Chapter 22:

Chasing the white rabbit

The Doll Metaphor Part 1

(One day after the accident).

We four, went to Ariga's apartment, in Shinjuku (Tokyo).

Arrived at his door.

"HEY, ANYBODY HOME? We're the Japanese police!"


"The following plan will b-"


I was interrupted by a loud sound.

Alex had already kicked the door so hard that it literally went flying, breaking the window inside the house and falling in the street.


"What? He wasn't opening the damn door!"

We inspected inside...

Empty cups of "Cup Noodles", "Pocky" leftovers everywhere, a paper of the candy brand "White Rabbit."

Nothing indicated him to be some dangerous terrorist, his room was totally normal, without a board about yesterday's accident,a note, nothing. If we had his cellphone, maybe we could see his plans.

"If you're looking for Kaito, he is not here."A girl appeared before us, she was his neighbor. Seemed like a painfully normal teenager but the round face cheeks and her simplicity made her cuter than the average girl.

"And who exactly are you?"Maya asked.

"I'm ahhh...his neighbor..."

"And how do you know he's not here?"

"I go everyday to his door to see if he's home, but unfortunately, he never came back since 4 days ago."

A worried girl, indeed.

"Why do you saw if he was home everyday."Asked Maya. 


"Can you stop it! This girl looks like a cute young angel and you're treating her like that? Obviously she's just worried about what happened to the guy...What's your name?"

"Tsumugi Fueki."

"Mine is Chikao, a pleasure to meet a beautiful girl such as yourself. Don't worry, we will bring your boyfriend back!"





"For taking advantage of the girl. Asshole!"Maya said.

"Continuing the questions, do you really have any idea of because he is not home? Lately."

"I've heard that he's working for really scumming people, never happened that the police would come over here for that."

"And you think he's a good person?"

"Of course! Without a single doubt!"

"Aia, is this really the correct house?"Alex asked.

"Just because she says that he's good a person, doesn't mean he is actually a good person."I responded silently to him."

"Did he do something wrong?"

"No, don't worry, he's perfectly fine..."We all said it synchronized. 

Well, he will not be OK in the near future, if we find him, that is.

In that instant, we all heard a tiny crack noise coming from behind the wall that was next to the door.

Someone was hearing us.