Chapter 21:

The killing the insects plan

The Doll Metaphor Part 1


A girl dressed like us two entered the room, approximately 153 cm, cute hair because of the bowl shape and it had two fangs in each side.

"My name is Maya, a pleasure to meet you."

We meet our eyes, her look was empty towards me. Can't consider myself a goddess on earth but I ain't that bad looking.

"Where's the two other guys? I've heard that we are 5." She said.

"One is already here, look around." The secretary replied.

He was sleeping so quietly on the sofa next to us that we didn't even noticed him.

Bam! Slap sound.

"What the bloody hellll... is happeninnng here, let me fucking sleep, would ya?"Said this still sleepy. 


"What the fu-"

Another slap.

When the office worker was about to do another slap, he finally got up.

"Ahhh, OK...People, nice to meet you all, my name is Chikao."

"Why are you talking in a British accent? Don't you know that you're Japanese?" The detective girl said (Maya).

"Oh, force of habit, my dear...Oh sorry again, promise that I will speak normally from here on out." 

He genuinely seemed like a funny guy, not one that would judge you like a certain girl. 

"Ok."Maya said.

"Did you read all the report that I gave you?"The older women asked.

"Yeah."We two said.

"Guten Morgen!"The last guys arrives. A tall blonde guy, hundred percent British certainly. His name was Matthew.  

"Oh for fuc-"

Time passed...

The worker brought us coffee while we read all their Bios.

"So, who is going to be our victim? I would say Ariga."I said.

"But why?"Maya asked.

"Glad you asked, he is a good choice because of the power he has, compared to others, he's the least strong."

"What? But you didn't even see their powers, how can you tell that?"

"A simple hunch."


"About Baba, does anyone has an idea for what we are going to do with her?"Alex asked.

"Why are you asking about her?"I asked.

"She doesn't seem the weakest but seems the most vulnerable one mentally."

"But it could also mean that she's a higher threat for us, her moral campus is different from ours. What if she decided to kill everyone in the school she goes to because she saw us entering the building, is something that we also must ponder about."Maya said.


"Do we all agree in making Ariga our first priority?"I asked.

Everyone agreed, except Maya.

"While you all do your things, I'm going to do my things, like catching Kinoshita."Said Matthew.

"Didn't you hear our conversation? We are trying to catch Ariga first, not Kinoshita."I said.

"Don't take this as an offense but I'm well more powerful than you all, like, by very far."Said this opening the exit door.

"Hey, wait!"Alex called him.

He didn't even give attention to him, just going away.