Chapter 13:

Quest Complete

HoloFantasy: World of Fantasia

"White Rose Sword Style"

The female human knight with a spearaxe in its back, Noel, Dashed forward with its sword labled in her right hip toward the orc.

The orc didnt continue to swung its axe but instead, It recognized Noel as threat that it stopped and ready in full caution. The orc turn toward Noel with its axe gripped tightly while looking down to her. It didnt spoke but I can see in its eyes that it saw Noel as a little insect.

Thinking that made me grinned pitifully to the orc.

First of all, Theres no way that orc stand a chance to this monstrous human knight who stand equally in combat with a troll, Cut its arm without a problem and able to resist every impact from the troll's deadly swings. That human knight, whooping the ass of that heavy armored orc is a tiny job for her.

Noel stopped with her left feet stomped in the ground and stretch her right feet far behind while facing it to the right, The sword was still labeled in her right hip with her both hands holding its grip.

"White Rose Release!!!"

Her sword glowed white as its blade was surrounded by a bunch of white petals, Spinning in it as the blade got slowly covered from its tip to the very end until it got fully covered. She swung it horizontally and the petals swiftly go toward the full armored orc. The petals move fast just like the waves in the ocean, The way it move is calm and smooth, but in the same time, Not a trace of Noel's blade can be found.

The orc stand cautious to the petals but the petals do nothing but just touch its armor as it pass by without even a single damage and goes back toward Noel's sword and formed back as a blade of it and the glowing disappeared.

But then...


Thousand of wounds, Wounds from a slash appear out of nowhere that also slashed its armor. Blood gush out from the wounds like a fountain and then... The orc collapse to the ground, Making a huge BAM and clank sound due to it being heavy and also of its armor. Noel then put back her sword back to its sheath and ran toward me and asked in a worried tone.

"Are you okay? Can you move?"

She offered a hand. I can feel my spine now got healed, Im now okay...

I hold tight to her hands and stand from my knees but...


"Ow ow ow ow ow owwww, M- maybe Im not..."

My back cracked again and decided to lay down back to the ground instead while still holding Noel's hand.


Kintsuba worriedly called and healed my back again.

As kintsuba healed me, I tightly grip Noel's hand and spoke.

"Help my father..."

"Mhmm, I will"

Noel made a nod as she spoke before she walk away going toward in a hurry where my father is.



After my back completely got healed, Making me able to move and now able to stand up properly, Noel also have came back from securing my father to a safety place.

"How is he?"

"He's fine. I place him not far in the forest, But a secured place away from monsters and those orcs"

"I see, Thank you"

I thanked, Turning around to the village where the orcs is wandering around with dark elven soldiers fighting it.

Noel step forward, Going beside me and also look to the disaster currently happening in my village. She hold the grip of her sword who's still placed in its sheath and spoke with her chin high.

"Im going to handle things-"

"No, I'll help you"

I interjected, Offering a help, Turning my head toward her with a grin. She look to me skiptically, Tilting her head a bit.

"But your back-"

"Dont worry about it, Its already healed and now in good shape"

I corrected her. She just smiled, Closing her eyes and made a nod, She then turn her head back to where the disaster is, Making a tensed face and spoke.

"Lets go then"


And then, We gathered the elven soldiers, Commanding them to the battlefield with a proper strategy and also with Noel's help. With Noel's presence, They were all cautious at first but then, Her presence also smootly lead us to victory, Too smooth that end up making a bit terrifying a bit. One by one, She easily beat all of the orc with a bit of our support like taking its attention, Preventing it to hit Noel or any damage but in the end, It almost like Noel can actually beat all those 4 orcs on her own without our help. The only swordman left is Noel since the other swordman elves are beaten, Left unconcious.

After that, We put the victims and injured ones to one place, Rescuing people who's caught by the collapse of the structures, Putting out the flames of every burned houses, and heal the injured ones too but in surprise... Not even a single one died, Im relieved from that outcome but also wonder one thing... How? I mean, Theres a lot of soldiers being wipe out, Being heavily injured but not even a single one is in a brink of death, My father also have a huge damage and fatal ones but even he wont be healed, He will be fine in the end. So, Is it even possible to have no single death in such battle?

With those thoughts in mind, I just calm my self and look to the nightsky, full of stars with a huge, bright moon, Litting the whole place. Looking beside me is a female with a milky white skin, non-pointy ears and white shorthair tied in chestnut with a emerald-green eyes, Staring to the bright nightsky. Both of us is laying down in a plain grassfield, With a non-bruised body this time.

I stop staring and look back to the nightsky and spoke.

"Thank you"

"Mhmm? What for?"

"Even after what we did to you, You still helped us, Ending things up to a total victory for us without a single life being lost. And, That battle with the troll, Without your help, Me, My father, Everyone in the village has been wiped out by now. And also, why did you decided to help us? You knew that we are dark elves, But even though, You risk your life just to help us..."

After Noel looking to me with her emerald-green eyes, She turned her head toward the sky, Spacing out for at least 5 seconds and after that, She finally spoke.

"To make things short... Its because that's what a proper knight will do. If someone ask for help, A citizen of the kingdom or not, They need to be helped... That's what I thought when I helped you"

I looked to her, Then turn my head toward the moon above us.

"What a proper knight will do huh..."

I murmured, Looking to the nightsky. I then, Lift up both of my arms and place my both hands behind my head looking to the nightsky while Noel still didnt move, Continuing a straight position with her arms spread a bit. And after another 8 second silentness, Noel asked.

"Flare, About the quest, If you able to make it completed means..."

"Yep, Im the one who made that quest. Were getting short in Moonlit Flowers, and its hard to find moonlit flowers lately after we take too much of it"

"So the reason why the moonlit flowers become rare lately means..."

"Yeah, because of us, Sorry about it. We totally needed it, Planting a lot of it to defend us from the Demon Queen..."


I stopped and goes up from my laying position. Both of us fell silent, Noel also get up the same as me as we watch the pink colored falcon that is watching us atop of a tree branch over 15 meters away from us. It tilted its head, Then in short time of its standby, It turn its head away, Flap its wings and jumping off the branch and flew away, Leaving pink feathers falling down below.

"As expected"

"They're observing your actions, isnt it?"

I just nod to Noel's question and decided to stand up. And as I stand, I hit my back lightly, Wiping off the dirt in my clothes, Then turn around and started to walk away, Going up to the slanting grassfield where we've been laying and stopped, glancing toward Noel.

"Its getting late, We should go back for now and call it a day"

Noel nodded and then stands up, Also doing the same thing I did earlier and turn around to follow me.

"Sure, Im kinda tired my self too"

Noel spoke and then, Both of us head off to go back to the village.

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