green-blue themed hair and also the main reason made my prediction wrong. Its Rushia, Standing 3 foot away from me with her head tilted to the right a bit with her right arm holding her hip.

"Well... Just some little problem in the quest..."

I hesitatedly replied while I almost cant breath from my brother's tight hug. I don't like smelling my brother, Being touched by him and many more contact and now... He's hugging me so tightly, Its like Im losing my mind due to it since I have this bro con problem after all. To calm my self, I just think about how exhausting yesterday was.

First, I entered as a adventurer ended up to a huge battle in the Colloseum. Second, I head to get moonlit flowers for my quest and end up almost killed by the dark elves instead. Third, I almost died from that battle against the troll and fourth, I battle again against 5 orcs after 3 minutes battle with the troll, And now... Hearing about the Demon Queen that trying to evade the dark elves. Just from the first day being adventurer, I never expected how disastrous things turn out to be.

And the most terrifying is that... Im still working as a adventurer means I will encounter a lot more problem than this in the future. All I can say is... What awaits me in the future as a part-time adventurer?

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